Pot Shop Profile: Herbal Nation

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Several things make Herbal Nation a special place to get your ganja on, but one of the biggest things that sets it apart is that it’s open until midnight every night. It opens at 8:00 like many other pot shops, but the extra hour helps a lot when you are busy or working late and need to squeeze a quick trip in before heading home. Herbal Nation welcomes customers with the message that they strive “to wholeheartedly satisfy each individual that walks into our store. Each staff member is well-informed on the products we carry, sensitive to the customer’s needs, and ready to find the product that is just right for you. With a wide variety of hand-picked cannabis products and accessories that is ever-growing, we have something for everybody. Whether you want an in-and-out experience or full education on what is currently available, we adapt to each client’s needs. That is, after all, why we’re here.”

Herbal Nation is a medically endorsed shop that not only has an ATM on site and easy, ADA accessible parking but the shop is also pet friendly! This makes it a much more welcoming shop. Like most other shops, Herbal Nation carries flowers as well as edibles, topical products, vapor units, concentrates and pre-rolls. The shop offers a 10% discount to all Washington State medical patients, but if you need a medical consultant you do have to call in advance to ensure one is on site.


A wide range of flowers are carried by Herbal Nation. Smokers can find strains like Cherries Jubilee, Miss Universe, Sweet and Sour Widow and Bruce Banner. Some other favorites include Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, Sage and Sour and UK Cheese. They even carry Girl Scout Cookie. Prices start at $8 for buds and range up to $200 for 14 grams.

Not every store carries hash, caviar, kief and distillates but Herbal Nation does. There are flavors like Dr. Who, Jambi Dust, Northern Lights, Super Glue and The Sauce. Some popular concentrates they carry include Cherry Pie, Narnia, Pineapple Express, Super Silver Haze and Appalachian Power. Some edibles carried by the shop include capsules, caps, breath strips, tinctures and sprays. They also carry teas, edible oils, candies, and favorite treats like chocolates and cookies.

The store carries EZ vapes, disposable vape units, craft oils, refillable cartridges, and much more. Lemon Haze is a popular choice, as is Rainbow, Harlequin and Dankenstein. Herbal Nation carries many different topical, ranging from transdermal patches to sprays, lotions, salves and gel pens. Bath salts are also available.

Daily Specials

Another one of the store’s most attractive features is its daily special for customers. Call before visiting the shop to ensure that all of the specials are still available. There is also a special board you can check before you buy when you visit the shop.

There is a special for 10mg edibles that starts at $5. The shop also offers $9 grams from select growers as well as $30 eighths. Cascade Growers oils are available for $20 for a gram, and there are special that start at $85 for half an ounce. Various specials on pre-rolled joints, larger quantities and different growers are also available. When checking the menu online, keep in mind that each quantity does reflect tax.


It’s simple to find Herbal Nation. The store is located in Bothell. Although the store is a cash only shop, customers may take advantage of the on-site ATM machine.

Every day 8am – Midnight

19302 Bothell-Everett Hwy
Bothell, WA 98012

Phone: (425) 486-1111