Ea Glass

EA Glass

By J.Toker

Whenever I visit Portland, I try to stop at Elemental Arts to pick up a new pipe from my longtime favorite glassblower, Ea Glass. The beautiful colors and interesting shapes, in addition to the pure practicality of his smoking pieces, always bring this glassblower to mind when I’m in need of a new smoking utensil. Ea Glass produces fine pipes, bubblers, and oil rigs for concentrates.

Ea Glass is glassblower Scotty Gould. He has been working hard blowing glass, and making beautiful pipes, since 1998. Scotty creates pieces of glass art, as well as various types of smoking pieces. His style is a creative mix of contemporary and traditional art. The pieces he makes for smoking could best be described as “sculpture pipes,” or even “smoke-able sculptures.” He has created skull-face pipes, alien bubblers, and many other art-pipes with their own unique themes. Scotty gives demonstrations, and teaches glassblowing lessons by appointment.

When I first walked into the shop, I heard a live version of “Jack Straw” playing in the background. I’ve been known to enjoy a Grateful Dead bootleg now and then, so I asked Scotty what year the version he was playing had been recorded. He knew exactly when and where. In fact, the bootleg he was playing was from a show he had attended in ’93. Turns out, Scotty’s been to a few Dead shows…

The attractive blue piece I ended up choosing this time is primarily for smoking flower, which is my preference, but it has an oil adapter/banger for whenever I feel like doing a few dabs. It also has a badass, little, skull-faced demon head with blue horns on the front. It is now the most attractive piece in my collection.

Elemental Arts is a Custom Jewelry Design, Repairs, and Hand-Blown Glass Gallery/Work Studio that Scotty opened with his wife, Megan, in 2004. They are located in Southeast Portland, at 1133 SE Pershing St.

The best way to order a piece of your own from Ea Glass is to contact Scotty on Instagram, where he posts photos of all of his creations: https://www.instagram.com/ea.glass/