Things to Know About Weed and Your Rights

Know your legal weed rights!


You already know that you have to be 21 to buy weed where it’s legal. You also know that each state has its own laws about whether or not you need a medical card, if it’s okay to grow pot or not and other specific laws. But there are always new laws passing and rulings being issued that change the way we smoke, depending on where we live and if we don’t want to face a fine or worse! Here are some recent weed rulings that you need to be aware of if you’re going to indulge in pot in the areas in which they pertain.

He Who Smelt It, Gets to Search It

Yep, it’s sad but true. If cops in Maryland smell weed in your car, they can search it without a warrant even though it’s been decriminalized in the state. Why? A court of appeals ruled that since decriminalization is not the same thing as legalization, pot is still a banned substance in the state, so police officers can search if they smell it in your car. This presents multiple issues, of course.

What if you’re wearing perfume, lotion, or been exposed to someone else smoking pot at a party? You can’t help the way your car smells, yet it suddenly gives the police cause to search your car? Probable cause should consist of something a little more substantial than “smell.” One time the neighbors called the police on us because they smelled pot and guess what? It was incense. The cops were sheepish about it after we let them in but COME ON. Smell?

This issue came up because the new law in Maryland states that you get fined for having more than 10 grams of pot on you. Lawyers were arguing that if cops can’t prove you have more than that amount, they shouldn’t be able to search your car without other evidence present. Sounds reasonable enough! As many have pointed out, however, due to the Patriot Act and many other laws, the Fourth Amendment has been hacked at so much that it doesn’t protect us against unlawful searches and seizures anymore.

Leggo My Weed-o

Bad news for people who are caught with weed by cops in Colorado. It may be perfectly legal to smoke weed in the state, but if cops pull you over or take your weed on suspicion of other charges, they confiscate it, right? Well now they don’t have to give it back. Apparently the police officers were complaining that they had to store too much weed from such altercations, so the state’s Supreme Court heard the case and ruled that it can be destroyed.

The logic behind the case is such bull, too: the cops claim they can’t prove who it belongs to when they seize things like plants. Wow, then how do you use it in an investigation at all if you can’t properly label it, folks? Sounds like a flimsy excuse to keep some weed to me.


(WASHINGTON) Pot Shop Profile Grass & Glass

Grass and Glass in Lake City, WA's favorite legal weed store.

When you’re looking for pot in Lake City, one of the best places to visit is Grass & Glass. Priding itself on its knowledgeable staff, Grass & Glass features an updated, daily online menu for your shopping convenience. The store features an on-site ATM (and accepts only cash) and free parking. The shop carries flowers as well as many of your other pot needs. Like any other pot shop in the area, Grass & Glass enforces the rule that all patrons must be at least 21 years of age to enter the shop and make purchases.

According to Grass & Glass, “Whether you need to fill a pipe, feed a bong or roll a joint, we have the high quality product you want whenever you need a smoke break. Whether you are from the neighborhood or have flown into to visit Seattle and checkout the legal weed industry, Grass & Glass! in Lake City is only 15 minutes from downtown Seattle and always has a wonderful selection of the best products in the state.”


You can find Grass & Glass at 14343 15th Ave NE, Suite A Seattle, WA 98125. The shop is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to 11:55 PM and Sunday from 10 AM to 10 PM. Give them a call at 206-367-1483 to find out if they have a product you are looking for. It’s always a good idea to call before you leave if you are searching for a specific product.


No matter what product you are after, Grass & Glass likely has what you need for all of your marijuana needs. From flowers to edibles, glass to pipes, the shop carries a wide range of products. Concentrates like Scooby Snacks, Blue Dream Sugar Wax, Orange Kush and Pineapple Express can be found at the shop, as can dozens of other varieties. For just $5 you can get edibles like the 420 Bar, teas, chews and more goodies. There are also peanut butter cups, truffles, snow balls and other treats for sale.

Some brand you may encounter at Grass & Glass include Harmony Farms, Magic Kitchen and Northwest Cannabis Solutions. You can get pre-rolls at the store for as little as $8 on select varieties, and some flower varieties like Cheese, Girl Scout Cookie and Golden Ticket also start at $8. Others, like Blue Dream and Green Crack, start out at $10 and up. Others, like Blue Fire and Cherry Sherbert, begin at $12 per gram.


Great Ganja Gifts for Valentine’s Day

You can have your legal pot on Valentine's Day - and everyday!

It’s coming up, folks. It’s the holiday you either love or dread, often depending upon your Facebook relationship status that particular year. Valentine’s Day can be a fun time even if you’re single and dating, but it’s usually most fun for lovers who want to get together, get naked and smoke some weed. Or dance under the stars and smoke weed. Or build a fort, toss in some glow sticks and smoke… you get the idea. If you’re the kind of ganja-loving couple who enjoys exchanging gifts, here are some great ideas for Valentine’s Day this year.

Duh. This is a no-brainer. See if your favorite shop has any V-day deals going on. They will probably have great specials on edibles, especially chocolates, but even some pre-rolls will make your sweetheart smile (eyes glazed or not). Can you get marijuana infused chocolates in a heart shaped box? 1. Yes, depending on where you shop and 2. You can always either make your own or use a heart-shaped box and fill it with weed goodies.

Weed Undies
Whether you want it on a thong, boxers, boy shorts or PJ pants, there are weed clothes out there for every personality. Some of these are sexy and some are silly, but if you are a dope loving couple, chances are there’s something you’re going to love for sale this Valentine’s Day.

Cannabis Candle
Who doesn’t love a good candle? Cannabis candles are available with different scents and colors to suit your sweetheart’s personality and unique desires. Get a couple to light on your special night.

Cute Bong
Even if you don’t use bongs often, how cute are they! A heart-shaped bong, a pink pretty design or any other kind of fun device would be a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

Yep, you can get him or her some pretty roses, lilies or other flowers, or you can get an actual pot plant for your love to take care of and harvest when the time is right. If you’ve never grown weed before this could be a really fun couple’s project to work on together.

Lotion or Lube
Cannabis lotions and lubes are the best! Not only do they usually smell amazing, but they also help you get in the mood your way. Between Foria lubes and oils to hemp lotions and more, there’s bound to be something you haven’t tried yet. Get something and add a box of weed infused chocolates and a vibrator for the ultimate romantic gift basket.

Weed Jewelry
OK, marijuana leaf necklaces and such are cute but they’re also a little overused, don’t you think? (You have to wonder why it’s always the same pot symbol when there are so many gorgeous buds out there that would make prettier tokens.) Try giving your sweetie something more unique, like a weed-inspired ring. Better yet, try something that’s useful, like a bracelet that doubles as a pipe. Boom—two gifts in one. You’re the best bae ever.

Awesome Cannabis Twitter Feeds to Follow

If you’re on Twitter, you know how addictive the social media giant can be. From photos to videos, funny memes to great deals, it’s hard to look away when everything’s right there in your face in 140 characters or less, amirite? If you are a ganja lover, you have to make sure you’re following some of the best pot sources online on Twitter. Not only will you stay in the loop about pot laws, news and legalization, but you can also find great deals, photos of the coolest new buds to try and the funniest pot jokes on the Internet. Don’t believe us? Try one or all of the following awesome cannabis Twitter feeds.

So Baked

Follow So Baked with the handle @IamSoBaked for the funniest pot pics, memes and photos online. With over 55,000 followers you know they must be doing something right! You won’t just find pictures of paranoid-looking dogs and videos of people who are high and acting weird, though. You’ll also see some gorgeous bongs and photos of things like weed-infused donuts that are oddly beautiful. Yes, there are even some trippy optical illusions to help you enjoy the day.

The Cannabis Boulevard

Known as “a lane for all things cannabis,” @CannabisBlvd offers a daily peek at just that. This is where you’re going to find some beautiful photos of different types of buds every day, which is not only a feast for your senses but also a great way to make a list of strains to try as you scroll through. Look at lovely close-ups of favorites like Gorilla Glue and Lime Kush or snicker over pictures that blend the buds with goofy backgrounds, resulting in images like cannabis asteroids! You’ll also see some cool pictures of wax.

Weed Life

@LifeWithWeed is the place to get your laugh on when it comes to all things weed. Think a cat surrounded by balls of hash sounds funny? How about optical illusions, goofy GIFS and celebrity photos? Weed Life is the place to see them all and more. The feed has also shared videos of things like the inside of a greenhouse, which is pretty interesting to see, too.

Marijuana News

This is your source for all pot-related news, whether it’s new laws, news stories, or cool new studies. At @WeedFeed you can stay up to date on all of the latest states that are legalizing or decriminalizing pot, the regulations that vary state by state and of course new products as they become available on the market. And yes, there’s some funny stuff shared too because, come on, it’s weed.

Marijuana Policy Project

If you’re all about getting pot legal everywhere, the MPP is where it’s at. Use @MarijuanaPolicy to stay in the loop regarding the latest action alerts and opportunities to work toward legalization. The goal here is to end pot prohibition forever and to get it legal and regulated at the same level as alcohol.



A Romantic, Weedy Valentine’s Dinner

Valentines Day with legal weed!


You’ve got the gifts, the candles, the rose petals, the tunes. What about your Valentine’s Day meal? If part of your big V-Day plans includes getting stoned together, you’re in luck. The following recipes from The Cannabist will help you create a fun, romantic meal that you will both remember, and if you want to include canna butter or oil for some relaxing fun, be sure to do so if it’s legal where you live.

Stuffed Baked Potatoes

These potatoes are baked two ways (see what I did right there?). Start your meal off with this appetizer for something savory, delicious and easy to feed one another. These appetizers are not only cheap to make, but they’re also easy, and if you know how to make canna butter you’ve already won half the battle. Assemble some sour cream, scallions and cheddar, fry up some bacon and you can put these baked potatoes together in a snap before your lover comes home or visits for your big date.

Lemongrass Chicken Skewers

Let’s be honest: anything on a skewer is fun to eat, whether it’s a fondue dipper, Chinese food or these incredible lemongrass chicken skewers. If your sweetie has a thing for citrus, this is the recipe to go with. Given that you prepare them with stalks of lemongrass, they exude a fresh flavor that cannot be created with simple lemon juice. Greek yogurt gives your skewers tenderness while juicy peppers give it a crisp bite in between each layer of chicken for the perfect balance. For this recipe, you’ll use some basic canna oil to get the flavors you want.

Skirt Steak

Is your sweetie a true carnivore at heart? Skirt steak may just be the way to his or her heart this Valentine’s Day, then! This recipe for a marijuana-infused skirt steak salad balances the tender steak with the freshness of a chili-lime salad made with arugula, carrots, cherry tomatoes and Dijon mustard for a sexy meal that may lead to something more later. Canna oil and balsamic vinegar round this recipe out for a tangy, high-inducing finish. The chef recommends serving the dressing on the side so you can control how much you get, but you can also toss the salad just before serving if you prefer.

Frozen Trifle

Sure, it’s an early colonial dessert that sounds more at home in 1600 England than it does at your Valentine’s Day meal, but not only is dessert trifle delicious, but it’s also easy to infuse with cannabis. Make it frozen trifle and you take it to a whole new level! If you have canna butter on hand, all you need is some Greek yogurt, angel food cake, fresh berries and honey to make this sumptuous dessert that’s perfect for lovers.

Need something a bit simpler for a casual date? You can’t go wrong with a box of cannabis infused chocolates from your favorite pot shop. Find out what Valentine’s specials they have.


The Pot Sales Tax Conundrum

Making Weed Legal is just the beginning.,
Legalizing weed is beneficial to communities in several different ways, but the most popular way, especially in terms of naysayers, is in the tax revenue generated by marijuana sales. With over $1 billion raised in Colorado alone, the government can no longer moan about pot sales taking the nation down the tubes when its very tax revenue generated may remedy dozens of fiscal concerns. 

That said, there is a concerning trend that may cut tax revenue raised, and that is the continuing practice of reducing marijuana rates for drugs sold. Dropping prices result in dropping taxes, so while the cheaper product may make buyers happy, they may start to make the government grumble once more. In the past, states that legalized pot saw a quick boom of economic growth from taxes generated while buyers came out in droves to purchase pot before the spike later settled down as the business found its groove, evening out in both sales and taxes raised.

When both growers and sellers begin to price their products more competitively to attract the most business, the states stand to lose more from expected revenue they believed they had coming to them in projected estimates, resulting in a broken promise to taxpayers who pledged their support for legalization when they believed they had a huge amount to gain economically from the new legislation. In fact, many politicians run on proposed taxes for pot that will benefit something specific in the community. Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada has stated that a 10% tax proposed on marijuana in his state would go toward education costs as well as raises for state employees. As a part of the state’s economic recovery plan, it would raise the Nevada budget to $8.1 billion spent in two years, which is 11% more than the state previously spent in its budget.

Supporting the tax, the Republican governor remarked, “While I did not support it, I respect the will of the voters who did. I will ask regulators to limit the sale of marijuana products and packaging that appeal to children or may be mistaken for candy.” The state’s tax would not be imposed on medical marijuana sales.
States like Colorado, Maine, Oregon, Nevada, Massachusetts and Oregon who tie their taxes to the cost of the product may learn from possible revenue drops, electing to increase taxes on pot by other means (such as a per sale rather than per dollar amount in general). 

Still, states remain poised to prosper from any extra monies generated from marijuana sales, so shouldn’t any business be good business when it comes to pot? Given that pot sales in North America went up by 30% in 2016 and continue to grow as more states push for legalization, even if prices decline, increased usage will still result in generated funds. And in states like Colorado where a single joint can generate 15 cents of tax revenue, a steady stream of tax revenue is still sure to flow as the demand isn’t going anywhere.

Public Marijuana Use

Weed use in Public - how do you feel about it?
It’s coming. Public marijuana use may not be legal in most areas of the United States just yet, but between public pressure and standard logic, it will be eventually. Proponents of being able to enjoy weed in public make a huge point that cannot be denied: smoking remains legal in many public spaces. If individuals cannot opt out of being around secondhand smoke, why is pot any different?

The roadblocks to public smoking are varied, but the number one block is likely the fact that pot remains a Schedule 1 substance, giving it the same level of damage as heroine. Until this egregious linking is corrected, the chance of weed being destigmatized in public overall remains slim. Two things give proponents hope here: the continued legalization across the country as well as the studies being conducted on weed that were previously banned due to the restrictive laws on the plant. 

Proponents can also point to history being on their side as of January 18, 2017. This was the day that Denver began working on making it legal to smoke weed in public in the city. While it doesn’t allow smoking indiscriminately, it does stipulate being freely able to smoke in places such as yoga studios and art galleries. Under this proposed legislation, it would even be legal in coffee shops, a decision that would no doubt help businesses generate even more revenue in the area. 

Also known as social use, public marijuana use was voted on and passed in the city in 2016. Some stipulations made included that users must be at least 21 years of age and the drug cannot be smoked indoors, giving nonsmokers the option to avoid secondhand smoke as they might with cigarettes. Businesses that sell liquor will not be able to allow pot smoking on the premises as part of the legislation.

Approval of marijuana use by residents of each neighborhood may be required prior to allowing the new rule to go into effect in any part of the city, giving residents a bit of power in determining whether or not they have pot in their neighborhoods. There’s also the fact that businesses that allow pot use will remain unable to sell the drug, eliminating possible conflicts of interest, maintaining an ethical practice and attracting additional tourism in the city all at once. As such, patrons will be required to purchase and bring their own marijuana to enjoy socially at the venues who offer public use space.
While oppositional forces against the bill argue that there are no steps in place to protect patrons from smoking too much, they seem to forget that there are already laws in existence to regulate how much weed a person buys at any given time. Just as with alcohol, adults must be trusted to follow the law as it stands, facing penalties should any violations occur.

Once Denver has a long history of social marijuana use under the city’s belt, many other cities will soon follow suit.

MedSpoon: Your Source for Pot Recipes, Cooking Tips and More

MedSpoon serves an easy way to get your weed.
Ever wished that you could watch a cooking show totally devoted to pot? Sure, there are individuals who make videos from time to time, but an entire network would be nice. Enter MedSpooon, a website devoted to assisting you with your edible marijuana needs. Designed for both educating about cooking with pot as well as helping you share your own knowledge, it’s your one stop site for cooking with pot.

The backbone of MedSpoon is, of course, a plethora of recipes to help you become the world’s best cannabis cook. Sweet options like chronic crepes, lemon berry swirl cheesecake tart, oatmeal raisin spice cookies and even grilled pineapple give you a nice variety of desserts and craveable delectables to satisfy both your sweet tooth as well as your cannabis cravings. Drink recipes like Irish Cream help you relax with your weed in a drinkable form, while savory recipes for dishes such as Potzo Ball Soup (cute, right?), Chill and Laying Sea Bass and Gomer Bacon meet your caloric needs while simultaneously delivering the high you’re after. With a little practice and some Pinterest-level experimentation you’ll soon be whipping up cannabis meals and goodies with finesse.

But the site doesn’t end with just recipes. There are videos to help you make sure you’re carrying out your recipes correctly, giving you more confidence as well as the camaraderie of experienced cannabis cooks who’ve been there, know what it’s like to have to measure your THC content and can give you all the tips and tricks you need to be a successful chef. The details take out all of the guesswork and it’s the next best thing to having a personal chef instructing you right in your own kitchen.

You can actually select the recipes you like and create your own cookbook at MedSpoon. This makes it so much easier to return to the site time after time and find the recipes you are after without wading through a billion bookmarks or worse, going through every recipe again just to find one you’re after. You can also leave reviews for people to see when you use recipes, which is not only a fun way to interact with the site for you, but also a wonderful way to collaborate with your fellow cannabis cooks. Your own tips and tricks will help others learn the way to the perfect recipe, too.

MedSpoon doesn’t stop at cooking information. Additional site videos and pages give you the lowdown on all kinds of pot topics, from the history of marijuana, current and past laws about weed and what you can expect from the effects of cannabis after you consume it in your various recipes. If you’re one of those certificate or gold star chasers, you’ll love this: you can unlock achievements on the site under its achievement program to demonstrate how much you’ve learned or how much knowledge you’ve shared along the way. Who said that stoners couldn’t be high achievers? 



Dixie Elixers Quench Your Thirst and Cannabis Cravings

Dixie Elixers has your legal weed needs covered.
By triple-testing every single batch of product, carefully employing CO2 extraction and branding their products in sleek, beautiful packaging, Dixie Elixers has quickly grown into one of the most popular cannabis brands available in America, becoming a name brand among edible lovers in states like California where Dixie is sold. From chocolate bars to tasty elixirs, mints to “dew drop” infusions, Dixie has taken edibles to an entirely new level, satisfying customer cravings with some of the most innovative products on the market.

“Dew Drop” infusions are Dixie Elixers’ tasty drops that can be left beneath your tongue to take effects. They have a 1:1 ratio with both THC and CBD and come with an easy dropper to help you achieve absorption in the quickest way. With 50 mg of CBD and THC per bottle, they pack a punch and should be always used as directed. Designed to help relieve you of pain, inflammation and anxiety, Dew Drop infusions come in a wide variety of flavors that may differ in availability by state. Some of these include spearmint, ginger, vanilla, watermelon, and cinnamon.

If a refreshing THC infused beverage is what you seek, look no further than the elixirs made by Dixie. Their signature products, which are sold in Colorado, come in five fabulous flavors: Fruit punch, cherry limeade, lemonade and tea half & half, root beer and berry lemonade. Each bottle contains 100 mg of THC, translating to about 6 mg per serving. There are no artificial sweeteners or ingredients to worry about as each beverage is made with real cane sugar. Natural flavors and sparkling water combine to give you a tasty zing every time you open up an elixir. Many pot-infused beverages lose their sparkle once they’re opened, but Dixie Elixirs are made in bottles that not only retain their bubbles but also offer child-proof locks to give you peace of mind—and the ability to store your beverages in the fridge with the rest of your adult drinks.

Want a way to freshen up while you get your THC on? Try the company’s three different varieties of mints that are designed to give you full flavor, like orange zest, peppermint and mixed berry. Discreet packaging, a low dose of 5 mg of THC per serving and a total of 80 mg of THC per pack make these mints some of the most popular sold. Their blister packs are child-resistant to help protect your stash from unknowing, tiny fingers, and they deliver a quicker activation if you dissolve them beneath your tongue, much like the Dew Drop infusions. Natural ingredients like ginkgo, Siberian ginseng and orange oil deliver a vibrant, wakeful feeling when you need it with the energetic orange zest blend, while the relaxing peppermint formula includes ingredients like passion flower, mint oil and lemon balm to help you bliss out on the effects as they slowly manifest in your body and mind. 

Custom Rolling Papers for Your Business or Next Get Together

Custom Rolling Papers send a clear message - weed is king (and so is your business)

There’s a fun trend among pot smokers going on that involves custom rolling papers. You can get custom chocolate wrappers for birthdays and weddings, custom soda cans with your name on them—so why not fun rolling papers with your own logo, message or design?

Companies like The Rolling Paper Company are giving both businesses and social smokers a way to express themselves and represent their personal brand with personalized rolling papers in a wide variety of colors, logos and designs. Companies who want their brand printed on their rolling papers can order as few as 1,000 booklets for as little as $420 (of course), which includes the delivery price for the papers. This same rate is available to individuals who want to make their own papers, too, whether it’s for personal use or favors at a stoner wedding (how cool would that be? Imagine everyone blowing rings instead of bubbles).

Don’t want to spend that much? There’s a $25 sample package that you are welcome to purchase. While you can’t order your own custom logos on the sample package (that would obviously hurt the company with printing costs), it does give you a nice variety to touch and sample to ensure they are exactly what you want in joint papers. You get four booklets of papers in an order plus a pack of filtered tips, which isn’t bad for the price. In fact, the price is simply just to ship it to you; the company provides the samples themselves at no cost to you.

The papers included in the sampler include 14 gsm Bleached Wood Pulp, 12.5 gsm Hemp, 13.5 gsm Unbleached Wood Pulp and 20 gsm Bleached Wood Pulp. Each paper features a different vibrant design so you can see if you like how the papers look once printed.

Then, of course, there are companies like Roll Your Own Papers, which provide medical grade papers that can be used for any medical marijuana products you grow or sell in your business. Made with 100% organic, pure hemp and Arabic gum, the papers are chlorine free and certified by TUV SUD. Like The Rolling Paper Company, Roll Your Own Papers provides beautiful, vibrant printing for your custom papers, giving your joints a much more polished, professional look.

Roll Your Own Papers offers free mockups so you can get an idea of what your design may look like once finished, as well as free quotes for your final product. Custom booklets start at $285 including shipping, and you can get a free set of sample papers to check out if you pay $24.99 for the cost of shipping. Sample packs include several different designs that vary widely in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the company in producing your logo. The company also provides free templates for you to download as you plan your order before submitting it to the company. There is a 150 order minimum per order.