Delicious "Weed Mug" Cake Recipes

Weed and Cake in a mug? Why not?

Like making those cute little mug cakes for dessert? They are perfect for single servings and a quick sugar fix, but did you know that you can also make them into marijuana edibles with a few tweaks? You can obviously substitute your butter with cannabutter, but here are some more specific recipes to try if you would like to sample some yummy weed mug cakes.

In general, it’s best to eat your cake on an empty stomach for the strongest effects. It will take up to 45 minutes for the full effects of your edibles to really become apparent.

Chocolate Weed Mug Cake

4 Tbsp flour

4 Tbsp sugar

3 Tbsp canna butter

2 Tbsp cocoa

3 Tbsp chocolate chips

1 egg

Splash vanilla extract

Mix all of your ingredients together in a mug, save for the canna butter. Fold that in last. Heat your mug in the microwave for three to five minutes until your cake is ready to consume. For best results, melt your marijuana butter. Add milk if you want your cake to have a softer texture. It is normal for your cake to rise slightly above the rim of your mug.

This recipe goes great with some slow churned vanilla ice cream. Serve it on top of your cake once it’s cool, or slide your cake out onto a plate to serve alongside your ice cream. If you enjoy the flavor of graham crackers or marshmallows, experiment with a chocolate s’mores cake instead. Just use canna butter for the butter in the recipe.

Canna Butter

Wondering how to make your own canna butter? Once you’ve mastered this little trick you can make just about any baked edible there is. You will need:

1 oz decarbed marijuana

2 c water

2 c unsalted butter

Grind the pot until it’s completely in powder form to work with if it’s not already, then boil the water and melt your butter inside the water. Stir in your powder until you achieve a general smoothness, eliminating any bumps along the way. Simmer this mixture, covered, for five to six hours, checking in on the canna butter every hour to make sure it’s not reducing too fast. Once the tiny bubbles on top of the mixture stop popping up, you know your canna butter is nearly ready. 

Let your canna butter sit for a few minutes to cool off a bit before you strain it with cheesecloth to get the butter solution. Store it in a dry container in your refrigerator, then blot the excess moisture after 24 hours of resting. You can then separate your canna butter into smaller portions if you wish, which may make it easier to use. 

For more recipes, be sure to check out a copy of Stoner Mug Cakes by Dane Noon. You can get it at Amazon and other online book sellers and it’s full of other great recipes for stoner goodies. The collection of 25 cakes even features full photos so you can really see what you are doing and if your cakes turned out right.