CBD Oil: Medicine, Not Hard Drugs

CBD oil is medicine

Pot lovers have been meeting the wave of legalization across America with mixed emotions. Some are thrilled that they are no longer criminalized for holding a small amount of pot, smoking a joint in the comfort of their own homes or even growing a few plants on their property. Others worry that with legalization will come strict regulations that put organic pot farmers out of business. Some also fret that the government will step in and make it harder on pot users overall with new laws despite legalization.

This last worry is coming true as we speak. The feds are stepping in, dubbing CBD oil as bad as heroin—quite literally. Cannabidiol is now considered a Schedule I drug, courtesy of the DEA. According to the announcement (if you can call it that; the move, like many things in government these days, was pretty hush hush),  there is now “a separate code number for marihuana extract with the following definition: ‘Meaning an extract containing one or more cannabinoids that has been derived from any plant of the genus Cannabis, other than the separated resin (whether crude or purified) obtained from the plant.’ Extracts of marihuana will continue to be treated as Schedule I controlled substances.”

There is really no reason for this classification except for the fact that pot itself is still a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act. Since oil is now a popular alternative to smoking pot, the DEA decided to just swoop in and render it worse than it is to make sure no one gets away with using it where it’s still criminalized.

Some people might know that different countries often have totally different laws that make absolutely no sense. Companies like Kellogg, for example, may make a product with a bunch of dyes in it for Americans but make something without dyes or even preservatives for a country that has outlawed them. The same goes for other chemicals, ingredients and even pesticides that are totally legal in America but are not outside the country. Why the same protections can’t be granted for people everywhere, who knows, but the point is that England, despite the whole Brexit fiasco, still knows better than to render CBD oil some horror movie construct.

In fact, the people of Britain just reclassified cannabidiol as a medicine rather than a harmful substance. Make all the jokes you want about Brits being more uptight and proper than Americans but they know the value of a good medicine when they see it. Discovering that CBD oil is effective in treating various illnesses, particularly the symptoms of epilepsy, Britain’s Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency not only classified the substance as a legit medical drug, but also made it legal across the board in the country for those who use it for medical purposes.

According to the MHRA, ““The change really came about with us offering an opinion that CBD is in fact a medicine, and that opinion was based on the fact that we noted that people were making some quite stark claims about serious diseases that could be treated with CBD.”

This is great news for everyone in England who can benefit from the oil and yet another example of how another nation is ahead of the United States in terms of both quality of life and respect for citizens, let alone forward thinking.

The good news is that it’s not too late for the United States to jump on board the green wagon. All it takes is a proponent in the right position to push for the removal of cannabidiol (and cannabis itself) from the Schedule I list.