Great Ganja Gifts for Valentine’s Day

marijuana for valentines day gifts couples

It’s coming up, folks. It’s the holiday you either love or dread, often depending upon your Facebook relationship status that particular year. Valentine’s Day can be a fun time even if you’re single and dating, but it’s usually most fun for lovers who want to get together, get naked and smoke some weed. Or dance under the stars and smoke weed. Or build a fort, toss in some glow sticks and smoke… you get the idea. If you’re the kind of ganja-loving couple who enjoys exchanging gifts, here are some great ideas for Valentine’s Day this year.


Duh. This is a no-brainer. See if your favorite shop has any V-day deals going on. They will probably have great specials on edibles, especially chocolates, but even some pre-rolls will make your sweetheart smile (eyes glazed or not). Can you get marijuana infused chocolates in a heart shaped box? 1. Yes, depending on where you shop and 2. You can always either make your own or use a heart-shaped box and fill it with weed goodies.

Weed Undies

Whether you want it on a thong, boxers, boy shorts or PJ pants, there are weed clothes out there for every personality. Some of these are sexy and some are silly, but if you are a dope loving couple, chances are there’s something you’re going to love for sale this Valentine’s Day.

Cannabis Candle

Who doesn’t love a good candle? Cannabis candles are available with different scents and colors to suit your sweetheart’s personality and unique desires. Get a couple to light on your special night.

Cute Bong

Even if you don’t use bongs often, how cute are they! A heart-shaped bong, a pink pretty design or any other kind of fun device would be a great gift for Valentine’s Day.


Yep, you can get him or her some pretty roses, lilies or other flowers, or you can get an actual pot plant for your love to take care of and harvest when the time is right. If you’ve never grown weed before this could be a really fun couple’s project to work on together.

Lotion or Lube

Cannabis lotions and lubes are the best! Not only do they usually smell amazing, but they also help you get in the mood your way. Between Foria lubes and oils to hemp lotions and more, there’s bound to be something you haven’t tried yet. Get something and add a box of weed infused chocolates and a vibrator for the ultimate romantic gift basket.

Weed Jewelry

OK, marijuana leaf necklaces and such are cute but they’re also a little overused, don’t you think? (You have to wonder why it’s always the same pot symbol when there are so many gorgeous buds out there that would make prettier tokens.) Try giving your sweetie something more unique, like a weed-inspired ring. Better yet, try something that’s useful, like a bracelet that doubles as a pipe. Boom—two gifts in one. You’re the best bae ever.