Pot Pranks

pot pranks

While it’s never a good idea to prank someone by stealing, replacing or hiding their weed, there have been some funny and classic pot pranks over the years. From pranking pot smokers to using the word pot subjectively, there are all kinds of ways you can pull a marijuana prank on your friends and community members. Use common sense while you plan your prank. You may want to take a page out of these great pot pranks.

The Best Pot

“Seriously, this is the best pot!” They are words that sound like they could come from Donald Trump but the guys at Public Prank went around a mall, asking random people if they’d like to buy “a little pot.” Naturally everyone is just flabbergasted to hear the phrase until they realize they are talking about a liberal pot for cooking. It’s hilarious to see the reactions of the people around them, particularly when one pretends to be an FBI agent and confiscates the little saucepan. “Hey man, have fun with that. I made so many chicken noodle soups with that thing!” The best reactions, of course, come from law enforcement. The video is online for anyone to watch. Try watching it stoned (if it’s legal in your area) for some extra fun.

Pot and Pranks on Set

The young actors in the film Stand by Me had pot and pranks going hand in hand during filming. While they may not have always been at the same time, actor Corey Feldman says that actor River Phoenix was with him when he smoked his first joint. Wil Weaton says that the quartet of tween and teen actors used to set off fireworks, arrange furniture at the bottom of a hotel pool and pull off other pranks. Jerry O’Connell reminisced that the fireworks were one of his favorite parts about that time period. Unfortunately both Feldman and Phoenix struggled with harder drugs later, Phoenix losing his life to them. With such tragedy attached to the film it’s comforting to know that the actors did enjoy their time together while filming one of the greatest coming-of-age films of all time.


On New Year’s Day in 2017, the Hollywood sign made the news when it was revealed that a prankster changed the giant sign to read “Hollyweed” instead. Although the 30-year-old artist who pulled it off, Zachary Cole Fernandez, put lots of effort into the prank, he eventually turned himself in to the police, facing possible jail time for his vandalism. This was not the first time that the sign was changed to reference pot, however. In 1976 when California changed the law to render pot possession as a misdemeanor rather than a felony, another artist and activist, Daniel Finegood, changed the O letters to Es, too.  While authorities are puffing about public safety over the obviously harmless prank, many citizens are having a chuckle over the homage, which they find appropriate after the state voted to decriminalize pot.