Awesome Cannabis Twitter Feeds to Follow

weed twitter tweets to follow

If you’re on Twitter, you know how addictive the social media giant can be. From photos to videos, funny memes to great deals, it’s hard to look away when everything’s right there in your face in 140 characters or less, amirite? If you are a ganja lover, you have to make sure you’re following some of the best pot sources online on Twitter. Not only will you stay in the loop about pot laws, news and legalization, but you can also find great deals, photos of the coolest new buds to try and the funniest pot jokes on the Internet. Don’t believe us? Try one or all of the following awesome cannabis Twitter feeds.

So Baked

Follow So Baked with the handle @IamSoBaked for the funniest pot pics, memes and photos online. With over 55,000 followers you know they must be doing something right! You won’t just find pictures of paranoid-looking dogs and videos of people who are high and acting weird, though. You’ll also see some gorgeous bongs and photos of things like weed-infused donuts that are oddly beautiful. Yes, there are even some trippy optical illusions to help you enjoy the day.

The Cannabis Boulevard

Known as “a lane for all things cannabis,” @CannabisBlvd offers a daily peek at just that. This is where you’re going to find some beautiful photos of different types of buds every day, which is not only a feast for your senses but also a great way to make a list of strains to try as you scroll through. Look at lovely close-ups of favorites like Gorilla Glue and Lime Kush or snicker over pictures that blend the buds with goofy backgrounds, resulting in images like cannabis asteroids! You’ll also see some cool pictures of wax.

Weed Life

@LifeWithWeed is the place to get your laugh on when it comes to all things weed. Think a cat surrounded by balls of hash sounds funny? How about optical illusions, goofy GIFS and celebrity photos? Weed Life is the place to see them all and more. The feed has also shared videos of things like the inside of a greenhouse, which is pretty interesting to see, too.

Marijuana News

This is your source for all pot-related news, whether it’s new laws, news stories, or cool new studies. At @WeedFeed you can stay up to date on all of the latest states that are legalizing or decriminalizing pot, the regulations that vary state by state and of course new products as they become available on the market. And yes, there’s some funny stuff shared too because, come on, it’s weed.

Marijuana Policy Project

If you’re all about getting pot legal everywhere, the MPP is where it’s at. Use @MarijuanaPolicy to stay in the loop regarding the latest action alerts and opportunities to work toward legalization. The goal here is to end pot prohibition forever and to get it legal and regulated at the same level as alcohol.