More Pot Use Does Not Mean More Teen Pot Use

Marijuana Use has not increased due to legalization.

One of the main arguments that many naysayers use against legalizing pot is that its legal status will lead to teens abusing the drug illegally. Even if the argument were a valid one, would teen abuse of pot be worse than teens abusing alcohol or cigarettes? Nobody seems to care about that point, but there’s new evidence to prove that it’s not even a valid concern to begin with: increased use of legalized marijuana has not led to an increase in teen use.

On the contrary, teens today report being unable to find weed compared with the rate of their predecessors. Only two decades ago, high school students who were surveyed said that over 90% of them would have no problem finding some pot to buy, while 82% of sophomores and more than 50% of 8th graders reported the same ease in locating a seller. Today, only 34% of 8th graders say the same thing, as did 64% of sophomores and 81% of seniors in high school.

Some theories as to why these kids can’t find weed anymore when it’s legal up to a point in almost half of the United States are circulating. One is that the kids are just liars, and another is that they are too busy to smoke these days what with their gaming, countless activities, homework pressure and jobs. No matter the reason, if the results of the survey were honest counts, suffice to say teens are at least not able to find and purchase more pot just because it’s now legal in many places.

The survey did not include how many teens actually use pot, so that’s not necessarily a causation but a mere correlation; even so, it’s another piece of evidence to support legalizing weed that goes against one of the most common arguments used against it in the first place.

Other evidence, however, has supported the claim that legalizing pot will not lead to an increase in teen use. In July of 2016, a survey found that there has been no increase in teen use of pot despite the legalization and increased availability of the drug in the state. The rate of teens admitting to using pot remains fairly high at 1 out of every 5 in Colorado, but that number remains unchanged from the rate prior to legalization. Around 14% of teens in the state say that they’ve used drugs without a prescription at some point in their lives, which is actually lower than the average across the nation.

Of the teens surveyed who say that they have used weed, 11 percent say that they got their drugs from either their own medical marijuana card or someone else’s. Most, however, said that they were either given pot by someone or “obtained it in another way,” which accounts for a variety of ways of obtaining weed without medical marijuana. The same stats prove to be similar in other states where legalization has occurred.


HO HO HO Holiday Gifts for Your Cannabis Lover

Buying holiday gifts for the stoner in your life has never been easier (or cheaper)

The holidays are quickly approaching, but have you already checked off everyone from your shopping list? If your cannabis lover(s) remains unchecked, this nifty guide should help you in selecting the perfect gift for Christmas, Kwanza, Yule or any other holiday you celebrate with your friend or family member.

Aunt Sandy’s Medical Marijuana Cookbook

Whether your loved one uses marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes, this is the book to have if they want to create their own edibles. In the book, your loved one will learn all about infusing oils to cook with pot to make not only the typical sweet treats that you regularly associate with weed, but some common comfort foods that are even more comforting with the presence of the ganja! From Buffalo wings to everyone’s favorite, macaroni and cheese, this book will teach exactly how to make the best pot-infused dishes.

The Stoner’s Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are on lots of people’s wish lists this year, but did you know that you can order your friend or family member a coloring book made especially for stoners? It’s got over 40 highly imaginative illustrations that are ripe for coloring—especially while stoned. There are fanciful pictures of penguins wearing sunglasses and grinning yogis to color, giving your favorite stoner hours of fun throughout the season.

Fast Green Hand Clean

If you have overheard your friend complaining about how hard it is to get sticky resin off their stuff (or even themselves), Fast Green Hand Clean from Hazel Parker needs to go in his or her stocking stat. Not only is the substance all-natural, it has been safely tested and proven to remove resin without any harmful effects. It’s also great at removing gum, tree sap, and even roof cement safely! Each bottle contains 1,000 sprays and does not require use with soap and water for effectiveness. 

Bamboo Rolling Boards

Sure, you’ve got friends who roll joints right on the table, but you know that they can do better. That’s why they should get a bamboo rolling board from Rolla. Not only is it made from 100% organic bamboo to ensure both safety and freshness, but they also have space to contain your friend’s rolling papers, grinder and other necessities. They have a variety of boards to choose from and you can even order a shredder in your friend’s favorite color to complete the set.

Pot-Themed Cookie Cutters

Just in time for holiday baking, you can give your buddies some pot leaf-shaped cookie cutters for a memorable gift that they can use and reuse at any time. Choose between a bong, a leaf or a mini leaf, or you can order the entire set, which comes with some bonus free stickers.

Hemp-Infused Topicals

Whether your friend is a lotion lover or just loves to try new bath and body products, try something infused with hemp this year. Little Homestead Farm makes their own cannabis-infused soap, but you could make your own or ask your favorite budtender for recommendations. 


DUH: Majority Supports Legalizing Pot

The majority of the US population believes marijuana should be legal.

Recent data suggests that most Americans fully support legalizing cannabis for medial use, recreational use, or use for either reason. A recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University suggests that 54% of Americans are in favor of legalization. One of the coolest things about the data is that it shows that political party has little to nothing to do with the fact that the individuals support legalizing the drug. In fact, groups in which the majority surveyed support marijuana legalization include Democrats, Republicans and Independents as well as men and youth. Out of all of those surveyed, the majority supported both marijuana use for medical conditions as well as its use to treat vets with PTSD.

Some notable names have lent their support to the marijuana movement. Most recently, President Barack Obama said that he believes that pot needs to be legalized and regulated much like tobacco and alcohol. While his words are somewhat of a comfort, many are angry that he waited until his last few months in office to reveal this stance in a Rolling Stones magazine article. He said that the debate for legalization is now ripe within the nation and that law enforcement agencies cannot sustainably maintain a system in which laws vary by county or state regarding the drug’s use. “Typically how these classifications are changed are not done by presidential edict but are done either legislatively or through the DEA. As you might imagine, the DEA, whose job it is historically to enforce drug laws, is not always going to be on the cutting edge about these issues,” he said. He also reminded readers that pot is now legal in about a fifth of the country. 

Former presidential candidate Hilary Clinton previously expressed support for legalizing medical marijuana. Weed has plenty of celebrity backers. Some stars that have advocated for legalizing the drug include Miley Cyrus, Whiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Bill Maher, Willie Nelson and Susan Sarandon. Whoopi Goldberg, who uses pot to treat her own headaches, speaks highly of her vaporizer pen and is working on medical marijuana to help with period cramps, and actor Seth Rogen is another big vocal supporter of the drug. Singer Rhianna is developing her own brand of pot known as MaRihanna. 

Woody Harrelson, who was arrested for possession in 1996 after planting help seeds, is on the board for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. He was also one of the first people to attempt to start up a medical marijuana facility in Hawaii.  Singer Melissa Etheridge says that she utilized cannabis to help her get through cancer treatments. She is planning on creating her own cannabis-infused wines to sell. Alanis Morissette says that she utilizes medical marijuana as well. Additional influential celebrities who have vocalized support in favor of legalizing pot include Jack Black, Rick Steves (who speaks on behalf of legalization at various events) and the Dalai Lama, who is in favor of using the drug to treat illness and injury.




The "Ins and Outs" of Cannabis-Infused Lube

The sticky icky... helps you get sticky icky?

 Sex and weed—the two go together like peas and carrots for some people, but what about implementing weed-infused lubricants into the bedroom routine? Given that lotions, soaps, massage oils and other personal care products often contain marijuana, the fact that it can exist in lubricant form should not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with topicals. As with any topical, cannabis-infused weed can enhance your pot experiences when used properly.

Can you get a good high by using cannabis-infused lubricant, during sex or otherwise? The short answer is no, especially when used as intended. Its effects will likely remain in the region it was applied—and if you are a long-time weed smoker, you may not even notice the feeling as much as you would with your buds or oils. That said, some people have sprayed cannabis lube into their mouths and reported feeling high afterward. This is not recommended unless advised on the product label, even though some products are likely safe for ingestion—particularly those that have been cleared for oral sex.

Users report that cannabis-infused lubricant makes the vagina feel more relaxed during intercourse if anything. Some report that it increases the strength of orgasms as well. If you are using lubricant for its relaxing effects, keep in mind that it can take up to 30 minutes to work. 

Cannabis-infused lubricant is used in the same manner as any other lubricant you might purchase. You can spray it on, pour it or apply it manually. It may cause a warming sensation that is unlike the same kind one can experience from warming lubricants, given that the warmth is more internal than external. 

Some users of cannabis-infused lube might worry that it will make them smell, well, dank. That’s just not the case. In fact, some lubricants feature additional oils to make them smell more pleasant, but the more natural ones that are simply hemp-based do carry a slight potty odor. Users describe it as being more herb-like than anything, so it won’t crimp your bedroom style.

Matthew Gerson, the creator of Foria, says, "No one just smokes pot anymore; there are all these super-refined ways of doing it. Soon I was introduced to oils. So, being from the world of condoms and sexual health, when I heard oil, I immediately thought of lube. I used coconut oil in Foria because it's a really good one for feminine hygiene. It happens to mist really well." Foria is meant to be used as a “pre-lube,” sprayed on up to an hour before sex. It is also vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free. 

Keep in mind that oil-based lubricants cannot be used with condoms. You can make your own cannabis lubricant with a combination of cannabis-infused coconut oil, shea butter and sunflower oil, although the first ingredient alone may work for many people. It can be prepared in a Magic Butter machine or crock pot at home.



The Hottest Pot Strains Available Today

The strongest legal weed strains available!

Whether you are looking for something new and interesting to try or you are just starting out on your pot adventure since your state has legalized it, it is always fun to check out what the latest popular strains are like. Every year more and more strains are developed, resulting in new, interesting flavors and effects. Now that weed is becoming legal in more states, more celebrities are even jumping onto the wagon, developing their own strains under their professional brands. Here are just a few strains from 2016 to make sure you try.

Margaret Cho’s Chem Cho-G

Available from the Natural Cannabis Company, this flower is very lemony with the taste of summer and citrus.  The sativa strain is considered to be highly potent and great for managing chronic stress. Chem Cho-G is rooted in San Francisco’s OG Kush but it also has hints of sour diesel and earthy pine. Reviewers rate the strain highly, saying that it is smooth when used with a vaporizer. “This is a great, heavy hitting strain. It smells sweet, sour, and wonderful. A really nice night time strain,” says one reviewer.

Pink Cookies

If you are a fan of Girl Scout Cookies (the pot, not the sweets, although you can absolutely love both), you have to give Pink Cookies a go. Developed in Washington, Pink Cookies have a THC content of 27.9%. The strain, an indica hybrid, is considered one of the strongest available for purchase, is actually a descendant from Girl Scout Cookie cannabis. Want Girl Scout Cookies mixed with Cherry Pie? Pink Cookies will do, but you can also ask for the Wedding Cake strain for the flavor. Leafly says that the strain is a “delectable treat” that “is rich with tangy sweet earth and pepper.”

Jock Horror

Its name is unfortunate. It sounds like something terrible that happens after you play football every day for a week. Luckily the flavor and effects of Jock Horror are anything but. While many pot smokers want to chill, others seek the vibrant boost of vivaciousness that some strains can provide and this is one of them. The popular flavor combines Haze, Skunk and Northern Light for a strong, energetic high. According to The Junky G, “The majority of users enjoy this variety's awkward, but ultimately fulfilling, flavor.”


Another case of a product with a deceptive name, Hemlock in this case does not refer to a witchy herb used for poison but a strain of pot from the Colorado and Arizona areas. A cross between Durban Poison and LA Confidential, it’s almost completely split between sativa and indica, giving smokers a joyous feeling of euphoria. The THC content, which is at 21%, probably has a lot to do with that. In addition to happiness, hemlock helps improve your focus, and medically it is used to treat stress and pain. The earthy, woody pot is also helpful in managing symptoms of depression for some medical users.





(California) Pot Shop Profile: Harborside

Harborside in san jose and oakland offer great service and marijuana selection.

A medical cannabis dispensary and wellness center, Harborside is a nonprofit organization located in California. Locations are available in San Jose and Oakland. It is well-known as the largest medical cannabis dispensary in the United States with over 200,000 patients. It is a pioneering facility that was the first to not only assist vets and elderly people who require medical marijuana, but they were also the first to truly support children with illnesses that could benefit from medical marijuana, including those with Dravet Syndrome. 

Steve DeAngelo, who founded Harborside in 2006, is also the founder of Steep Hill Labs, the first marijuana testing lab in the nation. The mission of Harborside is “to help build a world that lives by the values that cannabis teaches us.” The company exists within several tenants, such as “Kindness over cruelty,” “Change over status quo,” and “Generosity over greed.” According to the New York Times, “Harborside, a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary with locations in Oakland and San Jose, California, is looked upon as a model of how others could operate." Harborside even delivers to patients in the local vicinity. 


Like many dispensaries, Harborside offers a huge online menu for consumers to choose from. It’s always a good idea to call to ensure that the strain or product that you are interested in is in stock by calling before visiting Haborside, but some of the strains you might expect to find there include Indica hybrids like Barry White and Banjo SG, Sativa hybrids like Frankenstein OG and Chem Fruit, and CBD varieties like Lemon Remedy and Durban Cookies. Products are Sun Grown, Clean Green Certified and CBD-rich. 

Some of the concentrates that are likely in stock include Ganesh Wafers, Bubbleman, Golden Drop and Banana Pie. Edibles available from Harborside range from chocolates to baked goods like brownies and cookies to candies. The shop carries THC coffee, cheesecake, egg nog, mango lassi and many other delectable treats as well. Need a new cartridge? Try varieties like Trainwreck, Skywalker, and Black Lime Reserve. 

Each shop also features a variety of specials at any given time, such as chewy edibles for just $5. Check the website or call in advance to check on any available specials.


Unlike many other dispensaries, Harborside focuses on a membership program that fosters community and service. Through the membership program, individuals may have their purchases delivered for free, participate in free on-site holistic health services like reiki, yoga and meditation, and pick up orders that they order online from home if they prefer. Members must have a doctor’s recommendation and be citizens of the state of California. Seniors may also obtain a 15% discount off of products available.


Harborside Oakland:

1840 Embarcadero

Oakland, CA 94606

10am - 8pm daily

(888) 994-2726 x3

Harborside San Jose:

1365 North 10th St

San Jose, CA 95112

10am - 8pm daily

(888) 994-2726 x4

For contacting the company only:

Hours: 10am - 6:30pm, 7 days/week

(888) 994-2726 

(888) 99Harborside



Top Legal Ganja Baked Treats

Legal Weed brownies, cheesecake, pies, and even lemon curd to get you baked.

 The “special brownie” is the most-used trope when it comes to pot edibles, but there is no denying that baked goodies that feature THC are, well, delicious, and why wouldn’t they be? That trope is well rooted for a good reason. Eating pot-infused baked goods is a favorite way to get high, and these top baked treats should be sampled by any lover of baked marijuana goodies.

Sure, you can bake your own—and with numerous recipes out there for you to try, it’s easier than ever to whip up something with pot butter in your kitchen. But trying one of these beloved goodies from a professional baker should make your ganja bucket list sometime soon.

Rainbow Nerds Lemon Curd 

If you’ve never heard of Chronic Desserts, you are in for a glorious treat. Not only does the company sell a huge array cupcakes, but they are also home to ice cream cookie sandwiches, cookies, doughnuts, cereal bars and pretty much any kind of cannabis laced treat you could ever want. They have fruit pies, fruit bread loaves and even nacho cheese dip! Out of all of the company’s cupcakes, the Rainbow Nerds Lemon Curd is one of the company’s most famous treats. The cupcake features a unique lemon curd filling and a whimsical rainbow nerd topping. It also includes a THC component ranging from 120 to 480mg. 

Churro and Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

Just the words “churro” and “whoopie pies” conjure the ooey, gooey comfort of fresh baked goodness. Courtesy of Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles, these yummy goodies were designed to help vets who suffered from PTSD and now are available to the masses. Veterans are still supported by the business as well. Not a fan of whoopie pies? You can also sample the company’s cake pops and brownie bites. The company has grown so well that the treats are now available in over 40 locations, so if you are in Southern California, you are probably within driving distance to one.

Pumpkin Pies

Combine your favorite holiday treat with your favorite pastime and what do you get? A cannabis-infused pumpkin pie from Sweet Grass Kitchen. The Colorado kitchen hand-forms each shortbread crust with careful attention to detail before filling each pie with fresh pumpkin custard. Rich, full flower canna butter is used to make every pie. Not a huge pie fan? Try the company’s melt in your mouth buttermelts, snickerdoodles or peanut butter and jelly cups.

Canna Cheesecake with Raspberries

For many people, cheesecake is the end-all. It is the dessert of the gods. At Green Ticket Bakery, it is also a cold-water hash-infused treat, doubling your pleasure. These natural baked goods can be delivered to local patients, which makes it much more convenient for medical marijuana users who are homebound due to illness or injury. Green Ticket Bakery, which is located in San Francisco, was also founded to help people manage their conditions. The company only utilizes flowers from local growers to help stimulate the economy while it provides delicious cheesecakes. The preservative-free menu also includes delectables like brownies, oatmeal raisin cookies and cereal bars.


Pot is now Legal in Eight of the United States

Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington have legalized marijuana consumption.

While the 2016 election left many citizens of the United States reeling in its aftermath, some people have much to celebrate—including cannabis lovers. Eight states allow both recreational and medical marijuana use in the United States. Altogether, more than half of the states have at least partially legalized marijuana and even more states have passed decriminalization laws. We hope those numbers continue to expand until marijuana is no longer classified as a Schedule I drug by the federal government.

Schedule I drugs are considered substances that not only have zero medical use but also have a high potential of being abused. Given that many doctors actually prescribe marijuana for medical use, it is ludicrous that the drug remains classified as a Schedule 1 substance. Its status should be changed immediately.

Complete legal use of cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes is now available to people in the states of Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Although Congress has blocked its sale, its use is also legal in the District of Columbia. Even Guam and Puerto Rico have legalized marijuana for psychoactive medical use. It is only a matter of time before the rest of the country follows suit.

Some predict that Arizona will be the next state to legalize marijuana for both recreational and medical use. While its ballot measure failed, the failure margin was so minimal that it is likely that it will pass in the near future if and when the issue is raised again.

Hawaii is also expected to follow suit, given that the state has a long history of medical marijuana dating back to 2000. Citizens of the state also generally support both the legalization and taxed regulation of the drug, which has already demonstrated huge benefits for the states that have legalized pot.

Although not quite in the running to legalize use of marijuana anytime soon, many also predict that Texas and Tennessee will soon decriminalize the drug. This is due to the fact that many cities within the states—including Memphis—have recently decriminalized it and it is expedient for the rest of the state to do so. The topic of decriminalization is on the agenda for the 2017 lawmaking year in Texas, so residents should find out soon if it will become a possibility.

Some states have seen expansions of their current laws occur as well. In California, residents may now grow up to six pot plants in addition to possessing up to an ounce of marijuana (ages 21 and up). Some states are already facing opposition regarding their new laws—with Maine as a notable example—but hopefully forward thinkers will be able to triumph and continue to enjoy the benefits of legal marijuana without too much opposition.

In many states, such as Alabama and Wisconsin, using marijuana recreationally—or sometimes at all—remains a felony. As citizens realize that their rights are quite different from those in neighboring states they will begin to fight for the right to use cannabis as they wish without legal ramifications—especially when they realize the tax benefits. In states like Kansas, Indiana, and Kentucky, where pot possession is considered to be a misdemeanor, the same realization should soon occur. As complicated as the laws are by state, it would be a boon to the country if a federal measure would simply legalize its use and sale across the board, generating enough revenue to help every state while simplifying the laws and regulations for law enforcement and saving incarceration costs in every state.




Your Pot Bucket List

Check out these ideas to take advantage of your legal weed!

So weed is finally legal in your area. Congratulations! While you may be eager to sample some of the best pot products or apprehensive about where to begin, the good news is that your options may soon be endless. You may want to start making a list of all of the fun things to try when it comes to pot. 

Get out your pen and paper to create your Ultimate Stoner Bucket List! Not sure where to begin? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Sample a little bit of everything. Never had a shatter, edible or blunt? Never tried a bong? Venture out there and find out what you like best. It may surprise you.

Share a joint with someone you love. It’s an intimate experience that can connect you even more deeply. Try a smoke kiss, if you want. Just make sure to have his or her permission first!

Go to a legalize pot protest. Hey, it may not even be needed in your state anymore, but it’s got to be done, and who else is going to make it happen? Everybody should get to ride the ganja train and when other states refuse to jump on board, they don’t just act like fun sponges for the whole world—they also make it harder for us to travel with our own weed, so…

Grow your own weed. If it’s legal to do so in your state, you have to try this. Not only is it a cool way to have your own stash at home, but it’s also an eye-opening experience that helps you see all of the work that goes into making quality pot. It is much more than a skill. It is an art, and if you can master it, more power to you.

Cook an edible. You know about the “special brownies” stereotype associated with stoners, but did you know that actual cookbooks exist to help you produce them as well as other incredible canna butter treats? You can make just about any goodie you want with canna butter. Look up some recipes and try one out.

Get high in nature. Find a beautiful spot (that’s safe) and someone to enjoy it with, then see it from a whole new perspective.

Make something while you are high. Don’t make something with a power tool, but do get out your instruments or art supplies and see what your high mind comes up with. Will it be Beatles worthy? Who knows. Knowing them, it’s highly possible. Paint something, sketch something, strum something. Just do it to see if it’s any different from what you would normally create.

Try a vaporizer. Many pot lovers say this is a completely different experience that cannot be missed. Vape pens are also considered a safer way to smoke, given their filtration systems.

Try pot internationally. Traveling somewhere where weed is legal? You have to try it. It may be an entirely different experience than you are used to at home. You can even try to smoke weed in two places at once if you straddle the line between the Netherlands and Belgium…

Eat something crazy. Many potheads enjoy a treat or two during their high. Who doesn’t get the munchies? While you can eat something before smoking to help ward them off, you can also totally submit to them and do something crazy, like build a Scooby Doo worthy sandwich complete with stacks on stacks on stacks of your favorite bread, meats, cheeses and condiments. Even if it’s totally illogical it will be a memory that you’ll keep forever. Probably.



(Colorado) Pot Nursery Profile: Good Chemistry

Colorados Good Chemistry is a GREAT legal weedx business.
Whether you are interested in flowers, concentrates or other ganja products, Good Chemistry is a great place to check out in Aurora. Good Chemistry takes its production quite seriously. “Bringing the finest cannabis into the world is a labor of love and exceptional skill,” the company insists. “It requires dedication, heart, long experience and a fanatical attention to detail. And a relationship to these remarkable and varied plants so deep and respectful that we happily recognize that we need them just as much as they need us.”

At Good Chemistry, plants are grown within an “ideal union between passion and science.” The company maintains that you just can’t throw light, water and nutrients at the plants and grow quality products. That is because cannabis is different from other crops that are grown for sale. It requires not only experience but a deep commitment to nurturing thousands of flowers into potent, quality buds, and Good Chemistry ensures that their team includes individuals with over 20 years of committed experience.

The Good Chemistry Difference
What sets Good Chemistry apart from other growers and sellers? The company is known for honoring the ancient qualities of pot while incorporating modern techniques and cultivation tactics into their products to provide customers with the most quality, respected products with the most innovative cultivation and curing methods available through modern technology. They utilize climate control, careful trimming and attentive practices to surround themselves with the bright colors and crystalline resin glands of cannabis in order to provide their customers with the finest products available. 

Good Chemistry Menu
Some varieties that Good Chemistry carries include Lemon Skunk, LA Cheese, Hindu Kush, Green Ape and Earth Star. The nursery carries over 60 products, with flowers and concentrates grown right at the company’s nursery. Some concentrates made at Good Chemistry include Cold Water Cash, Dry Sift and Rosin. Additional products, like topical and edibles, are also available as sold in the company’s shops. 

The shop does carry pre-rolled joints for those interested as well as fun edibles. Some favorite edibles that the shop carries include Blue Kudu products, Dixie Awakening mints, Colorado Cannabis Company Capsules and other varieties. Peach gummies from WANA are sold there, as are sour gummies. The shop also has Pure CBD Cheeba Chews for those craving a strong effect.

News and Events
The Good Chemistry Company keeps a blog to ensure that customers are always up-to-date on their latest information. From awards and charity events to specials and company movement into new territories—such as its recent branching into Nevada—you can find all of the latest company updates at the blog. The company’s inclusion in the HERB.CO list of 10 Gorgeous Dispensaries to Visit is also linked from the blog.

Store Hours and Location
16840 East Iliff Avenue
Aurora, CO 80013
(303) 745-2420

M–F: 8am-9:45pm
Sat: 8am-9:45pm
Sun: 8am-9:45pm

Holiday Hours
Thanksgiving 8am-3pm
Dec.2nd close at 7pm
Christmas Eve 8am-8pm
Christmas Day 11am-5pm
NYE 8am-8pm
NYE Day 12am-9:45pm