Product Review: Dave’s Space Cakes

space cakes daves review

I’ve always wanted to try space cakes, ever since I first learned what they are. It must have been in High Times where I first read about space cakes being served in Amsterdam coffee shops. As a young stoner, living deep in the heart of prohibition America, I dreamed of vacationing in Amsterdam. I saw myself exploring the city, visiting all of the different coffee shops, eating space cakes, and smoking a little bit of every strain of marijuana available. Ever since Oregon legalized marijuana a couple years ago, that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing with my weekends. Minus the canals, of course.

While recently visiting one of my neighborhood dispensaries, I noticed a container on the edible shelf with a label that said “Dave’s Space Cakes.” I knew immediately that I had to try them. “Dave” makes both recreational space cakes and medical strength space cakes. I chose the medical strength, because it is always a better value.

The medical grade space cakes have almost 100 mg. THC per container, with two small cakes containing close to 50 mg. each. I almost always choose Sativa edibles when I have the choice, because most Indica and Hybrid edibles put me immediately to sleep. That’s just how my physiology rolls. Since the medical space cakes did not indicate which kind of strain was used, I had to assume it was an undetermined Hybrid strain, or a mix, so I decided to eat it close to bedtime.

I took half of one space cake (approximately 25 mg. THC, and 0.0 mg. CBD). The taste was great, like a really dense little brownie, with a slight herbal/medicinal aftertaste. It affected me as I had predicted. I was asleep within an hour of eating the space cake. However, between the time the cake took effect, and the time I finally dropped off to sleep, I enjoyed the effects tremendously. I experienced a complete and full body buzz, with a nice cerebral high that made my thoughts trip out in a way I would have enjoyed if I could only stay awake for it. But that’s just me. Hybrids knock me out.

These chocolate cannabis cakes would be perfect for spacing out to good music in a dark room, or watching a good movie with the lights out.

I have discovered that I am a big fan of space cakes, and I didn’t even have to go to Amsterdam.