Extreme Weed Trivia and Facts

weed facts

Maybe you like to enjoy weed from time to time, but how many cool facts do you know about the drug? Sure, you may know that George Washington grew pot on his farm, but most people grew hemp back then. Did you know that the first thing sold online was a bag of weed? Stump your friends, create a trivia game or just add to your vault of fun but sometimes useless knowledge with these extreme weed facts and trivia answers.

Washington’s Pot

Yes, George Washington grew pot. Lots of Americans grew it before it was illegal, given that it was a handy crop to use for clothing and textiles, let alone smoking. But old George smoked his pot and historians believe that it was to help relieve dental pain the first president experienced. When people speak of how the Founding Fathers might want us to live, perhaps they should add “stoned” to the list.

The Hemp Car

Many people cited Henry Ford as the shrewdest businessman in American history. If more CEOs paid their workers enough to afford their own products, the country’s businesses would all be booming. Ford manufactured a car than ran off of hemp ethanol, and knew that alternative fuels were a great idea, saying, “There's enough alcohol in one year's yield of an acre of potatoes to drive the machinery necessary to cultivate the fields for one hundred years.” Heavy lobbying from petroleum companies and the government, among other things, ruined Ford’s dream of running vehicles from renewable materials like hemp.

Grow This Pot or Else

People in the early colonies had no choice about growing pot. Settlers of Jamestown were actually forced to grow it in order to provide for the colony. It makes sense that they grew pot to build ship sails, rope and other necessities instead of cotton since pot grows back much more quickly, takes fewer resources and provides more per square foot in terms of acreage. Of course, it may have been a bummer to colonists who didn’t feel like growing it, since it was against the law to refuse.

Pot Hair Tests

Most people focus on urine tests when it comes to being tested for drugs for employment or other purposes, but many companies are turning to hair tests, which are much harder for people to get around. Hair tests can detect marijuana in your body for up to 90 days, giving you much less time to be “clean” for a test. It is nearly impossible for random drug testing, too. Only 1.5 inches of hair is necessary to complete the test, so body hair can also be used. The only way to avoid a hair test completely is to shave your body from head to foot, eliminating all hair.

The First Online Sale

Students at Standford were the first people to complete a transaction online, and that transaction was a pot sale. In 1971 they orchestrated the sale through the school’s Arpanet accounts. Even kids at Stanford know what’s important in life.