Free Joints for Civil Disobedience

free joints

No matter who you vote for, change can always create tension. Even if you don’t care about elections in the least, it’s always fun to find an excuse to get high anyway, right? DCMJ, “A community for cannabis users, growers and their families,” held their own event on inauguration day. Dubbed #Trump420, the event pretty much just entailed a lot of free weed—8,000 free joints handed out during the event, to be precise. Hundreds of people lined to get their free joints during that morning.

The event was not limited to joints, either. Beginning at 8:00 AM, the DCMJ handed out coffee, tea and other goodies to participants, welcoming them to their act of civil disobedience. Then they held a small parade to walk toward the inauguration, where they decided to light up “unless President Trump comes out now in support of full cannabis legalization in all 50 states and DC!”). Organizers asked people to join in for a “smokin’ fun time,” saying that, “This is an outreach opportunity to show President Trump's supporters we are the marijuana majority.”

No, it’s not legal to light up in pubic in Washington, DC, but DCMJ hopes to change that. They encouraged anyone willing to “light up” in public that day as an act of nonviolent civil disobedience, but engaging in the activity was not required in order to get a free joint for the day. The name of the event came not just from the popular symbol of the marijuana movement, but of the timing of the protest itself. Participants decided to light up four minutes and 20 seconds into Trump’s speech.

As much controversy surrounded the day, the story of #Trump420 did not make it into the mainstream media nearly as much, if at all. Nikolas Schiller, one of the DCMJ founders, let it be known that the event was in no way meant to protest the new president. He did say that the group is against the appointment of Jeff Sessions as attorney general, however, since Sessions is likely to be very anti-pot and in favor of leading raids against people who possess or grow weed. Schiller says that it’s insulting that Sessions has stated that “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

DCMJ has been fighting for full legalization since 2013 in the DC area. From seed shares to vigils, campaigning activities and more, DCMJ has had a hand in the marijuana legislation and ballot initiatives that made it possible in Washington, DC. Individuals who are interested in keeping up with their efforts and taking action alongside the DCMJ are encouraged to sign up for their newsletter or to follow them on social media. Both donations and volunteers are always welcome.

Currently the DCMJ is working on a campaign known as Smoke Sessions, which is being promoted with the hashtag #smokesessions. You can participate by speaking out against the nomination of Sessions and spreading the word about the possible repercussions from appointing him as attorney general.