Savory Cannabutter and Weed Foods

savory meals with weed

When you mention edible marijuana, most people think of baked goods—brownies, chocolate chip cookies, blondies, what have you. Some may even think about candies, chocolates and even sweet beverages that are available on the market. Most people don’t think about infusing their regular meals with weed, but lots of people do that on a regular basis. Sure, you can use your typical sweet cannabutter recipe for cinnamon rolls and cake, but what will you do when you want some marijuana content in, say, your soup?

Enter savory cannabutter, your solution to adding cannabis to your regular meals. You can sub it for butter in just about any recipe, changing your food with one easy step. To make your savory cannabutter, you can start out with a basic cannabutter recipe. You may already know how to do this. If you are unfamiliar with heating your cannabis for THC activation and adding it to melted butter, be sure to visit the helpful video at The Cannabist. When you do heat your cannabis be sure it bakes for at least 40 minutes. The Cannabis also recommends the rule of about each gram of cannabis equaling 100 mg of THC in your cooking.

To make your cannabutter savory, you can soften (don’t melt it!) your butter and mix in your favorite savory ingredients. You can choose any pre-mixed herbal mixtures from your favorite herb shop, like pizza blends, Tuscan mixes and Asian spice composites, or mix and match your own to create flavorful new butters. You could even spread your butter on toast for a quick, cannabis-laden snack.

Garlic herb butter is a favorite for lots of people. You can mix in a clove of fresh garlic (garlic powder is fine if you don’t have a fresh bulb around; garlic salt can also work if your butter is unsalted) by itself for that tangy taste, or add in a bit of parsley, scallions, salt and pepper for a truly tasty blend.

For a general savory herbed butter blend, try mixing in fresh chives, dill, parsley, thyme, cayenne pepper and garlic powder. This recipe is great for cooking vegetables, serving on top f corn on the cob, and other simple dishes.

If you’re serving a special meal for your sweetheart, you might want to make some red wine butter. Boil some minced shallots in red wine until the wine is nearly gone, then cool it before mixing it in with your cannabutter. Mix in some salt, pepper, and parsley and voila, you have an extra special flavor for your meal bread, steak or other special meal component. This one is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t want to add cannabutter to your recipe but still want to infuse it with cannabis? Try some canna olive oil. All you need are two cups of oil and an ounce of good, strong marijuana to make it. Use the same steps you use to make cannabutter to create an easy to use oil for your savory cooking needs.