Seattle Pot Shop Profile: Uncle Ike’s

Uncle Ikes is a Seattle marijuana institution, with two locations - CD and RAT CITY!

Where can you get low-level THC products for $5, access to an ATM on site AND bring your dog in for pet-friendly shopping? Uncle Ike’s pot shop in Seattle is the place to go. One of the most popular places to get your ganja on, it offers a wide variety of products and offers as well as a warm, inviting atmosphere. Voted the best pot shop in the city, Uncle Ike’s offers, free parking and multiple locations make it a favorite among cannabis fans all over Washington.

The budtenders at Uncle Ike’s are knowledgeable but also fun. Sam, who enjoys Sherbet from Royal Tree, says that while he is high, he enjoys “staying active and outdoors. That being said, one of my favorite things to do while high is grill! Steak and weed…. It’s a godly combination.”

Special Offers

One of the most beloved offers at Uncle Ike’s is the low, medium and high THC content signature deal. Low THC products can be purchased for as little as $5. Medium grade highs can be obtained for just $6, and high TCH-content starts at just $7. Various other special offers and deals are available throughout the year, so it’s always a good idea to check the website, which is updated on a daily basis.


Uncle Ike’s is all about being accessible to all people. There are multilingual budtenders to assist customers with their needs. The shop is ADA accessible to make it easier for people with all abilities to shop. The store is even pet-friendly, making it simple to shop with your dog.

Daily Menu

One of the things that makes Uncle Ike’s so popular is its daily menu updates. The menu changes frequently, which keeps customers returning for more, but they can also check to find out if the shop already has what they are after in stock every day. Costs are also clearly posted on the daily menu, which helps customers plan a budget before leaving for the shop. There are also great descriptions of each product to help explain its effects and flavors to interested customers who might wish to purchase the items. There are daily specials listed as well.

Products Sold

Daily listings are not limited to flowers. There are also listings for concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls and other items. Manager’s specials, which are usually some percentage off the regular price, are available, as are beauty care items like lotions, bath salts and even aftershave. Items with available sniff jars are also listed for your convenience. There are cartridges, kits, tankers and refills as well.


Pot Farm Profile: Maggie’s Farm

Maggies Farm is southern colorados favorite producer.

Touring a pot farm is one of the most exciting opportunities among the benefits of legalized marijuana. One of the most popular farms in Colorado is Maggie’s Farm, one of the leading outdoor growers of both medical and recreational marijuana. Maggie’s Farm is Clean Green Certified, which is the equivalent of organic when it comes to marijuana farming. Hailed as the “most awarded cannabis company in Southern Colorado,” Maggie’s Farm is beloved for quality of product as well as the fun of simply visiting the farm.

Owner and grower Bill says, “All of our product is sun-grown in 100% truly organic, all natural soil. And for enhanced value, we use pure water from a local spring, cure slowly and hand-trim to perfection. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to share the results of a product grown under my native state’s sun with the Medical Marijuana community. Thank you, and enjoy Different Energy!”

Hours and Locations

Maggie’s Farm has a total of six locations that are all open seven days a week. There is a Manitou store as well as a store in both North Colorado Springs and South Colorado Springs. Pueblo West and Pueblo East both have stores, as does Canon City. At the Manitou store location, nonresidents of Colorado may purchase an ounce of flower product per person (of legal age). Stores are open from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Farm Features

Maggie’s Farm is known for its careful attention to detail and healthy business practices. Each bud is hand-trimmed to ensure the freshest, best product on the market. Products are slow cured without any pesticides or hormones to guarantee a safe, healthy product. All pot is sun grown from seed with spring water on custom site soil for the best flavor, aroma and potency possible. Each store features at least one ATM to help you finance your purchases.

The owner of Maggie’s Farm stresses that growing from a seed in real soil makes all the difference in their product. The company only uses 100% organic soil, which they say is completely different from all other methods. They say that it is not “grown in hydro, not rockwool, not in air, not in water,” but in custom blended soil as nature intended in natural spring water that has not been “chlorinated, fluoridated, and in some metro areas, even re-used.” This natural process does take longer than an artificial environment, but the company maintains that it makes all the difference in the quality of the final bud. By hand trimming the final product instead of using a trim machine to harvest each bud, Maggie’s also says that the process is completed “with the care and respect the very best medicine deserves. An exchange of human energy occurs, that a machine can’t ever reproduce.”

Menus and Pricing

Marijuana Beverages: Drinking your weed

Drinking weed just became more enjoyable.

Whether you’ve tried jerky, cookies or any of the many other edible pot products available on the market, if you haven’t tried a ganja beverage you may still be in for an entire new world. Drinking pot may not sound as enjoyable as eating or smoking weed, but some cannabis lovers profuse to love their pot drinks and their relaxation properties much better than, say, a beer.

Fizzy Drinks

One popular line of beverages in Washington is the Legal brand. Legal has five different beverages available, each with 22 mg of THC. Mirth Provisions founder Adam Stites says that each drink features “enough to know that you’re high, but not so much as to overwhelm,” and each flavor yields a totally unique high, making it a novelty to try each one. Flavors include Rainier Cherry, Lemon Ginger, Sparkling Pomegranate, and Sparkling Cranberry.

Each beverage’s unique high can be found on the website. For example, Rainier Cherry, produced with locally grown cannabis and Washington cherries, has a “clear-headed, focused high,” while Sparkling Cranberry, made with Long Beach peninsula cranberries, features “A gloriously powerful body high with a clear, anxiety-free head trip.” Legal drinks range around $10 to $15.

People may be more familiar with Canna Cola, which is available as a medical marijuana product. Flavors include Sour Diesel, Orange Kush, Grape Ape, the original Canna Cola and Doc Weed. Canna Cola was founded on the idea that taking your medical marijuana should be a positive experience without shame or stigma. “Canna Cola is founded on the idea that taking your medication should be a life affirming experience free from shame and stigma. The idea that taking your medicine shouldn’t be an enjoyable experience is not only cruel but counterproductive to healing and the relieving of suffering.”

Ganja Java

Coffee lovers can also find cannabis beverages that are right up their alley. The Catapult coffee pod, which is compatible with any machine that accepts K-cups, contains 10mg of THC and can be purchased in Washington. Catapult pods are $10 each.

Alcoholic Weed Libations

Pot lovers are finding all kinds of ways to create their own weed-infused cocktails. There are recipes available for weed-laced martinis, the Green Dragon (marijuana-infused liquor), and classics with a twist, like a weedy Rob Roy or strawberry daiquiri. Infusions may take a slightly skilled hand at pressurization with carbon dioxide, but it’s a pretty simple process to infuse your liquor once you get the hang of it.

Teas and Lemonades

Should You Buy Organic Weed?

Many consumers think that buying anything organic, whether it’s clothing or vegetables, is a waste of cash. Studies have shown that some fruits and vegetables are healthier when purchased organic while others do not show any marked difference. Since undisclosed pesticides remain a problem for many growers, pot buyers are seeking out organic pot sources for their ganja. The issue that they have routinely been running into is the fact that marijuana cannot legally be called organic. The USDA prohibits labeling pot as an organic substance since it remains a Schedule 1 Drug.

To rectify this problem, growers are setting their own standards, many of which far surpass the qualifications of meeting the USDA’s organic benchmarks. Clean Green and Certified Kind are the two cannabis certification programs in Washington State. The Organic Cannabis Growers Society is working to implement these programs in a wider capacity. According to the Society, “The Organic Cannabis Growers Society is dedicated to connecting, educating, and assisting the community of naturally-minded people and businesses in the ‘organic’ cannabis industry. We provide education and resources regarding natural ‘organic’ cannabis growing processes and ingredients, as well as certification choices of natural ‘organic’ cannabis, marijuana and related products.  We look forward to representing our members in State and Federal and International concerning Organic production and laws.”

Is organic pot really all that it is cracked up to be? Sources claim that organically grown cannabis yields many benefits that make it well worth the effort. There are arguments made that not only does organic pot have an increased potency when compared to non-organically grown cannabis, but its flavor and aroma are also said to be better overall as well. Cannabis requires six micronutrients and six macronutrients to optimally thrive and develop its full flavor profile and potency. When the right balance of these nutrients is present within the soil, the result is naturally superior cannabis.

The development of “super soil” is one of the major advances of organic pot growing. “Super soil” may be purchased, but many growers develop their own by combining guano, worm castings, blood and bone meals and other ingredients that help crops thrive naturally. Micronutrients that should be present in the soil include iron, manganese, zinc, boron, copper, and molybdenum. Essential macronutrients that are needed for the best crop include magnesium, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and sulphur. Makers of super soil also often include other substances that can help provide a more nutrient-dense formula, such as chlorine, nickel, sodium, and cobalt.

Traits of a GREAT Budtender

Finding the right marijuana budtender can be difficult, but it is not impossible.
When you are first getting started on your marijuana journey, medical or otherwise, you will need to rely on a budtender to help you make decisions about the pot you purchase. Seasoned smokers may not require as much help as newbies, but everyone should make an effort to find a tender who is ganja wise enough to offer the best advice about strains to try, the various products available and their effects. A good budtender should also be able to make recommendations based on what you want as far as both products and accessories go.

Knowledge of Product
The very minimum to expect from a budtender is general knowledge of his or her product. Any budtender worth his or her salt is going to be able to rattle off not only the types of bud they carry, but also what each bud is known for, its aroma and flavor profile and if it’s something that their customers are looking for. They need to know about other products in their shops, too, like edibles and concentrates.
He or she should know enough to answer most of your questions without too much strain, but also be able to know how to find the answers to your more difficult questions if they don’t know the answers already, whether it is directing you to a place where you can find the information you require or contacting the person with the answers you need themselves.

Knowledge of the Law
Any budtender you visit needs to be well versed in the law. If he or she does not ask for an ID when you enter the shop (if his or her staff has not already), you already know that something is off. If you try to purchase more pot than is legally acceptable, even if you think it’s a perk, if he or she allows it, you may want to search for your product elsewhere. You want a tender who will help you stay out of trouble by staying on the legal side of marijuana use. The last thing you need is a budtender who is going to land you in hot water.

A Good Listener
Like any good pharmacist, a budtender should be an excellent listener. You should be able to tell the person not only about the kind of medical symptoms you may have in order to locate the proper strain to fit your needs, but also the kind of high you are looking for in order to select the proper bud, tincture, beverage or other product. If you tell your budtender that you are brand new to the ganja train, he or she should not recommend a product to you that contains more than 10mg of THC. If he or she sends you straight to a strong strain without any thought, he or she may not be the best budtender for you.

Compassionate Care
Sarah Clements of Karmaceuticals in Denver, Colorado is a winner of the award for Best Budtender at the Cannabis Business Awards. She knows what you need to know in order to be the best at what she does, and her approach is based on a compassionate caregiver model. She says, “Number one, you have to remember that you are a caregiver. My job is to take care.” Not all budtenders take this approach, particularly since some states do allow recreational use of marijuana, but all should definitely care about their customers.

A tip from budtenders across the board is to never judge a tender by his or her cover. Don’t assume that a friendly, fresh face is the best budtender just because he or she makes you feel welcome. Do your homework before you settle with your permanent budtender.

Legalization of Cannabis in the United States

As someone that suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as a few other ailments, cannabis has had a profound positive impact on my physical and mental health. I know that legalization is often talked about and slowly states across the United States have been legalizing it. I have even heard mention that Obama could in the last few months of his Presidency legalize it.

Current political candidates as far as I am aware aren’t concerned with legalization or at least haven’t voiced their opinions on the subject. Personally I think it will just be a matter of time before legalization as many countries nearby and abroad have already legalized it.

Fortunately for me I’m in a state where it is available recreationally as well as medically. The medical marijuana system could likely be overhauled as well as I’m not even sure of the current conditions or stipulations involving medical marijuana in Washington State.

There are even a few prescriptions, one of which has an equal amount of THC to CBD which induces a mild high but is countered by CBD. While CBD is more widely accepted and legal, it’s still outlawed in some instances, most notably and recently it was the subject of some contention in a post-fight interview with MMA athlete Nick Diaz when he was smoking a CBD vape pen.

It was originally scheduled and outlawed under dubious circumstances, which has been the case with a few other beneficial drugs such as Kratom. It’s high time that the government starts to legalize but also help regulate the Cannabis industry, with low tax rates which could not only help pay off debt but also help with the economy.

The statewide legalization is great but nowhere near perfect and even getting a license to sell, produce or even provide legal/business counsel to a cannabis industry is convoluted. A limited number of licenses were given out in Washington State in a lottery or raffle, and since then there has been no openings or opportunities for more licenses for cannabis.

Statewide legalization is an incredible step forward but with it being federally outlawed, it’s just a matter of time before it comes to the Federal Government’s attention and action will have to be taken. All federal employees and organizations still outlaw cannabis despite it’s positive health benefits and few side effects.

While some may think it’s not that big of a deal, I think it could help a lot more people in need and also help the economy, our debt and the government.

Potalyzer: New ways to DUI test

Since the 1950s, breathalyzers have been around to help test the breath alcohol content of drivers and other individuals who may be behaving dangerously. While many people believe that they measure BAC (blood alcohol content) levels, true BAC cannot be measured without a blood test. The Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration must approve all law enforcement devices prior to use. The Highway Traffic Safety Administration will soon be utilizing another gadget designed for measuring controlled substances: the potalyzer.

As one might expect, the potalyzer is a portable device that assists law enforcement in measuring marijuana intoxication. The device is being developed by a team of researchers at Stanford University. It is based on magnetic nanotechnology that was previously developed to screen for cancer. Since THC is usually found in urine and blood, the process of testing it via saliva will be revolutionary.

To use a potalyzer, law enforcement officers will have to swab for saliva and run the spit through a test that can be analyzed with a Smartphone or a laptop. Results are then available in about three minutes or less, eliminating a much longer wait at a lab. The device also goes one step further to measure the THC content in a person’s blood to determine just how much is in his or her system, possibly giving an even better assessment of impairment than a blood or urine analysis.

As with many laws, states differ widely on the level of THC allowed in one’s blood in order to drive. Some states have no THC limit on their books at all. Some states have laws limiting content to 0 or 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood. Researchers have determined that a level of 2 and 25 nanograms per milliliter should be a safe cutoff of THC content for drivers. Some researchers claim that smokers who use their pot responsibly, refraining from driving while heavily under the influence of marijuana, should not worry too much about the new testing tool as long as they live in an area where pot remains legal.

Many smokers, however, are crying foul over the device, saying that testing for THC is unfair when there is no current test for opioids in the system. Opioid addiction remains a huge problem of epic proportions in the United States, even being hailed as the worst drug crisis in the history of the country. Overdoses from opioid use are now responsible for more than 27,000 deaths annually. While many of these are attributed to heroin use, nearly as many are also caused by prescription drugs, which remain perfectly legal when prescribed by a doctor. Given that these drugs are responsible for death when marijuana overdoses are not, it is a perfectly acceptable demand: why test for pot when you aren’t testing for opioids?

There is also the fact that after the effects of THC wear off, it can remain in the system for a long period of time. Many drivers may still harbor THC while driving safely and cleanly. Many drivers may also have a higher tolerance level, and those drivers will find the new potalyzer even more invasive, just as individuals with a higher liquor tolerance have for years. Each person’s body and tolerance levels are different, making any laws that are implemented imperfect before they are even made.

Will there be ways to alter the test results? Breathalyzers can be altered, for example, when the individual has used breath spray or mouthwash—but these actually increase rather than decrease the results.


Undisclosed Pesticide Use Remains a Problem among Growers

Due to growing concerns over pesticides used in cannabis growth, officials are calling for more regular testing of pot pesticides. Some undisclosed pesticides have been discovered among pot growing products that are prompting officials to take a closer look into how pot is grown for the safety of the public. Growers and sellers of these products largely are unaware of their dangers and even of the products’ content, as many of the products being used did not have the undisclosed ingredients on their product labels. Many of these ingredients are considered unlawful in the state of Washington.

The major concern is that these products are completely undisclosed, which means that not only are there potentially harmful products being used in pot products, but that the companies that are not disclosing their ingredients are also putting anyone who utilizes them at risk. The public should keep a close eye on any pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer producing companies in order to ensure that their foods stay safe.

Investigating the pesticides being used is not as simple as it may sound. Rick Garza, Board Director of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, says that testing pesticide use is both costly and complex. “Labs need specialized equipment and highly-trained staff to carry out the tests. This agreement will satisfy those obstacles. It will send a strong message to any producer applying illegal pesticides that they will be caught and face significant penalties, including possible cancellation of the license.”

So far, investigations have already cost the state of Washington more than a million dollars in testing equipment and staff alone. Two full-time testers have been employed to run the testing. A total of 15 products out of 39 tested have been discovered to contain pesticides of unknown origin. One brand that included unknown substance results was Safergro Mildew Cure for Powdery Mildew Control. Some fertilizers were also discovered during testing. Some of the fertilizers found during testing included Humboldt Roots, Olivia’s Cloning Gel and Optic Foliar Overgrow. The findings have actually resulted in several products being temporarily banned from sales until further notice. No word has been given as to when the moratorium may be lifted as of yet.

Licensed growers have been advised to inform customers about the potential dangers of their products due to these findings. Buyers should inquire about the pesticides and fertilizers used to grow their purchases before they commit to making a purchase for their own safety. They may also want to think about finding sources of cannabis that are organically grown just to stay on the safe side. There are several organic weed farmers to check out in Washington state, from Mountain High Organics to Green Barn Farms.

Since marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 Drug, it cannot be officially certified as organic by the USDA. Instead, growers and sellers have come up with a different system to indicate that weed is organic. There are two different types of organic certification in the state of Washington. Weed can be Certified Kind or Certified Green. Both claim to have standards that are similar to the USDA’s standards, as both are run by ex USDA officials who know how to run inspections, monitor the safety of products and ensure that products are up to par for each label. Both labels are actually run by stricter standards than the USDA typically holds for other products, requiring both clean, sustainable growing methods as well as fair labor practices in order for a grower to earn their certification labels.


Ganja Gifts: Pot Smoker Presents that will be a "hit"

Buying gifts for your favorite pot smoker has never been easier. With the Internet at your fingertips, you can find the perfect stoner gift in minutes in your price range. Here are just a few of the top selling gifts for pot smokers available on the market that you may be interested in picking up for your favorite lover of cannabis. You might even discover something that you want for yourself.

Triple Barrel Joint Holder

For the smoker who just can’t stand smoking one joint at a time, there is the Triple Barrel Joint Holder from RAW. It is a handsome handmade piece that takes the double barrel to the next level. Advertised as a wooden cigarette holder, it even comes in a cute pouch for storage. Even your friends who might be overwhelmed at the idea of smoking three joints at once might still appreciate the gift for its gag value—especially when they present it at parties for other people to check out.

Collapsible Water Pipe

Perfect for travel, hidden storage and keeping your pot use discreet when you have children, the collapsible water pipe is so small in its collapsed form that it can be tucked away into a pocket. Simply pull it out to extend it back into its useable form when you want to use it. Another great portable, discreet model is the bracelet pipe, which conceals a pipe in a woven rope bracelet so no one ever knows it’s even there.

Weed Rolling Tray

You don’t have to get your buddy a piece of paraphernalia if it makes you uncomfortable or if it’s illegal where you live, but any item with a fun pot motif is bound to be a hit with your half-baked friend. A cute weed rolling tray gives them a place to eat, store items and yes, roll their favorite pastime with ease. If you don’t want to get a tray, there are plenty of other weed themed gifts on the market to choose from, from pot stickers and nail decals to ashtrays, kitchen signs, cannabis-themed plates and so much more. Local gift shops, head shops and pot dispensaries may also carry themed items if it’s too late to order something online.

Cannabis Cookbooks

Have a friend who loves to experiment with cannabis in the kitchen? Get him or her a fun cookbook featuring loads of pot-including recipes. One favorite making its rounds is The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook by Robyn Griggs Lawrence. The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook, Stoner’s Delight: Space Cakes, Pot Brownies and Other Tasty Cannabis Creations, and Sweet Mary Jane: 75 Delicious Cannabis Infused High End Desserts are also popular titles. If your friend likes to dabble with homemade body butters and other self-care products, he or she may also enjoy a book like The Cannabis Spa at Home: How to Make Marijuana-Infused Lotions, Massage Oils, Ointments, Bath Salts, Spa Nosh and More.

The Stinky Candle
Most people want smelly-good candles that make their homes smell like lilacs, vanilla cake or pumpkin spice. Pot smokers, however, really enjoy the smell of their weed whether they are in a place where they may enjoy it or not. The Stinky Candle from Perpetual Kid allows you to do just that on a budget no matter where you are staying at the moment. You can light up in every state with its perfectly legal pot odor and not worry about facing any kind of charges since, you know, there’s actually no pot included in the candle. Try the Mary Jane candle for similarly scented good times.


Buddabox: The Subscription Box for Ganja Lovers

There is a subscription box for everything from bacon to pet toys, but there are several on the market that have been designed just for stoners. These fun subscription boxes feature everything from stickers to pipes, glass pieces to pot-infused items that are bound to make cannabis lovers smile. If you are looking for a good gift for someone who loves pot or something to surprise yourself with each month, Buddabox is one option.

According to the website, each month features “hand picked curated 420 essentials delivered to your door” and each box has a value of at least $50 worth of goods for less than $25 per month. The company does issue a money-back guarantee, so if you don’t love everything in your Buddabox you can return it. To sign up, you simply click the link on the site to begin your subscription, enter your information and wait for your first box to arrive. Each box is priced at a flat rate so you don’t encounter any hidden fees, and shipping is free. Boxes are shipped between the 15th and 20th of the month, so you can look forward to your pot essentials near the middle or end of the month. It may take up to 10 days from your shipping date for you to receive your package so you may need to be a little patient.

You don’t have to worry about the mailman getting curious with your Buddhabox, either. Each package is sent in discreet packaging to avoid any unwanted questions. Some common brands that you can expect to find in a typical Buddabox include Debowler, Oil Slick, Leef and Co., RODAWG, Medtainer, and other favorites. Stickers are always included, but some other items you may find in a box may include rolling papers, lighters, flavored papers, a joint tin, smoke cones, hemp wicks and many other fun items. Sometimes you even get to try things that you never would have heard about otherwise, and all of your items are bargain priced so you spend less than you would in a retail setting.

Buddabox has received many mixed reviews around the web. High Times has dubbed it an awesome subscription service worthy of pot aficionados, and some reviewers have stated that it is easy to get in touch with customer service via email, Facebook messaging and other means. But some reviewers have had issues with billing and the quality of the products. Buddabox’s big claim to fame is its promise of a monthly pipe to use. At its price of $24 per month including shipping, a glass pipe is a pretty good bargain when it arrives with other goodies. Many of the pipes that the company has released have been fun ones, too—such as a Spongebob themed one and a Star Wars pipe.

Once you make your purchase, you can also complete a long form to indicate what your smoking preferences are to ensure that you are more likely to get products that you are going to actually use. While it is impossible to only get items that you will use, it does help to be able to customize your shipments even a little bit to help you weed out the paraphernalia that you just won’t use. You can also always give it to friends or swap with items that they received but do not wish to use.

Buddabox does have a few special features, such as its referral program. If you refer four friends who subscribe to the service, you will get a free box as a thank-you.