Pot Shop Profile: Stash (Washington/ Seattle)

Some pot shops just want to make a quick sale. Others, like Stash, have the bigger picture in mind. At Stash, community, culture and cannabis are at the heart of the shop. “These are the core ideals of Stash Pot Shop. We strive to change the stigma and outdated dialogue surrounding cannabis culture, and help usher in a new era of normalized cannabis use.” Stash informs the public about marijuana with handouts, links about the laws and effects of the drug and handy FAQ guides for newbies. They also provide customers with fun recipes and other cool cannabis-related information, like local events they may be interested in attending.

Stash Suggestions, a part of the company’s website, is a great place to find new strains and products to try. The company recommends places to explore in Seattle as well as some of the best bud varieties to help you relax and enjoy your travels or down time in the city. The company also has a “how-to” page for newcomers to pot that helps them understand how to roll a joint, use a bong or pipe, use dabs and vape cartridges and much more. They even describe not only how to use edibles but how much time you should wait before consuming more pot-laced eats for your own safety. Stash is one of the most thorough providers of marijuana knowledge, providing education without judgment to anyone interested in learning more.

Stash also thoroughly checks on its suppliers, ensuring that they all meet the highest quality standards. They do not sell products that employ the use of pesticides.

Stash has everything you need to get your pot fix. They sell a wide variety of buds, but more importantly, they strive to educate the public all about these buds. Handy infographics on their website help display the types of pot that are available, their effects and photos to help customers identify their wants and needs. The shop sells concentrates, edibles, accessories and other products to help the people of Seattle enjoy their cannabis in whichever way they prefer. Stating that they always strive to carry the hottest and latest items in store, Stash says, “At present, we carry topical salves, enhanced sexual lubricants, lotions, specialty edibles, transdermal patches and much more.”

Fans of Stash may consider following the company on social media in order to keep up with the latest product availabilities, deals and other news. The company may be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler and Google+.  Customers may also sign up for the company’s newsletter via email in order to stay up-to-date.

Stash also has many great Yelp reviews to help you make a better, more informed purchase. The company has a steady four-star Yelp rating. User Misty J gives Stash a five-star rating, saying, “The nicest budtender I've interacted with!!! I'm not super knowledgeable and she didn't make me feel like an idiot. And everyone in there had their dog with them, including me! Great place, will be back for sure!” Anthony V states, “Most clean, bright, and professional thc joint in the area. The staff greets you with smiles and welcomes you into the world of legal marijuana.  They will glady answer all your questions and get you exactly what you're looking for.  Totally recommended this place!”

Stash offers two locations to conveniently serve the population of Seattle. Both the Ballard and Lake City location are clean and safe environments from which to procure your cannabis. 

Phone 206.294.5586
Monday through Wednesday 9AM–10PM 
Thursday through Saturday 9AM–11:45 PM
Sunday 9AM–10PM

Lake City 
Phone 206.403.1673
Monday through Wednesday 9AM–10PM 
Thursday through Saturday  9AM–11:45 PM
Sunday 9AM–10PM


Pot Farm Profile: Life Gardens (Washington)

At Life Gardens, growing cannabis is a way of life. The company’s vision “is to build a Washington cannabis brand that will set the standard for the world’s finest marijuana and processed products; top shelf cannabis at an affordable price.” Among the team, there is a combined 100 years of experience, giving the farm the kind of knowledge and skills that are required for the most quality product possible. 

The company compares selecting and growing cannabis to the cultivation of a fine wine. “Life Gardens believes cannabis should reflect its origins; it’s a product of the soil, the climate, and the careful stewardship of those precious resources. With regards to its cultivation techniques, Life Gardens combines the latest technology with natural sunlight to produce superior marijuana products.” Their outdoor farm in Washington is home to over 70 strains of pot.

Like any other quality pot grower, Life Gardens goes above and beyond the legal requirements for their farming practices, setting their own standards for excellence. Some of their quality control and ethical standards include climate control limits, Eco-friendly packaging, and superior customer service from a carefully selected team of experts. Interested persons can visit the website to find out more information about these practices as well as innovate features like their light deprivation greenhouse. The company also offers online shopping options.

Indoor Greenhouse Hybrid
One of the most interesting things about Life Gardens is the farm’s indoor greenhouse hybrid system. Life Gardens explains, “We also run cycles of 12 hours of light for flowering like a standard high-grade commercial indoor operation. In addition, we have forced air heating and evaporative cooling to keep our green houses the perfect temperature any time of the year.” The system utilizes hydroponic nutrients, indoor grow lights, indoor style pots and indoor hydroponic mediums to continually grow cannabis. 

One of the most interesting products to come out of Life Gardens is their cannabis flower line known as SPARK. The brand name is associated with multiple product lines, from joint packs, jars and various bags, and it is available from the retail partners of Life Gardens.

Where to Buy
Many different legal sellers of recreational marijuana carry products grown by Life Gardens. Washington pot smokers can look for their strains sold at The Stash Box, Green Token Cannabis, Green Works, Green Leaf, Cannazone, Uncle Ike’s, Kushside and many other sellers. If your local seller does not carry Life Gardens products, feel free to ask and they may be able to help you out.

Strains Produced
Life Gardens produces a wide variety of marijuana strains. Among their invigorating and inspiring sativa strains, they carry Sour Diesel, Durban Poison and Super Sour Diesel. Some of their bestselling sativa dominant varieties include Permafrost, Headband and Super Sour OG. Blue Dream is their most popular hybrid, while some of their bestselling indica strains include God Bud, Mystery Machine, Cheese, Blueberry Essence, and Blueberry Haze. Northern Lights and Pre 98 Bubba are two of the farm’s most beloved indica strains. 


Pot Shop Profile: Nectar (Oregon)

When you’re in the market for quality pot in Oregon, one fantastic option is Nectar, one of the largest dispensary chains in the state. At Nectar, the goal is “to consistently grow high-grade cannabis with only the most exceptional aroma, flavor and effects.” Priding themselves on customer service, low prices, and having knowledgeable budtenders that can answer all of your questions with expertise, Nectar is a company that offers fresh and pure products that will satisfy all of your cannabis needs. 

As one of the largest marijuana sellers in the state, Nectar has one of the largest varieties of stock, with a massive selection of strains for you to choose from. The menu is kept up-to-date to offer you the most accurate information about what is available at any time of the year. The company is also consistently rated #1 in the state, with many customers citing the comfortable and hip atmosphere of the store as one of the main reasons why they shop there.

Nectar is known for their ability to give customers the best deal as well. New medical customers are able to obtain a free preroll just for putting in their first order. Leafly reviewer Jentee says, “Make it affordable by shopping at Nectar. There's always a deal that will make you happy that you came in.” Reviewer Rosecity19 says, “Very helpful staff. Always friendly. The Og kush and girl scout is sooo good.”

Huge Selection
Nectar invites customers to check out their vast menu of offerings. “Nectar offers the best menu in Portland.  We carry only the finest flowers, concentrates, and other medical marijuana products.  Each of our locations has a different selection, so choose one below and see what we have to offer.” Prices range from $6 for strains like Sage N Sour sativa or Headband hybrid up to $40 for strains like Harle-Tsu hybrid or Wonder Skunk hybrid. The majority of varieties, however, are in the mid-range of around $12 to $14, giving customers a great selection of both flavors as well as prices to choose from.
In addition to buds, Nectar carries a wide variety of cartridges, topical, drinks, edibles and concentrates. Concentrates range from $10 to $60 and edible candies start at $5 for items like fruit gummies and caramel chews. Plenty of wearable swag is also sold in the shop. Customers can also sign up for cell alerts to get the best deals as soon as they are available. Deals may also be shown on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, so it’s a good idea to follow the company to find out what’s new and what events are going on.

Nectar has five locations to help you easily access your cannabis. The Barbur and Sandy shops are medical marijuana stores in Portland:

Nectar on Barbur
Hours: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
10931 SW 53rd Ave, Portland, OR 97219

Nectar on Sandy
Hours: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
3350 NE Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR 97232
The Mississippi Avenue shop is for recreational products.

Nectar on Mississippi
Hours: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
4125 N Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR 97217
The Eugene dispensary helps people who live south of Portland access marijuana for recreational purposes. 

Nectar in Eugene
Hours: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm
340 River Road, Eugene, OR 97404
Finally, the dispensary has a new location.

Nectar in Gresham
Hours: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
505 NW Burnside Rd, Gresham, OR 97030
Call ahead before seeking any specific strain. Although each store’s inventory is updated regularly, some items do sell out fast!

Pot Farmer Profile: Green Barn Farms (WA and OR)

When it comes to growing weed, some farmers set the bar so high that their products seem to get better every year. At Green Barn Farms Cannabis Farmers Cooperative, that is the name of the game. The cooperative enforces a unique “Way Beyond Organic, Sun Grown Cannabis” policy that highlights the use of sustainable growing as their main requirement, but also employs the use of cutting edge technology to remain on top of the latest tips and tricks while still growing with actual sunlight.

While Green Barn Farms sells products in Washington and Oregon, they do plan on expanding their business into states where recreational marijuana is legal. The company is highly active on both Twitter and Instagram, making it easy to keep up with their activities.

Way Beyond Organic

The cooperative’s high demands make up their strict Way Beyond Organic policy. To Green Barn Farms, Way Beyond Organic means 100% natural with 0% compromise, which means that everything from the fertilizers they use on crops to the pest controls they use to minimize damage is all natural. It also means that they keep their carbon footprint as low as possible with greenhouse growing all year, without utilizing artificial light and unnecessary energy, causing waste and environmental damage. All of their plants are field raised in natural soil to ensure the optimal flavor and quality of the cannabis grown

Beyond Organic means much more than growing practices to the cooperative, though. They also say that it means giving back to the community. A percentage of profits are donated to local schools and charities each year, and they support the community by using only local organic soils suppliers, green delivery vehicles that help curb carbon emissions in the community, and water conservation practices that ensure minimal waste and water runoff, protecting neighbors as well as the environment.

Slow growing is another component involved in their painstakingly precise process. Their “slow cannabis” includes a long curing period, hand trimming and other meticulous policies to ensure the best product possible.

Stringent Testing

Green Barn Farms are third party tested regularly to ensure that they go well and beyond the minimums set in the industry. They are Clean Green Certified, Sungrown Certified, and Certified Kind in addition to their own Way Beyond Organic requirements. They are continually working to create a better product not just for their customers but for the impact it has on the world as well, such as “worm castings, killer ladybugs, probiotic soil enhancements, cover crops, predatory mites, no-till farming, companion plants, etc... We keep exploring the limits beyond organic, so you get the cleanest, greenest, feel-good weed available.” They even create their own compost tea to help keep plants healthy and thriving.

Where to Buy

To sample some of the Green Barn Farms products, consumers can visit one of the many stores that vend their cannabis. Hwy 420, Hashtag, The Green Door, Ponder, Trees Pot Shop and many other stores carry the cooperative’s pot. Their gear, such as t-shirts, hoodies and tank tops, can also be purchased online.





Washington Pot Farmer Profile: Buddy Boy Farm

Buddy Boy Farms is Washington's premier legal weed producer.

Although new farmers are coming up with cool, innovative ways to grow pot and make it accessible to the public, sometimes it’s nice to stick with what’s tried and true. When that tried and true source is also Clean Green certified and calls itself “The Finest Cannabis in the Universe!” you know you have to give it a try. 

Buddy Boy Farm has been growing for four decades with old, natural methods that make most hippies happy. Buddy Boy himself has implemented enough modern tricks into his routine that also make his farm just as relevant and innovative as any new green farm on the scene. 

People who are seeking fresh buds grown without pesticide, fungicide or herbicide can safely buy their pot from Buddy Boy. They offer farm tours so customers can see how their marijuana is grown in Eastern Washington. Steve, the “big man” at the farm, has decades of growing experience with his vegetable, grain, fruit and hay crops. To purchase pot from Buddy Boy, you can search for locations that sell their products throughout the state. Over 30 locations sell their products so there is likely one within a short drive wherever you live in Washington.

Strains Available
As a farmer, Buddy Boy does not carry the wide variety of pot strains that you would expect from a dispensary. However, they are open to carrying more strains if you contact them through the budtender you use for requests. Some strains that you will encounter through Buddy Boy Farm include 3 Kings, Black Berry Kush, Blue Dragon, Chocolope and Romulan. Other flowers they produce include Amazing Grace, Black Cherry OG, Critical Plus, Sour Diesel and Super Girl. They also sell gold dust hash as well as pre-rolls like Montana Silvertip, White Widow and Blue Dragon.
Buddy Boy is also a source of vast knowledge regarding marijuana in general. Customers may call and inquire about any topic and get help as well as visit their website for tips. They advise customers on everything from quality pot growing to how to store cartridges, making them a knowledgeable source of pot topics of all kinds. 

Rocket Vape Pens
Buddy Boy Farm produces fine oils to fill vape pens, providing pot smokers with a modern, healthier way to enjoy their cannabis. They sell dark oils that come from whole plant extractions, which maintain the THC content of the plant. They also utilize natural techniques without filling their oils with any additives or preservatives. They work hard to ensure that all flavors and aromas present in each oil are only the ones that you will find in the cannabis itself.

Their golden oils are a product that even more special. “Our golden oils are taken one step further… clarified by molecular distillation to golden honey color with specially designed and extensively researched terpenes to balance and enhance the genetic characteristics associated with each strain.” In addition to that, Buddy Boy sells Sativa Energy cartridges as well as Indica Relax cartridges so you get exactly what you are after without having to complete any guesswork. Cartridges are also produced with wickless technology in order to avoid wasting any oil on the wick at the bottom of the cartridge.

Buddy Boy is developing some prime edible products for sale. Some of these include lemonades, coffee drinks and candies, such as chocolates, caramels and peanut butter bon bons. Inquire with your local source of Buddy Boy products to find out if they will be carrying the company’s line of edibles anytime soon to find out more.

Seattle, Washington Pot Shop Profile: Trees Pot Shop

Seattle's own Trees Pot Shop has all of your legal weed deals, chat about them here!

When you are searching for a marijuana shop in Seattle, one of the best options is Trees Pot Shop. Trees Pot Shop boasts a knowledgeable staff that is able to assist you with all of your questions and concerns as well as the “best price guaranteed” on recreational marijuana for ages 21 and over. Located on the corner of Greenwood Avenue and 105th, Trees Pot Shop is a bit off the trail, but most shoppers say that they keep coming back for the store’s deals and cool atmosphere. 

The store is open every day of the week, with hours as follows:
Sunday 10 AM to 9 PM
Monday 9 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday 9 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday 9 AM to 10 PM
Thursday 9 AM to 10 PM
Friday 9 AM to 11:45 PM
Saturday 9 AM to 11:45 PM

Weekly Specials
One of the claims to the Trees Pot Shop’s fame is the store’s weekly specials that are offered each week day. On Mondays, customers can enjoy a discount of 15% off everything you can eat as part of the weekly “Edible Monday” promotion. On Tuesdays, you can skip the sales tax as the shop covers all tax during “Tax Free Tuesday.” Concentrates and cartridges are 10% off on Wednesdays as a part of “Waxy Wednesday.” On “Throw Down Thursday,” customers may receive 10% off every order they purchase that totals over $100. On Friday, clients may receive 10% off all pre-rolled joints as part of the “Pre-Roll Friday” promotion. Not only are the weekly specials at Trees fun, but they also give you a pretty good discount on your weed.

Wide Variety of Pot
For those who like to try a lot of different strains or want to dab or eat their pot, Trees Pot Shop offers many options to suit your needs. There is a helpful guide to the shop’s menu online where you may search for your favorite flower as well as concentrate, edible, topical and pre-rolled product. In terms of edibles, the shop carries everything from capsules to sweets, craft elixirs to mints. There are so many different flavors and products available that a customer could try something different every day for months!

Informative Blog
Followers of the Trees Pot Shop often cite the company’s blog as one of their prime sources of information. A popular blog for college students age 21 and up discusses the best strains for concentration and educational performance. Blueberry Headband by Noble Farms, for example, provides “a fantastic cerebral rush and relaxing body high.” Another recommendation says, “For excellent energy and focus, try the FlavRx Disposable Joint 300mg. Because you can’t hit a bong in the library, a disposable joint is your best bet for that on-the-go high.” 

Small Staff
Some head shops have a huge staff, which at first seems impressive until you realize that only a few staff members are very knowledgeable about the product. A great thing about Trees Pot Shop is that the staff is kept small to ensure only people with strong marijuana knowledge are hired to provide the best customers service, helpful information and advice.

Oregon Pot Farmer Profile: Chalice Farms

Oregons premier producer, Chalice Farms, is making strong recreational weed at an affordable price.

Marijuana is already a fast-growing crop that is not difficult to grow, but the farmers at Chalice Farms have mastered the process of growing it to improve upon its natural fruitfulness. Chalice Farms is known for their Perpetual Harvest Method of growing. This ensures that their products are grown year-round, no matter the weather, because they cater to the needs of their plants throughout each season. The Perpetual Harvest Method helps Chalice Farms deliver quality pot to clients all year, ensuring that no consumers go without product. 

Laboratory-grade facilities are specifically designed by Chalice Farms to produce optimal conditions for pot growing, with details managed down to the air flow around each plant. Mold and mildew-resistant sealants are also used to safeguard the pot plants. The farms, which provide both medicinal and recreational marijuana to dispensaries, also use a Chalice Cure method which allows them to cultivate a unique sweeter and smoother flower than many other growers are able to produce. The method helps bring out more essential oils from the plant to help produce a more potent product as well.

With over 30 strains grown, Chalice Farms provides many products to the public. Each strain is lab-tested for THC, CBD, pesticides, mold, and mildew, and the company packages its products in childproof containers to ensure children don’t get a hold of the product. Some favorite strains produced by the farm include Blue Dream, Ace of Spades, Blueberry Kush, Chernobyl and Harlequin. Their sweeter strains also allow them to produce fruiter flavors, like Mango Kush, Orange Crush and Oregon Pineapple.
At a Chalice Farm retail shop, consumers can expect to find an assortment of buds, waxes, oils, shatters and extracts to try. The slogan they use to encourage patrons to browse and discover new flavors is “Find Your Chalice.”

Store Locations
Consumers who want to try Chalice Farms products should visit one of four different locations. Keep in mind that each location’s menu and hours may differ, so check each website for available strains. 

Chalice Farms, Airport
13315 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR 97230

Chalice Farms, Powell
5333 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97206

Chalice Farms, Dundee
1178 N. Highway 99W

Dundee, OR 97115
Chalice Farms, Tigard
16735 SW Pacific Hwy.
Tigard, OR 97224

Like many pot farmers, Chalice Farms also offers educational insights and information about growing pot. The company’s Newbie’s Guide to Cannabis is a terrific resource for newbies to the pot scene, offering up advice such as how to use cannabis, the pros and cons of marijuana and even what sativa and indica mean. It also advises users about common sense practices regarding pot, such as to not drive or operate heavy machinery while high.

These helpful guides are great for the newcomer just entering the store, but the knowledgeable staff on hand can also answer questions and provide guidance when it comes to seeking out which strain to buy, how much should (and can legally) be purchased and how to narrow down the consumer’s desires into a purchase. What makes Chalice Farms stand out is their desire to educate the public about marijuana. “We feel pretty lucky to be spreading the word about the many things this miraculous plant can do. In the end, taking the plunge and trying cannabis for yourself is the first step to enhancing your life. That’s where we come in. Our experienced budtenders are always on hand to help guide you through your cannabis journey. Stop by your nearest Chalice Farms location, and any one of them can answer questions you might have. No pressure. No judgment. We want nothing more than to help you find your chalice and enjoy the many benefits cannabis has to offer!”

Pass the Special Brownies: Cannabis for Dessert

Pot has many dessert uses! Cannabutter Brownies and cannabis infused candies just to name a few.,
Although edible cannabis has been receiving some negative attention lately with a few irresponsible parents allowing their children to get a hold of their pot, using cannabis as a source of dessert or treat is a time honored tradition. Stoners fondly remember the first time they ate a “special brownie,” cookie, or other baked good laden with THC. Today there are entire cookbooks devoted only to dessert pot. Check off the types that you have tried and make plans to try something new soon. While just about any food can be infused with cannabis, these are some of the most popular, tried and true desserts as well as a few contemporary favorites.

Banana Bread
Cooks know that the best way to get rid of brown, too-sweet bananas that have softened is to make a batch of banana bread out of them. Give some softened bananas to a cannabis lover, however, and he or she may make you some pot banana bread! Use any recipe for banana bread that you prefer, but add in some cannabutter to infuse it with weed. It’s so addictive taste-wise that you may want to slice one serving and hide the rest away so you don’t eat too much too fast!

Frozen Marijuana Infused Trifle
Many people may not even be aware of what trifle is in the first place, but the dessert was a favorite of early settlers. What’s more American than enjoying some trifle infused with cannabis? Made with yogurt, cannabutter, blueberries, honey, angel food cake and strawberries, it combines a light and refreshing dessert with healthy ingredients to give you just enough sweetness to satisfy your sweet tooth. The high that accompanies the dessert isn’t bad, either. For this particular recipe, you really only need to blend the ingredients together and serve them over the angel food cake.

“Special brownies” are mentioned everywhere in pop culture, from music to movies, but they are one of the most popular ways to enjoy edible marijuana. Weed brownies usually contain finely ground buds, which infuse the entire batch of brownies with THC. Some people use a pre-made brownie mix but some cooks get elaborate with baker’s chocolate and other fresh ingredients to improve the taste. 

Cannabis Gummies
Gummy bears are one of the most popular snacks sold, so it makes sense that people love to eat THC-laced gummy candy. The best thing about making your own cannabis gummies is that you can control the flavor, creating any kind of candy that you feel like. Love sour gummies? Try making sour watermelon cannabis gummies with gelatin.

Remember, to make your own pot dessert, you can use cannabutter, canna coconut oil and other similarly infused products in your cooking. It really can be that simple. That said, it is very important to pay attention to the measurements in your recipe, since edibles can contain very high levels of THC, resulting in a faster high that you aren’t ready for. Most edibles that are sold commercially even come with some kind of advisement about serving sizes to help customers take it slow. Most people recommend eating a single serving, waiting an hour to see how you feel, then eating another until you reach your desired effects.

Pot Shop Profile: Canna King Marijuana Dispensaries

Canna King in Roseburg, OR is the place for all your recreational weed needs!

Whether you’re shopping for medical or recreational pot, Canna King Marijuana Dispensaries in Roseburg, Oregon has what you are looking for. The shop carries only indoor grown meds that are grown locally and organically and insists that their buds are of the plumpest variety, containing only the highest THC content.  Canna King is home to a team of knowledgeable budtenders who are ready to answer questions and provide quality care to patients and recreational smokers alike.

Made up of a collective of professional growers, Canna King prides itself on maintaining both weed safety and quality as well as client privacy to its members. “Each one of us is, or has been, a patient or caregiver and we strive to enhance the life of fellow patients while changing the perception of medical marijuana and the people who use it. Our collective adheres to Oregon State Laws thereby protecting qualified patients from prosecution for possession of medical marijuana.” In addition to lots of information about the state marijuana laws, the company even lists resources on their site, such as clinic information, to assist customers with their needs.

Canna King welcomes new and returning customers with open arms. “We are open to all OMMP patients and will require each member to show current OMMP card with current US photo ID. Come on in with your card and ID, fill out a short member form, and you’re in. It’s just that easy.” They remind recreational users that up to 7 grams of flowers may be purchased daily. There is also a limit of four plants per year, although there is no limit on seeds. Edible products, topicals and concentrates are all also available for purchase.

Convenient Location

Canna King is located at 1449 Mulholland Dr Suite A in Roseburg, Oregon. The company may be reached at 855-420-1420. The shop is conveniently open seven days a week:

Monday 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Tuesday 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Wednesday 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Thursday 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Friday 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Sunday 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Customers can also follow the store on Facebook for news and updates. Cash is accepted and an ATM is available on site. The store is ADA accessible to ensure that every customer can shop.

Wide Variety

The Canna King menu can be found on their website, but as the company states, it is only a sampling of what you will find in the shop. Specialties like Irish Cream Syrup and gummies in flavors like watermelon, grapefruit and peach can be found at Canna King. Whether you like pure white hash or using a vape pen, the shop has you covered, too.

Some popular strains that you can find at Canna King include Blackberry Kush, Death Star, King’s Pipe Dream and Lamb’s Breath.

You can get plenty of strains for $10 per gram. Wax, shatter and crumble start out at $20 per gram. One cool thing that the company does is list the percentage of sativa and indica content on the site so you can think about which strain might be the best option for your needs. Genetics are also listed to help you picture the aroma and flavor. For example, Bubba Kush is listed as having genetics from the parent plants OG Kush and X Chem Dog 91.




Sweet Leaf Cannabis (Springfield OR) - Alien Cookies Review

Sweet Leaf Cannabis of Springfield OR. A review of Alien Cookies leaf product.
From the Top Shelf selections of Sweet Leaf Cannabis in Springfield, Oregon is this very nice sativa hybrid strain called Alien Cookies. A cross between Girl Scout Cookies (which itself is a hybrid) and the ever popular ChemDawg (also a hybrid), this sativa dominant hybrid leaf is very potent, and will get the job done. Weighing in at 21.33 % THC and 0.03 % CBD it delivers quite a punch. You will be stoned, in a very good way. NEW USERS BEWARE! Dank, smooth and tasty. Very strong head and body high combination, one of my favorites. It will make you chill, for sure. I rate it a 4.5 out of 5. Highly recommended. Burns clean and leaves only a little ash, just enough to betray it's indica heritage. 

This sample was tested by 3B Analytical. 

Regular price is $11.00 per gram and $35 per eighth. $25 per eighth all day Wednesday or Happy Hour Friday (4:00 pm to 10:00 pm), or Early Bird Special (7:00 am to 8:30 am, Mon - Fri). Supply of this strain seems to be good.