(OREGON) Pot Shop Profile: Puddletown Organics

puddletown organics review

If you are in the market for some medical or recreational marijuana in the Portland area, you need to check out Puddletown Organics. Located on Powell Boulevard, Puddletown not only has the coolest dispensary name of all time, but they’ve been in business for three years, so they know their stuff. Locally owned and operated, Puddletown prides itself on knowledgeable, friendly staff, using local growers and vendors, and its spacious show room. They like to say, “Welcome to Puddletown Organics. When it rains, we’ve got strains!”

Any person with a government-issued ID who is 21 years of age or older or any individual with a medical marijuana card is welcome to shop at Puddletown. The shop stocks edibles, topicals, flowers, tinctures, concentrates and more. One of their best specials is a free gram to all new medical cardholders with a $10 flower purchase!


8201 SE Powell Blvd. F

Portland, OR

Phone: 503-558-6321

Hours: Sunday through Saturday, 9:00 AM to 9:50 PM

Specials and Deals

Puddletown offers medical marijuana card holders a special during their first visit to the shop. If they spend at least $10 on an order, they are able to receive a free gram as long as that purchase was made in buds.

Another customer favorite is the $24 deal. This deal is for specific eighths for a limited time, which include Purple Hindu Kush, Lemon Sour Diesel, Columbian Hash Panther, and Harle-Tsu.  There’s another special where you can buy four eighths for under $30.

During the Daily Deal, you can simply mention the phrase “Daily Deal” in order to reap the benefits of a special price on flower products.

Snapchat Special: To get a special on Snapchat, you can take a picture of the company’s ghost on the website and add it to your Spapchat friends list by its code. Then you can get exclusive deals to Snapchat users only.


Most reviews for the Puddletown shop are positive, with an average score of 4.7 out of 5.0 on Leafly from over 1,000 users. User Vulpeka says, “I was really on and off about this store but now they've earned a customer for life. They are really helpful and full of tips, the selection is awesome and full of plenty of concentrates, edibles and flowers. There are also pipes and some dab equipment but not as much as a glass shop. This shop is accustomed to giving out gifts every now and then and the two that I've gotten are really cool and I cherish them. Thank you for the free dab stick. This place is a must go.” Stoneygirl88 says, “Great staff, great product, nice prices!”


Flowers at the shop range from Hazy Train to Lemon Kush to Quad Dawg. Prices on the website do not include tax, so please keep that in mind. Always be sure to phone the shop before making a trip if you are after a specific strain. Some concentrates at the store include Lemon Pineapple Shatter, Og Kush Live Resin and Sunset Sherbert.

A wide range of edibles can be found at the shop. You may find cheese crisps, chocolate bars, macaroons, sugar cookies, medicated candies, gummies and many other fun items. Some pre-rolls that the store sells may include Terra Canna’s Hawaiian Dutch, Durban Poison or Lemon Alien Dog. Some of the different types of topicals that the shop may carry when you visit include pain sticks, lotions, transdermal patches and soaking salts. You can also find dab mats, bongs, grinders, rolling papers and many other items at Puddletown.