(OREGON) Pot Shop Profile: Green Front Dispensary

Green Front Cannabis Review and Chat. Oregon's finest legal weed.

 Also known as “the people’s cannabis,” Green Front Dispensary offers farm-direct flowers for your pot pleasure. With a regularly updated menu, convenient shop in Portland and an on-site ATM, the shop has everything to satisfy your cannabis needs whether they be for pleasure or medical reasons. They hail themselves as the place where you can get “the best green for the least green.” The shop is also the first one in Oregon to offer pre-order services to customers in the local area.

Customers are always welcome to call ahead with their orders as long as they bring in an ID to pick up their orders when they are ready. The company also offers a cool loyalty program that allows you to get points for every dollar you spend. Once you hit 420 points you get $20 of credit to spend inside the shop. Another great thing that the shop does is price match everything except buds. If you find an edible product or any other non-bud product anywhere else for a lesser amount, Green Front Dispensary will give it to you for that same price. Another great current deal is 10% off disposable Quill Pens, a fantastic savings opportunity.


6814 NE Glisan

Portland, OR 

Phone: 503-252-0036


8:00am-10:00pm 7 days a week 

The shop is open every day of the year, including holidays and weekends.


Green Front Dispensary carries a wide variety of products to satisfy your ganja needs. In addition to flowers, they carry various concentrates, pre-rolls and other products. Edibles and topical products are also available. Be sure to call first to inquire about whether or not the products you are interested in are in the shop. 

Flowers start as low as $5 per gram and include varieties such as Blue City Diesel, Cherry AK-47, Nordle, and Crazy Train. Some types of concentrates carried include Elephant Extracts, JuJu Joints vapes, organic cannabis oils and Who cartridges. Some of the edibles that Green Front Dispensary carries include chocolates, drinks and candies. You can also stock up on personal lubricants, lotions, soaps and vape pen batteries.


Green Front Dispensary carries mostly positive ratings. Volleygirl140 says, “Have been going here for awhile and the quality never falters with fair prices. That and the friendly staff keeps me coming back.” Whitney P. says, “My first visit to a dispensary was to Green Front and they were extremely welcoming and willing to help. They also have great prices on pipes.”


Customers can follow the company Leafly page for updates, news on the latest products and great deals. The team will notify you when they receive new strains in the shop for you to try, deals on new items, and special deals like 3 for $20 squibs.

Once a year, fans can review the company to receive a free spoon pipe. The review has to be on Leafly and it is limited to once annually. Consumers may also take advantage of various roll your own joint specials at the shop.




(OREGON) Pot Shop Profile: Gorge Greenery

Gorge Greenery is Oregons favorite legal weed store.
Looking for a great pot shop in Hood River? Gorge Greenery is best known for not only its recreational pot in the area but also a good selection of organic marijuana. The local dispensary is a warm, clean space that is inviting to peruse, and the Clean Green Certified location even offers home delivery now.  The shop is the only one that meets the Clean Green certification in the city of Hood River. 

Gorge Greenery is committed to providing quality, clean products as well as protecting the environment. “As a Clean Green Certified dispensary, we pride ourselves on sourcing from farms that use no harmful pesticides during their cultivation, working towards reducing the carbon footprint of cannabis through responsible growing and packaging practices. Here at Gorge Greenery, we send out all our quality tested flower in reusable glass jar packaging, labeled with compostable cellulose labels.”

The shop carries a wide variety of products, from flowers to tinctures, extracts and concentrates to pre-rolls, low dose and medicinal edibles to seeds. There is plenty of swag if you are looking for apparel, as well as smoking accessories and other products.

Gorge Greenery is located in Hood River. 
Gorge Greenery, 13 Oak St, Hood River, OR, 97031
(541) 508 0685
The shop is open Monday through Saturday, 10 AM to 8 PM, and on Sundays from 10 AM to 7 PM.

The menu at Gorge Greenery starts at $8 per gram and up. Some favorite buds they carry include Pineapple Express, Jilly Bean, Master Kush and Super Silver Haze. Concentrates like Bettie Page Shatter, Candyland Live Resin and Death Star Shatter are all available at the shop. In terms of edibles, the shop carries lotions like Apothecanna calming cream, pain cream and everyday face oil; Chalice gummies, chocolates and other candies; honey sticks, lollipops and much more. As with any pot shop, be sure to call in advance if you are looking for a specific product to ensure that it is available when you visit.

Gorge Greenery is particularly proud to partner with many growers known for their sustainable business practices. Some names that customers trust include 7 Points Oregon, SoFresh Farms, Otis Gardens, East Fork Medicinal and Bull Run Craft Cannabis. Buyers can visit the website to learn a bit more about each farm prior to making a purchase or simply inquire with the knowledgeable staff about each business’s reputation and products.
Home Delivery

If you live within the city limits of Hood River, Gorge Greenery will be happy to deliver your purchase to you. Just call or email the shop with your order. It must be delivered to a residential address; no hotels, commercial addresses or bed and breakfasts are allowed for this service. Some stipulations are in effect for delivery orders. 

According to the company, “Our friendly delivery staff can deliver to both Oregon Medical Marijuana Patients and recreational customers 21 years of age and older. We are able to deliver all cannabis products including flower, edibles, topicals, tinctures and extracts. We are also able to deliver all retail items available in our stores like pipes, bongs, vaporizers, papers and storage containers. Minimum order of $50 is required; tax and delivery fee is not included. Flat delivery fee of $10.”

Many shoppers have had positive experiences with Gorge Greenery. Shopper Robin A. says, “Gorge Greenery is not only one of the coolest dispensaries we have been to but always one of the most welcoming and professional! The staff is extremely knowledgeable and has the true intent to help you pick the strain that is perfect for your need and the strains to pick from are of high quality and very diverse.” 
David T. emphasizes about the shop, “Local Hood River marijuana dispensary that has the highest quality in town. Cannabis with no pesticides or chemicals and a helpful staff. I would recommend them as the best dispensary in the gorge.”


(WASHINGTON) Pot Shop Profile: Ganja Goddess

Ganja Goddess is located in Seattle's SODO within walking distance of another store - Seattle Cannabis Co

Known as Seattle’s premier recreational marijuana shop, Ganja Goddess is set up like a fine jewelry store, displaying your favorite marijuana products like they are prized possessions. In fact, the shop is “taking cannabis to a new high,” according to the shop’s own slogan. The high-end cannabis store offers a wide selection of buds, edibles and other pot products to help fulfill your cravings and needs. According to the shop, “Ganja Goddess is Seattle's premier retail marijuana store, open to everyone 21 and over. We offer the more strains, edibles, and concentrates than any shop in Washington.”

Ganja Goddess offers a free shuttle service to customers who are in downtown Seattle or nearby hotels. It runs 11 AM to 7:30 PM Monday through Saturday and 11 AM to 6:30 PM on Sundays with some limitations. For current scheduled pickup locations, call the shop. The store has an email list where customers may sign up to receive information about special updates and sales. 


Looking for a certain strain in particular? Use the Ganja Goddess online menu to check and see if they have what you desire. Be sure to call before making a special trip if you are after a specific product to see if it is in stock or not. Some of the available flowers at Ganja Goddess include Mob Boss Tang Tang, Lemon Berry Diesel, Candyland, Acapulco Gold and Bay Dream. Products start at $10 per gram.

Some concentrates that you’ll find at Ganja Goddess include Brandywine RSO cartridge, Aloha CBD, Carl Sagan Kief and Kush Mix shatter. From wax to resin to honey oil, they have just about any type of product for you to try out. 

In terms of edibles, Ganja Goddess offers craft elixirs, simple syrups, sparkling beverages and even chocolate syrup. Consumers can try out spray tinctures, capsules, K-cups and of course a wide range of sweet treats. Some customer favorites include snickerdoodle cookies, peanut butter cups, caramel turtles, truffles and chocolate mints. 

If pre-rolls are what you’re after, some options available may include Skunk Haze, Granddaddy Purple, Cactus, Couch Surfer and Crunch Berry. Other available products include topical salves, body butters, massage oils and muscle melts. Accessories, such as cones, rolling papers, hemp wicks and many other products, are also sold in the store. 


Ganja Goddess Recreational
Marijuana Store

3207 1st Ave S

Seattle, WA 98134

Phone: 206.682.7220

Email: info@ganjagoddessseattle.com


It’s no surprise that the shop has some impressive testimonials. Charles Smith, of New York Times Style Magazine, says, “That’s my regular place. You walk in and you see everybody: housewives, Rastafarian guys with dreadlocks, college students, guys in suits, a winemaker, everybody. I’m not a big smoker, but the idea is that we have the personal freedom to do it if we want. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean you have to partake. Just because cake is legal doesn’t mean you have to shovel a whole load in your face.” Even the Better Cannabis Bureau has high praise for the store, saying, “The staff of Ganja Goddess goal is to be a Pioneer in the Cannabis industry.  It’s great to see a group of people who genuinely care about the growth of the industry and customer experience above making a lot of money. And nestled in Seattle’s SODO district they have no shortage of competition.  But everyone who works there says the same thing.  They say that their competition isn’t competition but comrades.  Don’t get me wrong.  Ganja Goddess would love to have your money.  What they want more than your money is to give you incredible value, service, and product for that money."





(WASHINGTON) Pot Shop Profile: Mari J’s Highway

MariJ's is a great place to get your legal weed stash on the cheap.

At Mary J’s Highway, “life’s too short for bad pot!” Ganja lovers are invited to come and experience the difference at Mari J’s, where they may “indulge in art, science and pleasure while hanging out with like-minded folks who love weed.” One of the most fun things about Mari J’s is the culture of the shop, including Halloween celebrations. Patrons can even look forward to Halloween specials on products, such as 2 for $35 on select waxes, $10 flower specials and $15 edible specials. They also go all out when it comes to costumes.

Mari J offers most of the types of products any ganja lover is after, whether it be buds, edibles, concentrates or glass. No products may be returned after opening. Taxes are included in all product listings. 


Mari J’s Highway is located at 9506 19th AVE SE Everett, WA, 98208. The shop can
be called at 425-379-8888, emailed at
marij@mjpotshop.com or contacted via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
Mari J’s is open all year with the following hours:

Open Daily 9AM – 10PM

9AM – 11PM Friday & Saturday

10AM – 10PM Sunday


If you are in the market for buds, Mari J’s has a great
variety from which to choose from. As with any pot shop, be sure to call first
if you are looking for a particular product to ensure that it’s in the store,
but here are some varieties that they are known to carry: Sour Diesel, Blue
Dream, Super Silver Haze, Dutch Treat, Cupcake, Mob Boss, River City Orange
Fire and Zombie Stomp. Prices start at $10 per gram.

In terms of concentrates, there is also a variety to choose
from. There are indica, sativa and hybrid cartridges, Topshelf concentrates
like Raw Clear, Watermelon Clear and Peach Clear, and Ionic cartridges like
Grand Daddy Purple and Green Crack. There is Cherry Pie wax, Moxie activated
dab oil, and many other excellent options.

As far as edibles go, patrons can expect some of the usual
fare. Ethos beverages, cookies, honey sticks and chocolates are all available
at Mari J’s. There are also some special edibles such as truffles in flavors
like pumpkin, apple crisp and cookies and cream. Mints and sour candies are
available, as are savory edibles like tomato soup mix. Several varieties of
teas can be found at the shop as can brownies, capsules ad even breath strips.
Glass products, lighters and other accessories are also available.


Many customers are big fans of Mari J’s. Debwolf says,
“WOW!!! This is the best place I’ve ever been to! Lots of things I haven’t seen
before. The décor is gorgeous and very cool. The staff is professional,
knowledgeable and helpful. Hats off to the owner who has really created a top
of the line shop.” RyJoh says, “I visited Mary J’s for the first time and had a
terrific experience! The staff was knowledgable, great selection of premium
bud, and overall great vibe. I look forward to coming back and seeing this
awesome place grow!”




Canna Cola

CannaCola gives you more than just a sugar high.

Medical marijuana pop. Soda that delivers cannabis. What a revolutionary thought! Canna Cola is “the world’s most recognized brand in medical marijuana.” The product is a tasty, THC-infused beverage available in multiple flavors that is designed to deliver medical marijuana to patients in a nontraditional and enjoyable way. Their products, which come in 12 ounce bottles, are available in all MMJ states. Canna Cola t-shirts and gear are available online as well.

Canna Cola has been compared to “light beer,” and each flavor only carries a mild THC flavor. Bottles cost between $10 and $15 each. The company’s philosophy is that by drinking your pot instead of smoking it, you get the same benefits without the drawbacks from inhaling smoke. 

Canna Cola makers are also working to de-stigmatize marijuana, saying, “We believe that one of the reasons for this paradox is that much of the public, and most of our legislators, still think of medical marijuana as a scary, underground activity run by drug lords and pushers. They feel it’s shameful and it should be hidden from the public. Yes, it is legal, but that doesn’t mean they have to like it or make it easy on anyone. And so they do, at every opportunity, with zoning restrictions or even outright bans.” They go on to say that “Canna Cola is founded on the idea that taking your medication should be a life afirming experience free from shame and stigma.”

The company is a medical marijuana product, so they only sell to medical marijuana shops. Canna Cola coined the term “medibles,” which simply means edible medicine. They do not ship individual bottles for personal use at all, but they are interested in partnering with bottling companies to supply states as they legalize weed. Canna Cola says, “Only serious, well capitalized, experienced, and fully compliant people or groups need apply. Those that have the ability to make it happen will be expected to move aggressively. Investor groups who can build and manage a team in their state are also welcome.”


Orange Kush

Lovers of orange soda should try Orange Kush.

Sour Diesel

It might sound like gas for a finicky engine that couldn’t,
but Sour Diesel is actually a lemon-lime soda.

Grape Ape

Yep, this is like your favorite grape soda, only much
heavier on the THC!

Doc Weed

Fans of Dr. Pepper will enjoy this take on the product.

Classic Canna Cola

Lovers of typical cola will enjoy Classic Canna Cola to
start out with.

Brownies and Cookies

The Canna Cola company now offers both THC infused brownies
and cookies for sale. Each contains 120 mg of THC and is all-natural and
handmade. For more information about these Bubba Kush products and how to
receive quick, overnight delivery, contact the company at info@bubbakush.com.


You can contact Canna Cola at:

Email: info@drinkcannacola.com 6120 West
Tropicana, Suite A16-248

Vegas NV. 89103

You can also sign up for the company’s email newsletter on
their website or follow their blog for updates.





(WASHINGTON) Seattle's Cannabis City

Many different shops call themselves the original cannabis store in Washington, but Cannabis City holds the claim to fame as being Seattle’s original cannabis shop. The store is open every day from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. The shop carries a wide variety of strains plus paraphernalia and swag for all of your needs. Cannabis City operates under the direction of its “mayor,” Dr. James R. Lathrop. A doctor of nursing practice, he is an entrepreneur who holds board certification credentials as a family nurse practitioner. 
The store can be found on Foursquare and Leafly as well as major social networks like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Unlike many shops, Cannabis City does take both cash and credit cards, making it a convenient option for people who do not typically carry cash. 

According to Leafly, there are several great deals at Cannabis City. On $2 off Tuesday and Wednesdays, customers may get $2 off pre-rolled joints and multipacks as well as all single gram items purchased. On Phat Panda Bulde Thursday, customers can purchase $40 deals that include Phat Panda 3.5g flower, 1g pre rolled joint and 10mg Panda Candy. On Mondays, take advantage of the Munchie Mondays deal where you can get 50% off all edibles when you buy one at full price (discount taken off the lesser-valued item). On Saturdays, there are Shatterday sales that offer 10% off shatter, rosin, cartridges, pens and more. Be sure to call or visit the shop for details to ensure that sales are still active.

There is a wide variety of cannabis available at Cannabis City. Some of the strains that may be available during any given visit include Platinum Girl Scout Cookie, Panama, Thin Mint, Cherry Pie, and Fireweed. Some available cartridges include Blue Dream, Nevil’s Haze, Bettie Page and Golden Ticket Juju. Some prerolls available include mango, headband, purple kush and grape wreck. 

Among the edibles that may be available at Cannabis City include various types of cookies, like lemon raspberry, chocolate sandwich cookies and other varieties. Candies are also available, such as toffees, milk chocolates, caramels and various types of chews. There are spray tinctures, teas, quenchers and other beverages. Capsules, caps and pebbles are also sold at the shop. Products may vary on availability.

For your topical needs, try the shop’s muscle melt sprays, lip balms, bath salts, topical flow gel and personal oils and lotions.

Cannabis City has a three and a half star average on Yelp. Essence M. of Seattle, Washington says, “I have been back multiple times now and the service has been great each time. I do not believe that the girl who gave me bad service is there anymore. Such a convenient location and right off of the light rail SODO stop. I guess you can call me a regular now.” Mike Q. of Seattle says, “Cannabis City is my favorite place to shop for cannabis in Seattle. I just stopped by today, but it was actually my first experience shopping for recreational marijuana in Seattle a few months back. The person assisting me was patient and helpful while I asked a bunch of questions about different strains. Their decision to start taking debit cards (it used to be cash only) has also made things a lot easier.” Reviewers note that there are security agents outside to check your ID before entering and that no sunglasses are allowed in the building.


(WASHINGTON) Main Street Marijuana

It’s the top selling marijuana shop in Washington State for the past two years. Main Street Marijuana is located in Vancouver, Washington and has been selling pot since July of 2014 to the Washington community. Main Street Marijuana is known for its lighthearted take on the industry. “We aim to bring our customers a genuine, fun and engaging retail experience with a product selection that includes more than 250 items, and all strains under $15 a gram. Our friendly, knowledgeable budtenders are always available to answer questions and make suggestions.” 

Something else that sets the shop apart from others is its provided “Strain Sheets.” Customers can look up the sheets online to find out more about each type of strain before committing to a purchase. The shop carries edibles, buds, trim packs, concentrates and vapes. 

Main Street Marijuana offers three different shops that are conveniently located to suit your needs. There is a downtown Vancouver location as well as an East Vancouver store. There is also a location in the Long View area. All shops are open from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily. Each shop has its menu posted online for convenient, at-home browsing. 

Some of the different strains that can be found at Main Street Marijuana locations may include Orient Express, Lemon Kush, Sweet Tooth, and of course, Pineapple Express. Inventory may differ depending on availability and location. Some cartridges include Death Star, Alien Kush, Dutch Treat, Girl Scout Cookie and Lavender. Wax and shatter products are also available, like Dirty Sky Wax, Cinderella’s Dream, Berry Haze and Poochie Lover. 

There is a wide variety of edible marijuana options at Main Street Marijuana. There are several different droppers, from strawberry to lemon to raspberry. There are zootrocks, candy cubes and quencher drinks. There are sprays, lots of options for chocolate lovers and different types of cookies as well.
For preroll shoppers, there is Blueberry Cheesecake, Grand Daddy Dutch, Ewok, Cotton Candy and many other varieties. They even carry cigars. 

In terms of topical, Main Street Marijuana carries soothing gels, bath soaks, lip balms and rub sprays. There are also plenty of lotions to keep you hydrated. 

Pot smokers will find a wide variety of growers at Main Street Marijuana that they are likely already quite familiar with. Some growers that can be found at the shop include 420 Natural, Black Alpaca, Urban Farms, Evergreen Herbals and Double Delicious. Each grower has its own profile page at the Main Street Marijuana website to help you find out more about how each product is produced. Noble Farms, for example, “is a tier 3 farm out of Tacoma under the parent company Spinning Heads Inc.

The company specializes in a variety of flower. One of Noble Farms most popular varieties at Main Street Marijuana is blueberry indica.” Main Street provides links for more information about each source of cannabis for customer education.

Customers have provided many positive reviews about Main Street Marijuana. Emily of Portland says, “Thank you for taking all the bs from the growers, state, and customers. I’ve been coming in since you first opened in July and have seen you grow from 2 strains to 50! In this day and age you are pioneers and I appreciate your dedication to the industry and to your customers.” Nick of Vancouver says, “I’d like to start by thanking you. I’ve been a customer since you opened.I served on two deployments in the US Army from 2002 to 2007 as a medic.Thank you. I just wanted to say that. You guys have really helped me. Much love.” 


(WASHINGTON) Pot Shop Profile: Herbal Nation

 Several things make Herbal Nation a special place to get your ganja on, but one of the biggest things that sets it apart is that it’s open until midnight every night. It opens at 8:00 like many other pot shops, but the extra hour helps a lot when you are busy or working late and need to squeeze a quick trip in before heading home. Herbal Nation welcomes customers with the message that they strive “to wholeheartedly satisfy each individual that walks into our store. Each staff member is well-informed on the products we carry, sensitive to the customer’s needs, and ready to find the product that is just right for you. With a wide variety of hand-picked cannabis products and accessories that is ever-growing, we have something for everybody. Whether you want an in-and-out experience or full education on what is currently available, we adapt to each client’s needs. That is, after all, why we’re here.”

Herbal Nation is a medically endorsed shop that not only has an ATM on site and easy, ADA accessible parking but the shop is also pet friendly! This makes it a much more welcoming shop. Like most other shops, Herbal Nation carries flowers as well as edibles, topical products, vapor units, concentrates and pre-rolls. The shop offers a 10% discount to all Washington State medical patients, but if you need a medical consultant you do have to call in advance to ensure one is on site.


A wide range of flowers are carried by Herbal Nation. Smokers can find strains like Cherries Jubilee, Miss Universe, Sweet and Sour Widow and Bruce Banner. Some other favorites include Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, Sage and Sour and UK Cheese. They even carry Girl Scout Cookie. Prices start at $8 for buds and range up to $200 for 14 grams. 

Not every store carries hash, caviar, kief and distillates but Herbal Nation does. There are flavors like Dr. Who, Jambi Dust, Northern Lights, Super Glue and The Sauce. Some popular concentrates they carry include Cherry Pie, Narnia, Pineapple Express, Super Silver Haze and Appalachian Power. Some edibles carried by the shop include capsules, caps, breath strips, tinctures and sprays. They also carry teas, edible oils, candies, and favorite treats like chocolates and cookies.

The store carries EZ vapes, disposable vape units, craft oils, refillable cartridges, and much more. Lemon Haze is a popular choice, as is Rainbow, Harlequin and Dankenstein. Herbal Nation carries many different topical, ranging from transdermal patches to sprays, lotions, salves and gel pens. Bath salts are also available.

Daily Specials

Another one of the store’s most attractive features is its daily special for customers. Call before visiting the shop to ensure that all of the specials are still available. There is also a special board you can check before you buy when you visit the shop.

There is a special for 10mg edibles that starts at $5. The shop also offers $9 grams from select growers as well as $30 eighths. Cascade Growers oils are available for $20 for a gram, and there are special that start at $85 for half an ounce. Various specials on pre-rolled joints, larger quantities and different growers are also available. When checking the menu online, keep in mind that each quantity does reflect tax.


It’s simple to find Herbal Nation. The store is located in Bothell. Although the store is a cash only shop, customers may take advantage of the on-site ATM machine.

Every day 8am – Midnight

19302 Bothell-Everett Hwy

Bothell, WA 98012

Phone: (425) 486-1111

Email: 1herbalnation@gmail.com



(WASHINGTON) Pot Shop Profile: New Vansterdam

 It’s the biggest retailer of recreational marijuana in the state of Washington. New Vansterdam is a cannabis market with just about every kind of pot product you could ever want on the shelves. They carry over 3,000 different products to help satisfy your cannabis needs, whether you are looking for quality buds, oils, pre-rolls, edibles or concentrates. 

Something that really separates New Vansterdam from other shops is that it re-tests products that it sells prior to selling them to their customers. The shop also takes pride in its Pacific Northwest location and culture, encouraging visitors to shop around, visit the local park and nature and ask questions about where to visit.

New Vansterdam prides itself on being a knowledgeable marijuana resource. “Marijuana is like wine or craft beer in that at first it can seem like a lot to learn. Know that a diverse pool folks enjoy marijuana and each one of them started out with questions. We invite you to stop by and ask your questions. Better yet, why not shoot us an email?”


Consumers will find hundreds of selections at New Vansterdam. Some types of buds that are carried by the shop include varieties like Alien Og, Master Yoda, Raspberry Kush and Kraken. Blueberry Cheesecake, Sunset Sherbert and Animal Cookies are also available. Prices start at $10 per gram. Prerolls are available in flavors like Seattle Summer, Incredible Lemon Haze, and Sour Tsunami. 

Some popular edibles at the shop include CBD Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies, chocolate caramels and squares, brownies, liquid tonics and much more. They even carry breath strips. The shop advises consumers that edible products can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour to kick in, but the high lasts longer, coming in waves. Shoppers looking for concentrates can find Tropical Trainwreck, Golden Apple, Fire Og, Blackberry, Bubble Gum and many other flavors. Yes, they do carry Girl Scout Cookies! 

Topical products may also be purchased from New Vansterdam. The shop carries bath salts, aftershave, lotions, muscle spray and creams. Lubricants, transdermal patches and body sprays are also carried by the shop.


New Vansterdam has the accessories you need to enjoy your cannabis at home. From glass accessories to vaporizers, you can find what you need at the shop. “We carry all the tools you need to enjoy marijuana in the way that is most comfortable you. Our selection of vaporizers includes the most trustworthy brands at competitive prices and we are happy to answer any questions to help you find the best fit. We are also proud to maintain a healthy stock of local glass and paraphernalia.”


New Vansterdam has received many positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. MJ L. from Bristol, Rhode Island says, “Awesome place!! Staff is very helpful and refreshingly honest about their different products. Nice change from other dispensaries where they just tell you whatever to get you to buy. Fair prices and great product! Will be a longtime customer here.” Ryan Pratt from Spring, TX says, ““Super incredible place. High quality products from flowers to oils to wax to glassware and vaporizers. Still waiting for the edibles though. Some very knowledgeable staff. Some know more than others about certain products. CASH ONLY but there are ATM’s on site. Overall this place rocks.” 

Location and Hours

New Vansterdam is located in Vancouver, Washington. Find the shop between i5 and i205 on E. Mill Plain Blvd. near most major highways. The store operates on a cash-only basis. 

6515 E Mill Plain Blvd,

Vancouver, WA

8am to 11pm Daily

Telephone: (360) 597-4739

E-mail: info@newvansterdam.com


Drawbacks to Weed Legalization

The benefits of legalizing both recreational and medicinal marijuana are too plentiful to be ignored, but even some well-known pot growers are against legalization for a variety of reasons. Although decriminalization will result in more freedom, increased revenue, thousands of lives saved from jail time and a plethora of other benefits, some growers insist that further involving the feds will only make things worse.

According to CBS News, “Many farmers are concerned that legalization would bring many unwanted changes to their industry, including costly regulation and taxes. They also fret that the law would usher in an era of lower prices and an influx of deep-pocketed corporations who could put smaller farms out of business.” 

Hezekiah Allen, a marijuana grower who comes from a long line of pot farmers, says that while he wants decriminalization to happen, he doesn’t want it to be at the expense of the growers themselves. “I don’t want to replace a criminal injustice with an economic injustice,” he says. 

“We are asking farmers to come out from behind the curtain, but not providing the assurances they need. This law is setting the state up for failure,” says CEO of the Humboldt Growers Collective Steve Dodge, referring to Proposition 64 in California, which calls for legalizing recreational marijuana use, sale and growth. Some concerns include growers facing new taxes, inspections, environmental regulations and ultimately being forced to shut down when they are unable to afford to comply with new demands.

The concerns are legitimate ones to voice, but are they enough to deny the legalization of pot altogether? As important as small businesses are to the community, the fact remains that over half of the arrests made for drug possession in the country are marijuana related. In 2010 alone, police made busts on people for pot every 37 seconds. These are individuals who lose their jobs, their benefits, and even their freedom.

The benefits of legalized weed also cannot be ignored. Legal pot can generate around $1 billion in revenue annually, which is enough to fix any number of issues. Just from watching how legalized weed has benefited the people of Colorado, we now know just how much can be gained from passing this legislation. Colorado has seen over a 10% decrease in crime and 5% decrease in violent crime since legalization occurred. The retail sales in Colorado from marijuana accounted for over $10 million in taxes. Thousands of jobs have been created, the opportunity to test pot for medicinal purposes has opened up and the state’s real estate market is thriving. 

Not arresting people on pot-related charges can save up to $40 million annually, and many people already know about hw pot is a better source of everything from paper to clothing, fuel to feed than alternatives. In fact, switching to cannabis production provides a highly renewable resource that solves so many problems that it simply cannot be ignored.

While the issues raised by growers regarding legalization should not be ignored as well, the benefits involved in legalizing cannabis far outweigh the negative effects. Growers and businesses may fight laws and policies that could negatively affect them as they come to pass, but the benefits of legalizing pot could be enjoyed by the entire population as soon as legislation is approved.