Must-Hear Long Songs for Stoners

songs for stoners

When you’re enjoying a relaxing evening, whether alone or with friends, and you want to just veg out with your weed, some music can really enhance the whole experience. Many songs take on a whole new world once you plug a bit of weed into the equation. Too many quirky songs are too short for a good high, though. Fortunately there are lots of longer songs, instrumental or otherwise, that compliment your good time quite nicely. Here are just a few great songs to get the party started.

“Elegia” by New Order

It’s one long song, with a little over 17 minutes of music and almost no vocals, but New Order’s “Elegia” is as trippy as it comes. Although the British song is an instrumental waltz, it features long, emotional refrains that will really play with your head. There’s a reason it was used in Netflix’s show, Stranger Things. You can battle demogorgons in your head while you listen to this trippy tune, or you can snuggle someone close while you smoke and watch the stars while it plays. Either way, it sounds like a great Saturday night.

“In a Gadda Da Vida” by Iron Butterfly

Okay, listening to “In a Gadda Da Vida” while you smoke and watch the movie Red Dragon, which the song is in, is not exactly advisable. Your trip might take a scary edge while you get caught up in the drama of serial killers and screams. No, just play the song itself while you relax and take a few tokes or bites. Yes, this song was supposed to be “In a Garden of Eden,” but its slurred lyrics made it even more popular and even more symbolic for stoners who enjoy it while high. It’s a pretty sexy pick for couples, too.

“Green Onions” by Booker T & The MGS

Nope, “Green Onions” is not that long, so you have to put it on repeat to get its best effects. This oldie, courtesy of 1966, will get you grooving in tune with music the way it was meant to be played alongside some serious stoning. Dancing while you smoke and listen to this song is highly recommended (60s attire is totally optional but it can make the experience all the more enjoyable). You know that guy who gets high and just stands there and bobs while he dances? (Maybe you’re that guy.) This song is perfect for that guy.

“2112” by Rush

It’s one of the longest songs of Rock and it’s trippy as hell. But you have to be careful with Rush’s “2112” since it sounds so realistic. You might begin to think that aliens are landing in your backyard if you have a tendency to experience paranoia while you’re high, so you may want to skip this one. If you are pretty in control of your faculties while you relax with your weed, this is a great song to dance to while you’re smoking with friends.