Cannabis for First-Timers

first time weed smokers tips

If your state just legalized weed and you are excited to try marijuana for the first time, you’re not alone. There are citizens of several states where cannabis is now decriminalized anxious to finally try pot legally. Some first timers may not know what to expect, but luckily there is information available from long-time smokers to help you out. Do your research before you decide when, where and what to smoke for the first time with these helpful hints and tips.

Your Miles May Vary

The first thing to know about weed is that lots of people have different experiences. This is especially dependent upon your tolerance level, which you will get to know as you sample different strains and find out what it takes to get you to that sweet spot. Some first time smokers say that during their first experience, they felt absolutely nothing. Others report feeling amazing, sleepy, giddy, hungry, giggly and other feelings. Getting high is a completely personal experience that may change your life, but it is also not the same experience for everyone. You may even discover that it’s not for you, which is also totally okay.

Plan Ahead

Your first joint should not be a spur of the moment decision simply because you don’t know how you will react. You want to avoid embarrassing yourself, doing something stupid in front of someone who wouldn’t understand or disapprove (obviously your boss, but perhaps your in-laws or parents, too) or putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. If you have kids, you may want to book a babysitter. A good idea is to plan to stay in your home. Many smokers suggest planning some funny entertainment, such as a comedy film, to enjoy while you smoke. You can also create a song playlist to enjoy while high. Smoke at night to avoid napping during the day and throwing off your sleep schedule.

Prepare to Buy

When you buy your weed, you will need an ID to verify your age. A medical marijuana card may also work depending on your state’s laws. Avoid going to the shop at closing time so you have plenty of time to peruse and make your decision. Ask the budtender for advice about strains to try or any products you are interested in. Many are quite knowledgeable and ready to help you right away. Bring a friend to shop with if he or she is knowledgeable if you like. Then you won’t feel pressured and you’ll have someone to shop with alongside you.

Don’t Compare

One thought that many first timers express is that pot is very different from other drugs. This is a surprise because the government classifies it on the same level as harder drugs known to damage and cause great harm when, in fact, pot is a much lesser drug in terms of its effects. Sure, it still has some harmful effects but they aren’t comparable to heroin or cocaine. Once you smoke pot successfully, it does NOT mean that you will be A-OK to try other drugs. In fact, just leave the other drugs alone!

Sharing Pot

Sharing a joint is the most typical first-time experience for people, but now that pot is legal where you live, you don’t have to sneakily steal a toke with a friend in the woods (although you can still pass it or a bowl around for fun and companionship). You can purchase it on your own at any legal shop. You can also purchase it in a wide variety of forms, from edibles to pre-rolled joints, oils to vapes and many other options.