Custom Rolling Papers for Your Business or Next Get Together

custom rolling papers for weed joints

There’s a fun trend among pot smokers going on that involves custom rolling papers. You can get custom chocolate wrappers for birthdays and weddings, custom soda cans with your name on them—so why not fun rolling papers with your own logo, message or design?

Companies like The Rolling Paper Company are giving both businesses and social smokers a way to express themselves and represent their personal brand with personalized rolling papers in a wide variety of colors, logos and designs. Companies who want their brand printed on their rolling papers can order as few as 1,000 booklets for as little as $420 (of course), which includes the delivery price for the papers. This same rate is available to individuals who want to make their own papers, too, whether it’s for personal use or favors at a stoner wedding (how cool would that be? Imagine everyone blowing rings instead of bubbles).

Don’t want to spend that much? There’s a $25 sample package that you are welcome to purchase. While you can’t order your own custom logos on the sample package (that would obviously hurt the company with printing costs), it does give you a nice variety to touch and sample to ensure they are exactly what you want in joint papers. You get four booklets of papers in an order plus a pack of filtered tips, which isn’t bad for the price. In fact, the price is simply just to ship it to you; the company provides the samples themselves at no cost to you.

The papers included in the sampler include 14 gsm Bleached Wood Pulp, 12.5 gsm Hemp, 13.5 gsm Unbleached Wood Pulp and 20 gsm Bleached Wood Pulp. Each paper features a different vibrant design so you can see if you like how the papers look once printed.

Then, of course, there are companies like Roll Your Own Papers, which provide medical grade papers that can be used for any medical marijuana products you grow or sell in your business. Made with 100% organic, pure hemp and Arabic gum, the papers are chlorine free and certified by TUV SUD. Like The Rolling Paper Company, Roll Your Own Papers provides beautiful, vibrant printing for your custom papers, giving your joints a much more polished, professional look.

Roll Your Own Papers offers free mockups so you can get an idea of what your design may look like once finished, as well as free quotes for your final product. Custom booklets start at $285 including shipping, and you can get a free set of sample papers to check out if you pay $24.99 for the cost of shipping. Sample packs include several different designs that vary widely in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the company in producing your logo. The company also provides free templates for you to download as you plan your order before submitting it to the company. There is a 150 order minimum per order.