Cannavore Salted Caramel Chews

Cannavore Salted Caramel Chews

By J.Toker

The flavor of Cannavore Salted Caramel Chews is fantastic. Very salty, and very sweet. The texture is softer than most store-bought caramels. Although it isn’t printed on the package, Cannavore’s website, states that TJ’s Durban Poison, which is one of my favorite Sativa strains, is what they use in all of their edibles. Perfect!

People find their favorite strains for good reasons. Usually because that strain delivers a specific effect they are looking for. Many people enjoy Indicas, or Indica-dominant hybrids, for their relaxing, sedating effects. For me, Sativas consistently deliver a calming, yet focused effect that I find incredibly beneficial, useful, and enjoyable.

I am a daily smoker, but usually save edibles for medicinal use, or special occasions. Last weekend I developed a cough, and thought I might be coming down with a cold. I decided to take a couple days off smoking to give my throat a rest. Sure, I missed taking bong hits. Yes, I missed puffing on tasty joints…. but I reminded myself it was for a good cause.

The second day I decided to eat one of the Cannavore caramels, as a kind of bong hit replacement. It worked great. There are five caramels in the package, which cost $10 with an OMMP card. Each caramel has 11.8 mg. of THC. The average recreational consumer should start with a dose of 10 – 15 mg, or even as low as 5 mg. for some people. My tolerance might be slightly higher than average, so I took 1 ½ caramels.

It came on in less than 20 minutes, and increased in intensity for the first hour. Although I had tried them once before, the caramels came on a little stronger this time, probably because I wasn’t smoking that day. I experienced a nice, full body high, which I felt especially in the base of my spine, for some reason. It was a pleasurable, relaxing effect, with a vague tingling/buzzing sensation I noticed when I really paid attention.

Even though I was relaxed, the body high was not sedating. I felt a calm, focused, mental clarity with a mild touch of euphoria. It lasted a good four to five hours, with nothing but desirable sensations the entire time.

I’ve got a few caramels left, but as soon as I’m out, I’ll be heading to the nearest dispensary to pick up another package. This may become my new go-to Sativa edible.

Cannavore has many other tasty options available, including fruit gummies, and an award-winning kettle corn, all “hand-crafted in small batches” in Portland, Oregon. Their edibles also come in single-serving packages for the recreational consumer.