MedSpoon: Your Source for Pot Recipes, Cooking Tips and More

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Ever wished that you could watch a cooking show totally devoted to pot? Sure, there are individuals who make videos from time to time, but an entire network would be nice. Enter MedSpooon, a website devoted to assisting you with your edible marijuana needs. Designed for both educating about cooking with pot as well as helping you share your own knowledge, it’s your one stop site for cooking with pot.


The backbone of MedSpoon is, of course, a plethora of recipes to help you become the world’s best cannabis cook. Sweet options like chronic crepes, lemon berry swirl cheesecake tart, oatmeal raisin spice cookies and even grilled pineapple give you a nice variety of desserts and craveable delectables to satisfy both your sweet tooth as well as your cannabis cravings. Drink recipes like Irish Cream help you relax with your weed in a drinkable form, while savory recipes for dishes such as Potzo Ball Soup (cute, right?), Chill and Laying Sea Bass and Gomer Bacon meet your caloric needs while simultaneously delivering the high you’re after. With a little practice and some Pinterest-level experimentation you’ll soon be whipping up cannabis meals and goodies with finesse.


But the site doesn’t end with just recipes. There are videos to help you make sure you’re carrying out your recipes correctly, giving you more confidence as well as the camaraderie of experienced cannabis cooks who’ve been there, know what it’s like to have to measure your THC content and can give you all the tips and tricks you need to be a successful chef. The details take out all of the guesswork and it’s the next best thing to having a personal chef instructing you right in your own kitchen.


You can actually select the recipes you like and create your own cookbook at MedSpoon. This makes it so much easier to return to the site time after time and find the recipes you are after without wading through a billion bookmarks or worse, going through every recipe again just to find one you’re after. You can also leave reviews for people to see when you use recipes, which is not only a fun way to interact with the site for you, but also a wonderful way to collaborate with your fellow cannabis cooks. Your own tips and tricks will help others learn the way to the perfect recipe, too.


MedSpoon doesn’t stop at cooking information. Additional site videos and pages give you the lowdown on all kinds of pot topics, from the history of marijuana, current and past laws about weed and what you can expect from the effects of cannabis after you consume it in your various recipes. If you’re one of those certificate or gold star chasers, you’ll love this: you can unlock achievements on the site under its achievement program to demonstrate how much you’ve learned or how much knowledge you’ve shared along the way. Who said that stoners couldn’t be high achievers?