Product Review: Glass Bong by Special K

special k glass review oregon

I bought a new bong this week. I also realized that now when I am in a head shop looking at bongs, I can actually refer to them as bongs. I can still call them water pipes, but I can also call them bongs now, if I want to. Because smoking The Marijuana out of a bong is now legal in Oregon, as long as I do it at home. So that’s pretty cool. Bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong.

This glass water pipe, or “bong,” if you will, was blown by a Eugene-area glass blower that goes by the name Special K. The 1 and ½ -foot green smoking piece (with a little red spot) looks kind of like an old, antique vase. That’s what made me buy it. For all I know, it might actually be a reconstituted old flower vase. I am all in favor of reusing and recycling, especially if I can do it while smoking weed.

My new Special K water pipe works great. I broke it in with some stinky outdoor Sour D that a friend grew. Right at this moment I’m taking some bong rips from a mixed-bowl of Cherry Cheese and Green Crack. Tonight I will put myself to sleep by packing it with some ReCon. This bong has personality. I think I’ll name him Larry.

I picked this one up from Santa Clara Smoke Shop for $35. However, I just discovered that Special K recently opened his (their?) own store. I’ll definitely check it out soon. You can expect a review on