Product Review: RSO by Suburban Gardens


I kept hearing people saying “RSO, RSO, RSO. It’s amazing! It treats everything! It treats cancer, it treats neurological disorders, it treats seizure disorders, it treats pain and insomnia. It will make your life better!”  For those unfamiliar with this acronym, RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil, and it is made by reducing cannabis in a solvent solution, concentrating the cannabinoids into an oil that is ingested. When I first received my OMMP card last year, I decided to try some.

I bought this particular RSO made by Suburban Gardens for $30 last summer from my neighborhood dispensary. I only use it for sleep, especially when I am treating pain and insomnia at the same time. The RSO is perfect for that. I believe the recommended dose is about the size of a grain of rice. I’ve gotten more than 40 doses from it, and some of them were pretty sizeable doses. This is a great value, and incredibly effective medicine.

It works incredibly well for the symptoms I am treating. The effects are physically relaxing in a deep way. I put a little bit of oil on a cracker or a piece of bread, and within thirty minutes I feel very comfortable. Within an hour I’m in a deep sleep that continues through the night.

This cannabis user is completely sold on Rick Simpson Oil. I am also grateful that pain and insomnia are the most severe issues I am treating with the RSO. Whether or not it can actually cure cancer, I don’t know. But I do know that these are exciting times, and because many of the laws are changing around our favorite plant, real scientific research on its medicinal benefits is gathering momentum. The results are looking promising for cannabis.