(OREGON) Store Review: Terpene Station

Oregons Terpene Station Portland and Eugene have great weed deals and service!

As soon as I drove past Terpene Station on River road, I knew I’d be stopping in soon. It was because of the name. “Terpene Station” immediately brought to mind “Terrapin Station,” the classic Grateful Dead song, and I assumed they came up with the store name with that very intention. 
The Dead have always represented something important for me, and many others. Besides the fact that they wrote, recorded, and performed a lot of incredible, timeless music, The Dead were my first pathway into the world of quality cannabis. When I discovered and began partaking in the herb, it was the early 90’s and I lived a rural area in the Midwest. It was not easy to find weed to smoke, and it was near impossible to find anything that was actually green bud. I’m talking quality, indoor-grown, stinky, green, kind buds. Sometimes when we looked at the pictures in High Times magazine, it seemed like they were photographing a completely different plant than what we were smoking. We never came across that kind of stuff. Except for when The Dead went on tour, and we knew there was going to be a Dead show within driving distance of our little town. 

We would drive a couple of hours to see The Dead perform, and also for the lot scene. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, we’d jump out of the car and head for Shakedown Street. That was what they called the strip in the Dead show parking lot where most of the foot traffic happened, and many different kinds of products were available for purchase from a number of private vendors. Within minutes, we would find a guy announcing loudly that he had kind buds to sell, and we would buy a quarter, or maybe an ounce if we could, of something like Chemdawg, or another sativa-dominant, stinky green bud that completely blew away the shit we’d been smoking. 

These were the memories going through my head when I walked into Terpene Station for the first time. I have returned many times since then to buy more of their quality product. Whenever I buy my weed there, I have a great conversation with one of their budtenders, and learn something new about my favorite plant. 
Their show room is huge. They have a large variety of options, from quality flower, to concentrates for dabbing, to cannabis edibles for medical and recreational consumers, and more. I focus mainly on flower consumption, personally. Since that first time I stepped through the door of Terpene Station, I have purchased various quality strains of flower including, but not limited to, Blue Dream, Green Crack, God Bud, OG Kush, and Strawberry Cough. Recently, I picked up a gram of X-tra Chz in a fun “starter kit” they had with rolling papers, joint filters, and matches included in a little box with the weed. It made me laugh, and the X-tra Chz tasted good.

The terpenes in cannabis, by the way, are the reason for why weed smells the way it does. If your herb has a fruity, or a cheese-y smell, that’s the terpenes. If it stinks like skunk or diesel, that’s the terpenes too. Not only do they influence the aroma of cannabis, but they are partially responsible for how the high affects you. For anyone who has not looked into the wonderful world of terpenes, I highly recommend it, especially if you have legal dispensaries nearby with seemingly unlimited options. Go find the right strain for you, the one with the perfect terpene profile. You’ll thank yourself every time you smoke it.
Next time I hear the song, “Terrapin Station,” I’ll be thinking about terpenes, and I’ll wonder what new strains Terpene Station has on the menu.

“Terrapin station, Inspiration, move me brightly. Light the song with sense and color;
Hold away despair, more than this I will not ask.
Faced with mysteries dark and vast, statements just seem vain at last.
Some rise, some fall, some climb, to get to Terrapin.”
(Robert Hunter/The Grateful Dead)


Terpene Station Eugene
645 River Rd #3 Eugene, OR 97404
(p) ​541-234-5122

Terpene Station Portland
1436 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR 97202
(p) ​503-477-8380

“Terrapin Station” the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugRct9pNQYM