(Oregon) Product Review: RSO by Suburban Gardens

Rich Simpson Oil was originally designed for cancer patients, but it is now available in recreational pot shops.

I kept hearing people saying “RSO, RSO, RSO. It’s amazing! It treats everything! It treats cancer, it treats neurological disorders, it treats seizure disorders, it treats pain and insomnia. It will make your life better!”  For those unfamiliar with this acronym, RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil, and it is made by reducing cannabis in a solvent solution, concentrating the cannabinoids into an oil that is ingested. When I first received my OMMP card last year, I decided to try some.

I bought this particular RSO made by Suburban Gardens for $30 last summer from my neighborhood dispensary. I only use it for sleep, especially when I am treating pain and insomnia at the same time. The RSO is perfect for that. I believe the recommended dose is about the size of a grain of rice. I’ve gotten more than 40 doses from it, and some of them were pretty sizeable doses. This is a great value, and incredibly effective medicine.

It works incredibly well for the symptoms I am treating. The effects are physically relaxing in a deep way. I put a little bit of oil on a cracker or a piece of bread, and within thirty minutes I feel very comfortable. Within an hour I’m in a deep sleep that continues through the night. 

This cannabis user is completely sold on Rick Simpson Oil. I am also grateful that pain and insomnia are the most severe issues I am treating with the RSO. Whether or not it can actually cure cancer, I don’t know. But I do know that these are exciting times, and because many of the laws are changing around our favorite plant, real scientific research on its medicinal benefits is gathering momentum. The results are looking promising for cannabis.


Product Review: Glass Bong by Special K

Beautifully design. Practical and affordable. This bong is a work of Eugene Oregon Art!

I bought a new bong this week. I also realized that now when I am in a head shop looking at bongs, I can actually refer to them as bongs. I can still call them water pipes, but I can also call them bongs now, if I want to. Because smoking The Marijuana out of a bong is now legal in Oregon, as long as I do it at home. So that’s pretty cool. Bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong. 

This glass water pipe, or “bong,” if you will, was blown by a Eugene-area glass blower that goes by the name Special K. The 1 and ½ -foot green smoking piece (with a little red spot) looks kind of like an old, antique vase. That’s what made me buy it. For all I know, it might actually be a reconstituted old flower vase. I am all in favor of reusing and recycling, especially if I can do it while smoking weed. 

My new Special K water pipe works great. I broke it in with some stinky outdoor Sour D that a friend grew. Right at this moment I’m taking some bong rips from a mixed-bowl of Cherry Cheese and Green Crack. Tonight I will put myself to sleep by packing it with some ReCon. This bong has personality. I think I’ll name him Larry.

I picked this one up from Santa Clara Smoke Shop for $35. However, I just discovered that Special K recently opened his (their?) own store. I’ll definitely check it out soon. You can expect a review on Ganjarama.com.


Store Review: Oregon Medigreen

Getting Legal weed in Oregon is easy and FUN! Oregon Medigreen is as well!

I enjoy vising new dispensaries. It is a pleasure buying cannabis from nice people in a cool shop devoted to my favorite thing: legal marijuana. And because I spent almost a decade working in the food & beverage industry, and in sales, I really appreciate dispensaries with great customer service. That is why my new favorite pot store is Oregon Medigreen

As soon as I walked in, I felt at home. The person at the front desk was sunny, friendly, and conversational, immediately put me at ease as I sat in the waiting room’s comfortable chairs. The product room is small, with the feel of a cozy, neighborhood pharmacy, with personalized customer service. Jeffrey the Sunday budtender provided excellent customer service, and gave thoughtful, helpful advice in choosing some new strains.

I went home with a couple grams of new strains that I will be returning to. I enjoyed the Blue City Diesel, which I found to be a relaxing smoke with a great taste, that doesn’t knock me out or put me in the couch. I also tried a gram of Mac n Cheese, which, I swear, smells very much like the powdered cheese in boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese. It also packs a big, cheesy punch, and is excellent for pain. Also, with my OMMP card, as a first time patient at Oregon Medigreen I got a free, 1 gram, pre-rolled joint of Gorilla Glue #4. I walked out with a smile on my face that got bigger as soon as I got home and took my first puff of Blue Diesel.

The flower I purchased at Oregon Medigreen was of excellent quality, at a reasonable price. All of their flower is “grown by patients who are also growers with many years of experience.”
Oregon Medigreen is in a tucked-away location in the Townhouse Plaza (#112) at 6th & Lawrence in Eugene. I discovered it on leafly.com, and I’m glad I did. I will be going back soon to explore their selection of edibles!


Product Review: Dave’s Space Cakes

Space cakes, originally found in Amsterdam, can now be found legally in Oregon.

I’ve always wanted to try space cakes, ever since I first learned what they are. It must have been in High Times where I first read about space cakes being served in Amsterdam coffee shops. As a young stoner, living deep in the heart of prohibition America, I dreamed of vacationing in Amsterdam. I saw myself exploring the city, visiting all of the different coffee shops, eating space cakes, and smoking a little bit of every strain of marijuana available. Ever since Oregon legalized marijuana a couple years ago, that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing with my weekends. Minus the canals, of course.

While recently visiting one of my neighborhood dispensaries, I noticed a container on the edible shelf with a label that said “Dave’s Space Cakes.” I knew immediately that I had to try them. “Dave” makes both recreational space cakes and medical strength space cakes. I chose the medical strength, because it is always a better value. 

The medical grade space cakes have almost 100 mg. THC per container, with two small cakes containing close to 50 mg. each. I almost always choose Sativa edibles when I have the choice, because most Indica and Hybrid edibles put me immediately to sleep. That’s just how my physiology rolls. Since the medical space cakes did not indicate which kind of strain was used, I had to assume it was an undetermined Hybrid strain, or a mix, so I decided to eat it close to bedtime.

I took half of one space cake (approximately 25 mg. THC, and 0.0 mg. CBD). The taste was great, like a really dense little brownie, with a slight herbal/medicinal aftertaste. It affected me as I had predicted. I was asleep within an hour of eating the space cake. However, between the time the cake took effect, and the time I finally dropped off to sleep, I enjoyed the effects tremendously. I experienced a complete and full body buzz, with a nice cerebral high that made my thoughts trip out in a way I would have enjoyed if I could only stay awake for it. But that’s just me. Hybrids knock me out.

These chocolate cannabis cakes would be perfect for spacing out to good music in a dark room, or watching a good movie with the lights out. 

I have discovered that I am a big fan of space cakes, and I didn’t even have to go to Amsterdam.


Product Review: Cascadia Herbals Strain Specific Tincture

This Cascadia Tincture will get you legally high.

I recently stopped eating sugar, except for the occasional marijuana edible chocolate or gummy. I’ve considered trying a tincture to replace the edibles, to get completely off sugar for a while. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find a strain-specific tincture, so that I would know just what I’m taking. When I saw the bottle of Blue Dream tincture by Cascadia Herbals, I made an impulse buy.

The Blue Dream strain is high on my list of all-time favorite, Sativa-dominant, cannabis strains. I enjoy the euphoric, heady high tremendously. Each dose of this medicinal tincture (3 squirts under the tongue), has 10.4 mg. THC and .05 CBD. I took five squirts for recreational purposes, approximately 17 mg. of THC.

The flavor was sharp and tangy, with a slight sweetness, and a strong medicinal flavor. Not unpleasant, but quite noticeable. The bottle says effects will begin after approximately one hour if tincture is swallowed, but closer to fifteen minutes if the tincture is held under the tongue. I decided to experiment with the latter, and held it under my tongue for as long as I could before swallowing.

Cascadia Herbals website says that their mission is to “provide high quality, clean, safe, and consistent cannabis products to Oregon.” It also describes their unique extraction process, “Our unique, super-cooled, ethanol based process is non-toxic and yield amazing cannabinoid and terpine profiles. Ethanol has been used for thousands of years to extract, deliver, and preserve plant medicines.”

The effects from the tincture definitely kicked in quicker than edibles do. The feeling I experienced was very heady, less of a body high than I was expecting. But I felt floaty and euphoric, just like I would expect with Blue Dream.

Strain-specific edibles are the future, my friends.



(OREGON) Farm Profile: 2 Vices Farms

2 Vice Farms was started a year ago by Sam Elkington and Tony Cross. Sam would regularly go to drink beer at one of the Filling Stations Tony owns. That was where they met, and started to talk more and more about partnering up to grow quality medical marijuana. After kicking around the idea for about year, they decided to move ahead with the partnership. They formed 2 Vices Farms and began growing excellent cannabis on Tony’s land near Eugene.

Sam, who also owns Eugene dispensary Track Town Collective, has been growing cannabis for eleven years, and brings his extensive growing skills to the team. He never uses pesticides, everything he grows is organic. He feeds the plants with compost tea. Tony is the infrastructure of 2 Vices Farms. He provides the land, and builds whatever they need to help with growing. Tony’s wife, Gail, does most the paperwork and organization, and also helps out in the garden. It is a small team, and a very productive partnership.

Although Sam grows many different strains, including Girl Scout Cookies and Orange Sherbet, this season 2 Vices Farms specialized in Sour Diesel. Their outdoor Sour D was tested at Oregon Analytical Services, showing a 26.55% THC content. I love a good Sativa, and have been smoking their Sour Diesel for the past week. It is stinky, tasty, and very strong. It will be available for purchase at Oregon dispensaries, including Track Town Collective, Going Green (Albany), and Rip City Remedies (Portland).


(OREGON) Pot Shop Profile: Puddletown Organics

Portland's favorite organic weed store!
If you are in the market for some medical or recreational marijuana in the Portland area, you need to check out Puddletown Organics. Located on Powell Boulevard, Puddletown not only has the coolest dispensary name of all time, but they’ve been in business for three years, so they know their stuff. Locally owned and operated, Puddletown prides itself on knowledgeable, friendly staff, using local growers and vendors, and its spacious show room. They like to say, “Welcome to Puddletown Organics. When it rains, we’ve got strains!”

Any person with a government-issued ID who is 21 years of age or older or any individual with a medical marijuana card is welcome to shop at Puddletown. The shop stocks edibles, topicals, flowers, tinctures, concentrates and more. One of their best specials is a free gram to all new medical cardholders with a $10 flower purchase!

8201 SE Powell Blvd. F
Portland, OR
Phone: 503-558-6321
Hours: Sunday through Saturday, 9:00 AM to 9:50 PM

Specials and Deals
Puddletown offers medical marijuana card holders a special during their first visit to the shop. If they spend at least $10 on an order, they are able to receive a free gram as long as that purchase was made in buds.
Another customer favorite is the $24 deal. This deal is for specific eighths for a limited time, which include Purple Hindu Kush, Lemon Sour Diesel, Columbian Hash Panther, and Harle-Tsu.  There’s another special where you can buy four eighths for under $30.
During the Daily Deal, you can simply mention the phrase “Daily Deal” in order to reap the benefits of a special price on flower products.
Snapchat Special: To get a special on Snapchat, you can take a picture of the company’s ghost on the website and add it to your Spapchat friends list by its code. Then you can get exclusive deals to Snapchat users only.

Most reviews for the Puddletown shop are positive, with an average score of 4.7 out of 5.0 on Leafly from over 1,000 users. User Vulpeka says, “I was really on and off about this store but now they've earned a customer for life. They are really helpful and full of tips, the selection is awesome and full of plenty of concentrates, edibles and flowers. There are also pipes and some dab equipment but not as much as a glass shop. This shop is accustomed to giving out gifts every now and then and the two that I've gotten are really cool and I cherish them. Thank you for the free dab stick. This place is a must go.” Stoneygirl88 says, “Great staff, great product, nice prices!”

Flowers at the shop range from Hazy Train to Lemon Kush to Quad Dawg. Prices on the website do not include tax, so please keep that in mind. Always be sure to phone the shop before making a trip if you are after a specific strain. Some concentrates at the store include Lemon Pineapple Shatter, Og Kush Live Resin and Sunset Sherbert.

A wide range of edibles can be found at the shop. You may find cheese crisps, chocolate bars, macaroons, sugar cookies, medicated candies, gummies and many other fun items. Some pre-rolls that the store sells may include Terra Canna’s Hawaiian Dutch, Durban Poison or Lemon Alien Dog. Some of the different types of topicals that the shop may carry when you visit include pain sticks, lotions, transdermal patches and soaking salts. You can also find dab mats, bongs, grinders, rolling papers and many other items at Puddletown.

Extreme Weed Trivia and Facts

Get to know more about this Millennial favorite.
Maybe you like to enjoy weed from time to time, but how many cool facts do you know about the drug? Sure, you may know that George Washington grew pot on his farm, but most people grew hemp back then. Did you know that the first thing sold online was a bag of weed? Stump your friends, create a trivia game or just add to your vault of fun but sometimes useless knowledge with these extreme weed facts and trivia answers.

Washington’s Pot
Yes, George Washington grew pot. Lots of Americans grew it before it was illegal, given that it was a handy crop to use for clothing and textiles, let alone smoking. But old George smoked his pot and historians believe that it was to help relieve dental pain the first president experienced. When people speak of how the Founding Fathers might want us to live, perhaps they should add “stoned” to the list.

Many people cited Henry Ford as the shrewdest businessman in American history. If more CEOs paid their workers enough to afford their own products, the country’s businesses would all be booming. Ford manufactured a car than ran off of hemp ethanol, and knew that alternative fuels were a great idea, saying, “There's enough alcohol in one year's yield of an acre of potatoes to drive the machinery necessary to cultivate the fields for one hundred years.” Heavy lobbying from petroleum companies and the government, among other things, ruined Ford’s dream of running vehicles from renewable materials like hemp.

Grow This Pot or Else
People in the early colonies had no choice about growing pot. Settlers of Jamestown were actually forced to grow it in order to provide for the colony. It makes sense that they grew pot to build ship sails, rope and other necessities instead of cotton since pot grows back much more quickly, takes fewer resources and provides more per square foot in terms of acreage. Of course, it may have been a bummer to colonists who didn’t feel like growing it, since it was against the law to refuse. 

Most people focus on urine tests when it comes to being tested for drugs for employment or other purposes, but many companies are turning to hair tests, which are much harder for people to get around. Hair tests can detect marijuana in your body for up to 90 days, giving you much less time to be “clean” for a test. It is nearly impossible for random drug testing, too. Only 1.5 inches of hair is necessary to complete the test, so body hair can also be used. The only way to avoid a hair test completely is to shave your body from head to foot, eliminating all hair. 

The First Online Sale
Students at Standford were the first people to complete a transaction online, and that transaction was a pot sale. In 1971 they orchestrated the sale through the school’s Arpanet accounts. Even kids at Stanford know what’s important in life.

How does Weed effect the body?

Marijuana can effect your body in a number of ways - from appetite to critical thinking.
Most people should know by now that although pot can have some negative effects on your brain and body, the truth is that it’s more benign than some legal drugs, like cigarettes and alcohol. Given that it is the most popular drug in the world and there are very few deaths associated with it (and those that have been recorded are typically due to engaging in foolish behavior while under the influence anyway), you have to wonder just how harmful it can be. The problem, of course, is that research on pot has been severely limited due to the drug’s illegal nature. The U.S government still classifies marijuana as Schedule I drug, which is supposed to be reserved for the most dangerous drugs. While that must change (and hopefully soon), there are some real effects of pot that you should know about.

Magnified Thoughts and Perception
The cannabinoids in pot make everything seem more intense, colorful and even larger than life, depending on how pot affects you personally. These effects are part of what makes smoking pot so much fun (especially if you’re watching cartoons) but they are also what makes it dangerous if you’re operating heavy equipment, a motor vehicle or, say, performing heart surgery. That’s why it’s important to smoke during your off time when you either have a designated driver or you’re at home. Even playing sports can be risky. High doses, of course, can even cause paranoia and such vivid hallucinations that induce feelings of terror, which is why it’s always important to start with a little and find your own tolerance level, the same rule you should follow with alcohol use. It may also cause a slowed reaction to time as a result.

Shiny Happy People
There’s a reason why hippies are associated with peace, love and dope. The three go hand in hand. If you’re a stoner or you know someone who enjoys weed regularly, you might already know about the calming effect of weed. Marijuana produces feelings of euphoria and relaxation, which is why it’s great for some forms of anxiety, treating various illnesses and even helping people sleep. While this stems from the production of dopamine,  it’s also important to remember that these same effects are produced by eating lots of sugar or taking in caffeine, which are perfectly legal.

An Appetite
Yes, pot deserves its reputation for giving you the munchies, but it doesn’t always work that way. In fact, you may not even get hungry depending on several factors. The level of food cravings you experience varies depending on how strong the strain of pot you are smoking is and how much of it you smoke. 

Mild Effects
Some people who smoke pot experience shallow breathing, dry mouth and dizziness. Just like in the movies, you can also experience red eyes and dilated pupils, which seems to be a dead giveaway for stoners in many teen movies. Most of these are temporary but if you experience any for a prolonged period of time you may want to stop smoking, smoke less or talk to your physician about smoking before trying weed again.

Long-Term Damage
Light marijuana smokers usually suffer no long-term damage, but those who smoke heavily can experience similar problems to cigarette smokers, including respiratory damage, possible schizophrenia risk and difficulty fitting in with society (which may or may not be problematic, depending on the individual and how he or she doesn’t adjust). Some memory and concentration issues can also occur, but in short-term use they are not considered lasting or long-term risks.

Pot Pranks

These epic pranks took pot "tom foolery" to a new level.
While it’s never a good idea to prank someone by stealing, replacing or hiding their weed, there have been some funny and classic pot pranks over the years. From pranking pot smokers to using the word pot subjectively, there are all kinds of ways you can pull a marijuana prank on your friends and community members. Use common sense while you plan your prank. You may want to take a page out of these great pot pranks.

“Seriously, this is the best pot!” They are words that sound like they could come from Donald Trump but the guys at Public Prank went around a mall, asking random people if they’d like to buy “a little pot.” Naturally everyone is just flabbergasted to hear the phrase until they realize they are talking about a liberal pot for cooking. It’s hilarious to see the reactions of the people around them, particularly when one pretends to be an FBI agent and confiscates the little saucepan. “Hey man, have fun with that. I made so many chicken noodle soups with that thing!” The best reactions, of course, come from law enforcement. The video is online for anyone to watch. Try watching it stoned (if it’s legal in your area) for some extra fun.

The young actors in the film Stand by Me had pot and pranks going hand in hand during filming. While they may not have always been at the same time, actor Corey Feldman says that actor River Phoenix was with him when he smoked his first joint. Wil Weaton says that the quartet of tween and teen actors used to set off fireworks, arrange furniture at the bottom of a hotel pool and pull off other pranks. Jerry O’Connell reminisced that the fireworks were one of his favorite parts about that time period. Unfortunately both Feldman and Phoenix struggled with harder drugs later, Phoenix losing his life to them. With such tragedy attached to the film it’s comforting to know that the actors did enjoy their time together while filming one of the greatest coming-of-age films of all time.

On New Year’s Day in 2017, the Hollywood sign made the news when it was revealed that a prankster changed the giant sign to read “Hollyweed” instead. Although the 30-year-old artist who pulled it off, Zachary Cole Fernandez, put lots of effort into the prank, he eventually turned himself in to the police, facing possible jail time for his vandalism. This was not the first time that the sign was changed to reference pot, however. In 1976 when California changed the law to render pot possession as a misdemeanor rather than a felony, another artist and activist, Daniel Finegood, changed the O letters to Es, too.  While authorities are puffing about public safety over the obviously harmless prank, many citizens are having a chuckle over the homage, which they find appropriate after the state voted to decriminalize pot.