When I talk about something I love

When I talk about something I love

Marijuana and politics do not mix well.

There’s always controversy, and I’m tired of it.  Why don’t we keep the conversation surrounding pot meaningful?  Especially with the recent legalizations in Colorado and Washington, I’m loving the increasing amounts of thoughtful, mindful, and intellectual discussions about marijuana within cannabis culture.

Since more and more of us regularly light up the ganja while maintaining functional, “normal” lives as students, office workers, artists, etc., an increasing diversity of stories will emerge since everyone has their own experience with it.  Some grew up around weed, with their parents letting them discover it for themselves when appropriate.  Others started smoking during a devious phase surrounding adolescence.  Those that started smoking during the 60s might have kept up the habit, or decided to revisit it in retirement.

I was not exposed to weed until college really.  It was not a rebellious thing, or an abusive thing.  My best girlfriend offered it to me, and I never looked back.  In hindsight, I think college might have really beat me up without it.  I found quiet when I smoked marijuana.  Before I first lit up, I was going in all directions at a thousand miles per hour all the time and had not yet stopped to reconsider what I was doing, reevaluate my routine, or remind myself of my priorities. 

And smoking weed did that for me.  It forced me to slow down and reprioritize.  Take care of yourself.  Get enough sleep.  Eat good meals regularly.  Go play outside.  It was all so obvious, but I needed to get high to remember what my body needs, and I still do sometimes.  Smoking weed is not just a recreational habit or a medicinal habit for me though.  It is also very social.  Sharing the love of weed in a group helped me find the other people who also took the time to slow down for a second and smell the roses, which can be harder than it should be when you live or work in a very past-paced context.  Meeting a new friend in a smoking circle, or finally connecting with a new acquaintance after sharing a bowl together, is one of my favorite things.

So when the only media I see about marijuana is a political controversy, I lament the fact that hardly anyone acknowledges the way it connects people, or gives them peace of mind, or is really really meaningful to some of us.

To the day when a toast can be given over a joint just as easily as it can be given over a glass of wine or champagne—here here.