Awesome Cannabis Blogs to Follow

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We know Ganjarama is your favorite source for all things pot, but lots of us enjoy reading about the latest pot news and perspectives from a wide variety of sources. If you want to fill your blog reader with some great ganja blogs, here are some you may want to think about following. None of these blogs necessarily represent the views here at Ganjarama, but we find them interesting and think you might, too.

The Weed Blog

One of the best blogs to follow about all things weed, The Weed Blog will teach you about subjects such as bud rot in your pot plants, prohibition news, various smoking accessories and more. One of the best things about The Weed Blog is that it offers various discounts in its “Marijuana Deals Near You” feed, which can help you find the best deals on weed in your area. There are different topics you can check out, such as culture, news, global and prohibition.

Cannabis Culture

You may have already checked out the Cannabis Culture website, but did you know that they also have a blog where you can follow the latest news and views? The Cannabis Culture blog is full of humor, sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek wit. If you enjoy some snark with your news, this is the place to bookmark or add to your blog feed. In addition to fun commentary, vintage photos and humor, you’ll also find ways to take action at the blog in order to help decriminalize pot and end prohibition overall.

Mass Roots

If you need to be on the pulse of ALL things pot, all the time, then Mass Roots has the blog for you. From new dispensary news in states that legalize pot to how to find a good cannabis friendly doctor to how to get your medical marijuana cards, the blog covers just about every pot topic out there. They have a newsletter you can sign up to get in your inbox just in case you’re not big on following blogs, too. They also cover a bit of international news in addition to local U.S. stories.

Colorado Marijuana Blog

If you’re in Colorado and you’re looking for a blog that meets your local needs almost exclusively, the Colorado Marijuana Blog is the place to go. You’ll find some general topics, such as the health benefits of cannabis, dabbing techniques and why you should use coconut oil in your infusions, but you’ll also find Colorado-only news stories that are more specific to your personal needs. Some topics at the site include education, travel, 420 culture and health/science.

Growing Marijuana Blog

If you are all about growing, the Growing Marijuana Blog is the place for you to visit. You’ll find all kinds of tips and tricks for growing weed as well as some of the latest techniques and news regarding pot growing in the country. From the basics to hydroponics, you can learn all there is to know about growing and more.