Popular Pot Candy

Marijuana Edibles come in all shapes, flavors, and colors!

 When it comes to edibles, some might say that you can’t go wrong. Others may say that it takes a lot of trial and error to find what you really like. Whether you are into baked goods, candies, drinks or other edibles, there’s no denying that edibles are one of the most pleasurable ways to indulge in marijuana. Finding a quality edible, of course, is another story, especially when it’s of the candy variety.

Good, quality candies should not taste strongly of pot, if they smell or taste like it at all. They should come in bite-sized or proportionate sizes to assist consumers in taking the correct amount without overdoing it, and they should taste good overall. A gummy bear that delivers a decent high but still tastes like crap isn’t one that you’ll want to eat again. With that in mind, here are some tried and true popular pot candies to try.

Hashman Infused Sativa Dark Chocolate

If you’re in the mood for some quality dark chocolate with just a hint of taste but full delivery of marijuana’s effects, Hashman has the product for you. It comes in a cool circular design with wedges that are perfectly proportioned for individual servings. Each of the 10 segments contains 20 mg of THC so you can easily choose how much you want. And if you think that their chocolate can’t be that good, consider this: their bars are hand-crafted, Belgian products made with pure extracted cannabis oil. They also have milk chocolate varieties available, as well as other customer favorites like the cherry bomb and almond flavors.

Blueberry Bliss Bars

The name of the Blueberry Bliss Bar may be a bit deceiving, especially since it’s made with white chocolate. While white chocolate is not even a real chocolate and often considered the stepchild of the candy family, this five-star rated product contains actual real blueberries and flax crispies for a truly unique flavor combination. Blueberry Bliss Bars contain 100mg of hash oil and delivers a slow, small high per serving. Incredibles sells the line of candy.

Watermelon Tarts

One of the most popular cannabis gummies on the market, watermelon tarts are not only soft and chewy, but they taste amazing—like sour punch goodness. Their melon flavor makes them especially refreshing in the summer months. Infused with THC, the gummies will send you into a comfortable high without overpowering you with the taste of pot.

Cheeba Chews

Taffy lovers, rejoice: there is a way to not only get the taffy you enjoy but the ganja experience you crave through the small Cheeba Chews Deca Dose candies. Don’t let these mini candies fool you, though; they pack a punch with a quick, strong high. It’s got a strong pot taste for those who love their candy on the grassy side and contains 175 milligrams of THC. The infused edibles come in several mouth-watering flavors, including chocolate sativa or indica, hybrid caramel, and Green Hornet gummies.













(OREGON) Pot Shop Profile: Club Sky High

Club Sky High is taking marijuana to a whole new level.

One of the coolest things about Club Sky High is that it is family and locally owned. Buying pot can be an awkward experience for people who don’t enjoy meeting new people or asking about products, so it’s important to find a dispensary with trustworthy and likeable budtenders.  According to Club Sky High, “Our staff consists of knowledgeable cannabis enthusiasts and experienced growers always ready to educate.”

Club Sky High, which dispenses both recreational and medical marijuana, is also all about the quality and safety of the product. “All strains are grown and lab tested in Oregon to ensure the best possible cannabis. Our mission is to help as many individuals as possible lead a more productive and pain free life.” The shop is ADA accessible and does have an on-site ATM to help you make your purchases.


Some popular flowers that you may find available at Club Sky High include Ace Cash Mango, Dawg Treats, Chem Sour and Fire Alien Hurkle. The shop conveniently lists products as they are available for medical (MED) or recreational (REC) purposes. Varieties of concentrates may include GSC, Sour Diesel, Lemon BHO and Pistil Point. The shop carries a variety of different edibles, from cookies and cream to fruit gummies, chocolate bar bites to brownies. Pre-rolled joints are available for sale as are seeds, such as Agent Orange, Jack Straw and Mickey Kush. They even carry Sonic Screwdriver.

Topical fans may be interested in products like herbal lotions, bud rub sticks and soaking salts. Topical salves, tinctures, oils and personal lubricants are also sold at Club Sky High. As with any marijuana dispensary, be sure to call before visiting the shop to ensure a specific strain you are after is in. Even when strains are listed on the website, sometimes they run out quickly. Calling will save you a trip unless you want to come in and browse around for another strain or product.


Club Sky High offers daily deals, so you will have to check with the shop to see what kind of discounts and goodies you can get each day. Some examples may include special sticker prices, $2 off specific brand names or products and other discounts. 


Club Sky High is located at:

8957 N Lombard St

Portland, OR 97203 

Customers may call the store at (503) 719-5801.

Store hours are as follows:


9:00 am -
9:00 pm


9:00 am -
9:00 pm


9:00 am -
9:00 pm


9:00 am -
9:00 pm


9:00 am -
9:00 pm


9:00 am -
9:00 pm


9:00 am -
9:00 pm


(Oregon) Pot Shop Profile: Budlandia

Budlandia has some of Oregons best strains.

With an average Leafly score of 4.7, Budlandia is a well-established ganja seller in Oregon. Budlandia makes it a priority to put consumer interest in mind first, especially when considering vendors both locally and state-wide. The shop specializes in flower, edibles, concentrates, and extracts of all kinds. The shop also prides itself on the knowledge of its budtending staff. Unlike many other pot shops, the shop even has a customer loyalty program based on a point system.

According to the owners of Budlandia, “Here at Budlandia we work to provide our customers with quality flower and amazing products, with something for everyone. Our mission is to help our customers navigate this growing and ever-changing industry with care and compassion. Whether you are a recreational user or if you participate in Oregon's Medical Marijuana Program, our Budlandia team members will ensure that you leave our dispensary satisfied and pleased with your purchase.” The shop is well-lit, clean and colorful with lovely display cases so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Point System and other Discounts

With each purchase you make at Budlandia, you are eligible to receive points that accumulate for cool gear like hats, t-shirts and hoodies. Discounts like $1.25 rolls are also available. You may only use the points you earn once per day.


Budlandia prides itself on providing customers with a wide array of products to satisfy their every need. Some popular flowers at the shop include Bluband, White Stardawg, Grand Daddy Purp and Blue Goo. In terms of concentrates, many shoppers like varieties such as Pineapple, Who?, Blueberry Headband and Harlequin Sap. Some edibles that are available at the shop include Squib watermelon or grapefruit, Cumulous Candies Sugar Shatter, taffy, hard candies and fruit gummies. Some available topical include personal lubricants and roll on oils.

Smokers may enjoy pre-rolls and clones as well. Additional items for sale include pipes, lighters, papers, ash trays and a variety of swag items. Bonges, vape pens and bubblers are also available for sale. As with any other pot shop, be sure to call in advance before coming in to purchase a specific strain in order to check for availability. 


Budlandia is located at: 

16440 SE Division Street

Portland, Oregon. 

The store is open seven days a week, with hours of availability ranging from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Monday through Saturday and 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM on Sunday. The store’s number is 503-805-2871. 


Budlandia reviews are largely positive. User TragicMooch503 gave the company four stars, saying, “Good prices on bud, love the point system they do. Always friendly service, nice variety on flower. Their edibles are good and good prices on those as well!” Customer Tony13j says, “I've been coming here since last year and they're by far the best quality and best priced bud around that area, and they have awesome budtenders that have been there since they opened so they know their product.” The user gave Budlandia five stars.





(OREGON) Pot Shop Profile: Brothers Cannabis Club

Brothers Cannabis Club has been selling weed for long, long time!

Considered the “original dispensary” of Portland, Brothers Cannabis Club is home to a variety of buds, extracts, edibles and other fun products. Brothers Cannabis Club sells both recreational and medical marijuana to its patrons. Williamette Week voted the shop the Best Dispensary in Portland in 2016. The Leafly List of Oregon voted the shop Best in September 2016 as well. The shop offers a 5% discount for military vets as well as senior citizens.

According to Leafly, “Brothers Cannabis is locally-owned and Oregon's OLDEST OMMP (OREGON MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROGRAM) dispensary - established April 2010. We are known for top quality flowers. All of our products are lab-tested and come from local growers and vendors. Come on in and check out our showroom for the best quality and prices in town.” The shop only accepts cash but there is an on-site ATM machine. Brothers Cannabis also offers a full virtual tour online that helps you prepare to shop and feel more at home when you visit the store. The shop is small but cheerful and clean.


Brothers Cannabis Club finds some of the coolest pot products around to share with its customers like Vitonic infused cannabis vitamin drink, cannabis coffee and cannabis elixirs. The club is also known for its popular strains like hybrids J-1, Northern Lights X Cheese and Gorilla Glue #4. On their website they offer a full photo gallery so you can see what each strain looks like prior to making a purchase. This kind of familiarity is not only beneficial in an educational sense but it also helps empower first time customers who are unsure of what they are looking for. The site also offers a variety of resource sheets to help educate ganja fans.

Some flowers you can find at Brothers cannabis Club include Kosher Tangie, White Romulan, Blue Trinity and Nightmare Cookies. Prices can be found online but the store should be called prior to making a trip if a patron is interested in a specific strand. Some concentrates that the shop sells include Chem Sour, Shark Shock, and Obama Kush. From chocolates to almonds, lozenges to taffy, the shop also has all of the edibles you could ever want. Call for availability before leaving the house unless you simply want to browse or try something new.


Brothers Cannabis Club is located at:

3609 SE Division ST 

Portland, OR 97202. 

The shop is open daily from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, with the exception of Sunday, during which the shop opens at 10:30 AM and closes at 8:00 PM. To reach the store, please call (503) 894-8001.


Most customers have left positive reviews about Brothers Cannabis Club, with an average of 4.8 on Leafly. Colin Cable says, “Loudest loud in town. Friendliest bud tenders and very knowledgeable staff with great suggestions and compassion. A go to stop anything you are in Portland.” Seth Lion left the review, “Best prices on C02 vape cartridges in town. Great selection of edibles and flower!”




Tree Hacks: DIY Ways to Improve Your Marijuana Experience

Some pretty good tips and tricks to make your high better.

Did you think that DIY was only for homemakers and carpenters? There are all kinds of life hacks and some of them apply to the ganja! Here are some nifty tips to help you enjoy your pot a little better.

Vacuum Trick

Spill your buds all over the carpet? It always sucks to lost any weed but you don’t have to just chalk this up to a loss. Instead, you can cover your vacuum cleaner extension with a soft t-shirt and run it over your weed. The vacuum suction will pick it up and it will stick to your t-shirt! Then you can easily scrape it off and smoke it as you normally would, but you might want to make sure there are no pet hairs in it first.

Slow Down the Burn

If your cigs burn too fast, here’s a great tip to slow them down: Cover your spliff with honey or maple syrup! Do it lightly; you don’t want it all gooped up. Next, roll it in some herbs that are freshly ground and, if you like, brown it in the oven for five minutes. Not only will it burn much slower to help you savor and make your product last, but it will also add a pleasant flavor that you can try and alter with different herbs each time if you like. Fun!

Clean Your Pipe

A clogged pipe can be so frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. A simple bobby pin will loosen it up and help you shake it out. You can use the bobby pin to clear the ash out of your bowl as well. An actual pipe cleaner also works to clean your pipe—imagine that!

Avoid the Munchies

If you tend to gain weight (and don’t want to) while smoking pot, you might want to either smoke before a meal or suck on mints while you smoke to help you curb the cravings. 

Keep Your Pot Fresh

If you are worried about light ruining your stash, line your jar with black construction paper to help keep it fresh.

Don’t Spill Your Bowl

If you are prone to spilling your bowl, you can always put a CD over your bow to keep the edges of the bowl protected. The center of the CD will still give you access while the weed stays protected. 

Pass the Weed

If you need a crutch to help support joints you pass around, cut up Christmas cars and use them. This makes them 

Hiding Your Stash

If you are traveling with someone or you want to hide your stash in your car for any reason, there are some tips that can help you out. You obviously don’t want to hide your weed in broad daylight or on the outside of your car, but the closer to the center of your vehicle you hide it, the better. That’s the place that is least likely to be checked. The main tip, though, is to really know your car. Every car has tiny places in it that could work if you just know where to look for them. The general rule that some people follow is that for every 15 minutes it takes you to hide your product, it will take the person looking an hour to find it. 

Stay Hydrated

Your lips, that is! Many pot smokers know to keep lip balm handy with their stash because they can get dried out so quickly. You can also keep hard candies or mints to suck while you smoke to keep your mouth tasty and safe from drying out as well as some shades to make sure any red-eye is covered up.





(WASHINGTON) Pot Shop Profile: American Mary Recreational

Seattle, WA's own American Mary is serving up some pretty great weed.

According to American Mary, the shop is “Seattle’s number one recreational marijuana dispensary. Browse our menu of over 45 strains of premier cannabis flowers, joints, concentrates, and edibles. And be sure to check out our wide selection of new glass, grinders, and vapes.” The shop features a number of rotating specials and competitive prices for new and old customers alike. Knowledgeable staff is on hand to answer any questions, recommend different types of products and help you understand both what you are buying as well as its effects. The shop also features free parking.


Some of the buds that you will be likely to find at American Mary Recreational include hybrids like Dragon, Cherry Blossom and Cookie Wreck. Indicas like Cherry Pie and Kimbo Kush are also available. Be sure to call before going if you are in the market for a specific strain, or you can just visit to browse and try something new.

Concentrates at the shop range from Bubblegum to Double Lemon Cheesecake to Afghan Hash. There are variety packs of prerolls as well as flavors like Tahoma Time Bomb, Sour Apple and Galactic Glue. Some topical products that you can find at American Mary include sensual oils, muscle melts, and various lotions. Edibles range from capsules to chocolates, brownies to cookies, syrups to tinctures, lemonades and other goodies. Like any shop, you’ll also find gear at American Mary. Some of it may include lighters, dishes, adapters, sniff jars and papers.

Weekly Specials

On Minnie Mondays, if you purchase an eighth, you can get a mini pre-roll special. You must inquire about the special in order to redeem the offer.  During CO2 Tuesdays, you can get 10% off all of the CO2 oils or top shelf 3.5 g’s. There is 10% off all wax products on Wax Wednesdays, 10% off all day on Thursdays for women on “Ladies’ Night,” and on Fridays all edibles that are at least 100mg are 10% off. All grams of wax are 10% off on Saturday Shatterday and Sundays, which are known as Super Bowl Sundays, all purchases over $100 receive a top shelf gram bundled with their order.

Some specials also run on a daily basis. A gram of wax is $30 every day while quarters run for $50 every day.

Location and Hours

American Mary is open seven days a week. On Sunday through Tuesday the shop is open 11 AM to 9 PM and on Wednesday through Saturday it is open 11 AM to 10 PM.

The store’s number is 206-547-7833. It is located at:

321 NE 45th St.

Seattle, WA


American Mary rates an average of 4.7 stars on Leafly. User franklinrosas says, “Friendly service, fair prices and fire avocado!” Krender says, “It's all been said before. But I will say as a person who has only experienced shops for the past two months that this is my favorite store. Attentive staff that seems to really care and they tend to remember their customers very well and alert them to deals and new arrivals. Wish i still lived in U district so I could visit all the time. ”




(WASHINGTON/OREGON) Producers: Mirth Provisions

Mirth Provisions sells legal and medical pot products in Washington and Oregon

“Enjoy; it’s legal!” That is the motto at Mirth Provisions, which sells products in Oregon and Washington. Mirth Provisions is the source of yummy legal pot-infused sparkling tonics and sprays that are popular choices among pot aficionados. Tonic flavors include Rainier Cherry, Lemon Ginger, Pomegranate, and Cranberry CBD. New coffee mocha is also sure to become a big hit.

The company is highly active on Twitter where it shares a number of ways to enjoy your tonics and sprays, whether it’s with breakfast, a snack or something completely different. Pair your Legal with a bagel or your Monday morning coffee and you are good to go, says Mirth.

Legal Sparkling Tonics

Mirth Provisions stresses that their tonics are much more than pot sodas. The elixirs all feature their own unique intended feelings as well as fun ingredients. Rainier Cherry, for example, is an “elixir of fresh cherry juice and pure cannabis extract,” and it contains fresh Washington cherries and locally grown cannabis to produce a “clear-headed, focused high,” while Lemon Ginger is a “delicious fusion of tangy lemon and spicy ginger is so ridiculously relaxing that you may find yourself becoming one with your furniture.” The concoction features local cannabis extract combined with fresh ginger and lemon juice to give you “a powerful body buzz and a smooth, freeing head high.” 

Mirth says that their tonics are different from your typical sodas for three main reasons. The products feature all-natural ingredients, which many sodas cannot boast. The blends also offer consistent effects due to their careful mixology. Finally, they also arrive bottled and ready for drinking so customers do not have to measure or mix any ingredients. 

Drift Sprays

The sprays are describes as follows: “There’s nothing else like it. Drift is a fast-acting sublingual spray that gives you the ease of a vape pen without the smoke.” They are quickly becoming a favorite product as it can be carried around easily and discreetly. Mirth suggests carrying your spray, known as Drift, to the concert, party or bar while you’re out enjoying a night on the town.

Drift is used by spraying the product beneath your tongue. To get the desired effects, be sure to hold it there for at least 30 seconds. A subtle high will develop since each spray only contains 1.6 mg of THC, but that means that you can build the feeling you want as you get to know your own needs and the effects of the spray on your body. Every bottle of Drift that you purchase contains 100 mg of THC that comes from locally sourced pot. Sprays are infused into an organic, cold-extracted peppermint oil for a pleasant, cooling sensation.

Where to Buy

To find out if your store sells Mirth Provisions products, be sure to visit the Find Mirth page on the company’s website. Some of your favorite shops such as Dockside Cannabis, The Green Door Seattle and Uncle Ike’s all carry Mirth Provisions products. 


Mirth Provisions can be called at 360.519.7783 or emailed at hi@mirthprovisions.com.






(WASHINGTON) Pot Shop Profile: Highway 7 Recreational Dispensary

Highway 7 in Tacoma serves legal and medical marijuana.

Tacoma is home to Highway 7 Recreational Dispensary, your source of legal recreational pot and a five-star experience. Staff members at Highway 7 are knowledgeable about their products and ready to answer any and all questions you have, whether you are a newbie trying out pot for the first time or a seasoned smoker who is looking for a particular strain to enjoy. “To ensure this, we hire employees that are always kind, courteous, patient and extremely knowledgeable on all of the products and strains that we carry to always ensure you have a great customer experience every time here at Highway 7.” Whether your needs are medical or recreational, the people at Highway 7 are ready to help.

The shop is well-lit (heh) and products are arranged artfully and tastefully. In addition to flowers, the shop carries a wide variety of edibles (brownies, teas, cookies, candies, etc.) and even your favorite marijuana sodas. When asked what sets their shop apart from the rest of the local dispensaries, Highway 7 replies, “It's the fact that we sell to you, the consumer and "patient", recreational pot at the lowest price possible. Why? Because we here at Highway 7 recognize that Cannabis Sativa is a medicine and that all people who need it should have affordable access to it. This is another reason that we stay open 365 days a year including all major holidays.”


Guests will find a wide variety of flowers, edibles, concentrates and topical at Highway 7 Dispensary. Some types of flowers that you may find at the shop include ACDC, Berry Headband, Blue Ox, Charlotte’s Web and Gelato Terp Sugar. A few of the concentrates that may be available to you include Allen Wrench, Concord Grape, Hammer Shatter and Cherry. Some of the shop’s most popular edibles include cookies, granola and caramel chews among many other candies. There are also topical products to choose from, such as pot-infused lotions. Be sure to call and check before visiting the store to ensure your product is available.


The shop averages 4.5 stars at Yelp. Reviewer Tyrell T. says, “They have good quality buds. Recently purchased $25 1/8 and I was amazed how good the bud looked and fresh. They also have daily specials…” Christina A says, “Best recreational shop I've been to in Washington! I have been to many rec shops here in Washington and this is by far my favorite. You will get the best quality for your dollar here! The prices are unbeatable. I am always very satisfied with the quality of flower and love all the people that work here. They are very friendly, and give you many options to choose from.”


Highway 7 Dispensary is located at:

7046 Pacific Avenue South, Tacoma, WA 98408

The shop is open seven days a week, 365 days a year from 8:30 AM to 11:30 PM, making them one of the most convenient dispensaries in the area. The shop can also be reached at (253) 302-4192 or emailed at info@hiwy7.com.







(WASHINGTON) Pot Shop Profile: Margie’s Pot Shop

Bingen WA's best legal weed dealer!

Looking for a medical or recreational marijuana shop in the Bingen area? Margie’s Pot Shop is a medical and recreational community-centered location that is considered the first shop in the area that operates beneath the new rules.  Owner Margie Lemberger says she is proud to be one of the first retailers in the state to offer legal, state-inspected and approved pot for sale to citizens of Washington.

Between fun smoking accessories and various types of weed, Margie’s Pot Shop has everything you need to enjoy your marijuana. Margie is very knowledgeable about her products and can recommend anything you could want or need to enjoy your pot. The dispensary has an ATM on site and is ADA accessible. 


Some of the most common varieties of pot that you’ll find at Margie’s Pot Shop include Tommy Chong’s God Bud, Jedi Kush, Chocolate Chunk and other popular strains of indica plans. If you are in the market for a hybrid, you might want to try a flavor the shop carries such as Dutch Treat, Pink, Marion Berry or Bluniverse. Some of the favorite sativa plants that Margie carries include Green Crack, Blue Dream, Jet Fuel and Super Silver Haze.

The shop carries a good variety of flowers as well as capsules, candies, vape pens, oils, chocolates, tinctures and creams. There are plenty of bongs, oil rings and vaporizers for you to peruse as well. She has some really cute smoking accessories, such as elephant and seahorse-shaped creations. Prices start at $10 per gram for larger products and range up to $15 per gram for gram-sized packs. Ounces run up to $270.


Margie has run many different deals in the past. Call to inquire about any current deals at the shop. Some past deals have included $25 for an eighths, pipes for $10 and free water to customers on hot days. Some other specials in the past have included select waxes for $40, an oil vape pen for $45 and a vape cartridge for $21. Every day there is at least one pre-roll going for a special of $5 at the half gram size for shoppers.


Margie’s shop is located at: 

405 E. Steuben / SR14

Bingen, WA 98605

The store is open seven days a week from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. 

Phone: 509-493-0441

Be sure to call in advance to see if the strains you are looking for are currently in stock. If you need to write the store, you can do so at: 

P O Box 431, Bingen, WA 98605

You can also email Margie at margiespotshop@gmail.com


Most reviews of Margie’s shop are positive. strawberrycougher says, ““his place is my favorite shop in the gorge. Great prices, Great people and awesome atmosphere. Now if only I could be employed here so I can hang out all day.”nelsondegrie74 says, “This was an awesome shop head over today stop in spend some time cause they have lots to choose from!”




(WASHINGTON) Pot Shop Profile: Clear Choice

Clear Choice Tacoma WA Legal Weed Review and Chat!

Pot lovers who are in the market for the most pristine, upscale pot in the Tacoma area may want to play Clear Choice a visit. The shop, hailed as the “most trusted cannabis retailer” in the city, carries, “local, pre-tested, clean and effective Cannabis flowers, oils, derivatives, extracts, topicals and fantastic edibles and have a tremendous selection of strains including many high CBD strains.” The store is also well known for its extensive collection of one of a kind designer glass pieces from Functional Glass Art. The shop maintains that there is a piece for every person but you have to stop in and witness the beauty yourself.

The staff at Clear Choice is fully available during every hour the store is open to provide every customer with the most accurate and helpful information no matter the time of day. The shop is also ADA Accessible and features ample parking. All cannabis is pre-tested, clean and found to be highly effective prior to it being placed on sale. The company also prides itself on featuring many high CBD strains for your enjoyment.


In addition to premium recreational cannabis and concentrates, you will find vape cartridges and edibles at the shop. Some cartridge brands that you are likely to encounter at the shop include Prohibition Brands, Zoots, Mirth Provisions, Sitka, Green Brother Farms and many more. The shop carries flowers from Big Wreck, Bay Pie, 1 Up Farms, Artizen Cannabis Company, Daddy Fat Sacks, Blue Roots, Fireline, Devil’s Lettuce and many other sources. 

Some edibles that the company carries include pebbles, breath spray, rocket chews and breath strips. Tinctures are available as are caramels, hard candies, mints, teas and lemonades. While you can find your traditional candies at the shop like chocolate squares, bars and other delectable treats, you will also discover quality, high end edible products for a refined palate. Various pre-rolls are also available at Clear Choice Cannabis, such as hybrid blends from Avitas and Caviar Gold and a wide variety of Green Vault products.

Deals and News

Be sure to subscribe to the Clear Choice Newsletter to keep informed about store events, new products and specials as they are available. Subscribe to the company’s Facebook and other social networking pages in order to remain up to date on various specials and company news as well.


Clear Choice can be called at 253-444-5444 or messaged through their website. The store has a page on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest. The shop is located at:

8001 S Hosmer St, Tacoma, WA, 98408

Sales are conveniently offered 8am – 12am | 7 Days a Week.


Customers rave about Clear Choice Cannabis. Nina N. says, “You guys are awesome! I’m so glad you’re located in the heart of Tacoma. And I must say I love all the parking available!” Jeremy C. says, “Clear Choice Cannabis is by far the nicest retail cannabis store I have ever been to. Lots of products and great service!”