Dixie Elixers Quench Your Thirst and Cannabis Cravings

elixer dixie review

By triple-testing every single batch of product, carefully employing CO2 extraction and branding their products in sleek, beautiful packaging, Dixie Elixers has quickly grown into one of the most popular cannabis brands available in America, becoming a name brand among edible lovers in states like California where Dixie is sold. From chocolate bars to tasty elixirs, mints to “dew drop” infusions, Dixie has taken edibles to an entirely new level, satisfying customer cravings with some of the most innovative products on the market.


“Dew Drop” infusions are Dixie Elixers’ tasty drops that can be left beneath your tongue to take effects. They have a 1:1 ratio with both THC and CBD and come with an easy dropper to help you achieve absorption in the quickest way. With 50 mg of CBD and THC per bottle, they pack a punch and should be always used as directed. Designed to help relieve you of pain, inflammation and anxiety, Dew Drop infusions come in a wide variety of flavors that may differ in availability by state. Some of these include spearmint, ginger, vanilla, watermelon, and cinnamon.


If a refreshing THC infused beverage is what you seek, look no further than the elixirs made by Dixie. Their signature products, which are sold in Colorado, come in five fabulous flavors: Fruit punch, cherry limeade, lemonade and tea half & half, root beer and berry lemonade. Each bottle contains 100 mg of THC, translating to about 6 mg per serving. There are no artificial sweeteners or ingredients to worry about as each beverage is made with real cane sugar. Natural flavors and sparkling water combine to give you a tasty zing every time you open up an elixir. Many pot-infused beverages lose their sparkle once they’re opened, but Dixie Elixirs are made in bottles that not only retain their bubbles but also offer child-proof locks to give you peace of mind—and the ability to store your beverages in the fridge with the rest of your adult drinks.


Want a way to freshen up while you get your THC on? Try the company’s three different varieties of mints that are designed to give you full flavor, like orange zest, peppermint and mixed berry. Discreet packaging, a low dose of 5 mg of THC per serving and a total of 80 mg of THC per pack make these mints some of the most popular sold. Their blister packs are child-resistant to help protect your stash from unknowing, tiny fingers, and they deliver a quicker activation if you dissolve them beneath your tongue, much like the Dew Drop infusions. Natural ingredients like ginkgo, Siberian ginseng and orange oil deliver a vibrant, wakeful feeling when you need it with the energetic orange zest blend, while the relaxing peppermint formula includes ingredients like passion flower, mint oil and lemon balm to help you bliss out on the effects as they slowly manifest in your body and mind.