(OREGON) Product Review: That Taffy

That Taffy - high TCH, low cost. Great Product!

The Oregon Cannabis industry has been going through some growing pains lately. With laws changing around the strength of edibles, both medicinal and recreational, big changes in laws around how products are tested, and oversight of recreation-ally licensed dispensaries changing over from the OHA (Oregon Health Authority) to the OLCC (Oregon Liquor and Something Commission), many of my favorite edibles are disappearing, and being replaced by newer, more expensive edibles. 

For recreational edibles, they’ve increased the allowed dosage from 15 mg. to 50 mg. Medical card holders have had their edibles’ strength slightly reduced, but can still buy an edible containing up to 100 mg. THC. That Taffy has been one of my go-to edibles, because they specify whether the edible contains a Sativa or Indica strain, and because the medical Sativa That Taffy has 88.81 mg. of THC.

Now, I don’t really need that much THC at one time, but it’s great to have the option. I can also divide the $10 That Taffy into ten, bite-size pieces with about 9 mg. of THC each. Pop those babies in my 7-day pill box dispenser, and I’m ready to go. If I happen to feel like getting recreational at some point, maybe I’ll eat three of them that day. But it’s nice to have the option, and an inexpensive one, at that.

The flavor of That Taffy Sativa Mixed Berry is very similar to strawberry starburst. By which I mean to say, it tastes really good. The effects came on in about a half hour. The effect I experienced from That Taffy was quite pleasant, mostly affecting how my head felt and where my thoughts went. I also experienced a mild, warm, physical high in my head and chest.

Honestly, I’ve been buying a couple of these Sativa That Taffy’s every month for the past couple months. The effects are reliable, consistent, and always pleasant. They make taffy for recreational and medicinal consumers alike.