Tree Hacks: DIY Ways to Improve Your Marijuana Experience

Some pretty good tips and tricks to make your high better.

Did you think that DIY was only for homemakers and carpenters? There are all kinds of life hacks and some of them apply to the ganja! Here are some nifty tips to help you enjoy your pot a little better.

Vacuum Trick

Spill your buds all over the carpet? It always sucks to lost any weed but you don’t have to just chalk this up to a loss. Instead, you can cover your vacuum cleaner extension with a soft t-shirt and run it over your weed. The vacuum suction will pick it up and it will stick to your t-shirt! Then you can easily scrape it off and smoke it as you normally would, but you might want to make sure there are no pet hairs in it first.

Slow Down the Burn

If your cigs burn too fast, here’s a great tip to slow them down: Cover your spliff with honey or maple syrup! Do it lightly; you don’t want it all gooped up. Next, roll it in some herbs that are freshly ground and, if you like, brown it in the oven for five minutes. Not only will it burn much slower to help you savor and make your product last, but it will also add a pleasant flavor that you can try and alter with different herbs each time if you like. Fun!

Clean Your Pipe

A clogged pipe can be so frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. A simple bobby pin will loosen it up and help you shake it out. You can use the bobby pin to clear the ash out of your bowl as well. An actual pipe cleaner also works to clean your pipe—imagine that!

Avoid the Munchies

If you tend to gain weight (and don’t want to) while smoking pot, you might want to either smoke before a meal or suck on mints while you smoke to help you curb the cravings. 

Keep Your Pot Fresh

If you are worried about light ruining your stash, line your jar with black construction paper to help keep it fresh.

Don’t Spill Your Bowl

If you are prone to spilling your bowl, you can always put a CD over your bow to keep the edges of the bowl protected. The center of the CD will still give you access while the weed stays protected. 

Pass the Weed

If you need a crutch to help support joints you pass around, cut up Christmas cars and use them. This makes them 

Hiding Your Stash

If you are traveling with someone or you want to hide your stash in your car for any reason, there are some tips that can help you out. You obviously don’t want to hide your weed in broad daylight or on the outside of your car, but the closer to the center of your vehicle you hide it, the better. That’s the place that is least likely to be checked. The main tip, though, is to really know your car. Every car has tiny places in it that could work if you just know where to look for them. The general rule that some people follow is that for every 15 minutes it takes you to hide your product, it will take the person looking an hour to find it. 

Stay Hydrated

Your lips, that is! Many pot smokers know to keep lip balm handy with their stash because they can get dried out so quickly. You can also keep hard candies or mints to suck while you smoke to keep your mouth tasty and safe from drying out as well as some shades to make sure any red-eye is covered up.