Useful Marijuana Terminology

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When it comes to marijuana, there is enough misunderstanding to go around without confusing the various terms used to describe the drug. Too many slang terms concerning pot are thrown around without awareness, causing confusion and even harm. Luckily it is easier than ever to discern which terms mean what. This brief glossary of marijuana terms is meant to assist you in making the best decisions about the drug.

Access Point: Also known as a pick-up location, an access point is a place where patients can pick up their medical marijuana.

Alcohol Extraction: When essential oils and trichomes are stripped from a plant, it is known as alcohol extraction. The process is completed using ethyl or isopropyl alcohol.

Aroma: Although it does refer to the scent of a flower or plant, “aroma” also refers to its taste. Some common marijuana aromas include earthy and skunky.

Bong: Water pipes that marijuana smokers use to smoke the drug are known colloquially as bongs. Bongs can range in their design. Some specific designs even have their own names, such as the hookah.

Buds: The fluffy, flowering part of the marijuana plant is called a bud. This is the portion of the plant with the greatest concentration of THC and is the most-often used part for this reason. Buds are also known as flowers.

Cannabinoids: Many of the pain-relieving and other benefits to medical marijuana come from the cannabinoids found in marijuana. These are chemical compounds found in the drug. There are over 85 known cannabinoids, the most common being tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which produces a “high.”

Cannabis: The plant genus that includes marijuana, hemp and other related products is known as cannabis. Cannabis can be grown almost anywhere on the planet but the genus originated in Asia.

CBD: An abbreviation for the chemical compound cannabidiol, CBD is a medical marijuana compound used to treat pain, anxiety, inflammation and other medical conditions without producing a psychoactive “high” effect in the process.

Concentrate: Solvents made from dissolved marijuana are referred to as concentrates. The high concentration of THC in the final product makes concentrates a popular choice for marijuana users. Concentrates vary widely, from resin to wax to oil form.

Dank:Despite the putrid-sounding term, “dank” refers to any marijuana that is considered good quality. The opposite of dank, the term “harsh” refers to pot of poor quality.

DispensaryLegal locations from which you may purchase marijuana for medical or recreational use are known as dispensaries.

HashAlso known as hashish or hash oil, hash is a highly-concentrated product made from the flowering tops of the female hemp plant. Hash may be chewed, smoked or taken in liquid form.

IndicaTwo main strains of cannabis exist. Indica refers to the sedative type of marijuana.

Sativa: One of the main two strains of cannabis, sativa refers to the cerebral-affecting type of marijuana.

Strain: Any different variety of marijuana is known as a strain. New strains are always under development, ensuring that there are always hundreds of different strains on the market.

Tincture: Liquid marijuana prepared with alcohol or glycerol for edible purposes is known as a tincture.

Topical: Topical marijuana products are those that can be applied to the skin for medicinal purposes. They typically include lotions and creams.

Vaporizer: A common way to use marijuana is through a vaporizer, or a device that heats flowers or marijuana oils to provide instantaneous effects.

Weed: “Weed” is one of the most popular slang terms for marijuana. Other slang nicknames include doobie, ganja, Mary Jane, pot, reefer and wacky tobaccy, among many others.