Product Review: Cascadia Herbals Strain Specific Tincture

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I recently stopped eating sugar, except for the occasional marijuana edible chocolate or gummy. I’ve considered trying a tincture to replace the edibles, to get completely off sugar for a while. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find a strain-specific tincture, so that I would know just what I’m taking. When I saw the bottle of Blue Dream tincture by Cascadia Herbals, I made an impulse buy.

The Blue Dream strain is high on my list of all-time favorite, Sativa-dominant, cannabis strains. I enjoy the euphoric, heady high tremendously. Each dose of this medicinal tincture (3 squirts under the tongue), has 10.4 mg. THC and .05 CBD. I took five squirts for recreational purposes, approximately 17 mg. of THC.

The flavor was sharp and tangy, with a slight sweetness, and a strong medicinal flavor. Not unpleasant, but quite noticeable. The bottle says effects will begin after approximately one hour if tincture is swallowed, but closer to fifteen minutes if the tincture is held under the tongue. I decided to experiment with the latter, and held it under my tongue for as long as I could before swallowing.

Cascadia Herbals website says that their mission is to “provide high quality, clean, safe, and consistent cannabis products to Oregon.” It also describes their unique extraction process, “Our unique, super-cooled, ethanol based process is non-toxic and yield amazing cannabinoid and terpine profiles. Ethanol has been used for thousands of years to extract, deliver, and preserve plant medicines.”

The effects from the tincture definitely kicked in quicker than edibles do. The feeling I experienced was very heady, less of a body high than I was expecting. But I felt floaty and euphoric, just like I would expect with Blue Dream.

Strain-specific edibles are the future, my friends.