Weed Product Review: CannaCola


Canna Cola

Medical marijuana pop. Soda that delivers cannabis. What a revolutionary thought! Canna Cola is “the world’s most recognized brand in medical marijuana.” The product is a tasty, THC-infused beverage available in multiple flavors that is designed to deliver medical marijuana to patients in a nontraditional and enjoyable way. Their products, which come in 12 ounce bottles, are available in all MMJ states. Canna Cola t-shirts and gear are available online as well.

Canna Cola has been compared to “light beer,” and each flavor only carries a mild THC flavor. Bottles cost between $10 and $15 each. The company’s philosophy is that by drinking your pot instead of smoking it, you get the same benefits without the drawbacks from inhaling smoke.

Canna Cola makers are also working to de-stigmatize marijuana, saying, “We believe that one of the reasons for this paradox is that much of the public, and most of our legislators, still think of medical marijuana as a scary, underground activity run by drug lords and pushers. They feel it’s shameful and it should be hidden from the public. Yes, it is legal, but that doesn’t mean they have to like it or make it easy on anyone. And so they do, at every opportunity, with zoning restrictions or even outright bans.” They go on to say that “Canna Cola is founded on the idea that taking your medication should be a life afirming experience free from shame and stigma.”

The company is a medical marijuana product, so they only sell to medical marijuana shops. Canna Cola coined the term “medibles,” which simply means edible medicine. They do not ship individual bottles for personal use at all, but they are interested in partnering with bottling companies to supply states as they legalize weed. Canna Cola says, “Only serious, well capitalized, experienced, and fully compliant people or groups need apply. Those that have the ability to make it happen will be expected to move aggressively. Investor groups who can build and manage a team in their state are also welcome.”


Orange Kush

Lovers of orange soda should try Orange Kush.

Sour Diesel

It might sound like gas for a finicky engine that couldn’t, but Sour Diesel is actually a lemon-lime soda.

Grape Ape

Yep, this is like your favorite grape soda, only much heavier on the THC!

Doc Weed

Fans of Dr. Pepper will enjoy this take on the product.

Classic Canna Cola

Lovers of typical cola will enjoy Classic Canna Cola to start out with.

Brownies and Cookies

The Canna Cola company now offers both THC infused brownies and cookies for sale. Each contains 120 mg of THC and is all-natural and handmade. For more information about these Bubba Kush products and how to receive quick, overnight delivery, contact the company at info@bubbakush.com.


You can contact Canna Cola at:

Email: info@drinkcannacola.com 6120 West Tropicana, Suite A16-248

Las Vegas NV. 89103

You can also sign up for the company’s email newsletter on their website or follow their blog for updates.