Pot Farm Profile: Life Gardens

life gardens marijuana review

At Life Gardens, growing cannabis is a way of life. The company’s vision “is to build a Washington cannabis brand that will set the standard for the world’s finest marijuana and processed products; top shelf cannabis at an affordable price.” Among the team, there is a combined 100 years of experience, giving the farm the kind of knowledge and skills that are required for the most quality product possible.

The company compares selecting and growing cannabis to the cultivation of a fine wine. “Life Gardens believes cannabis should reflect its origins; it’s a product of the soil, the climate, and the careful stewardship of those precious resources. With regards to its cultivation techniques, Life Gardens combines the latest technology with natural sunlight to produce superior marijuana products.” Their outdoor farm in Washington is home to over 70 strains of pot.

Like any other quality pot grower, Life Gardens goes above and beyond the legal requirements for their farming practices, setting their own standards for excellence. Some of their quality control and ethical standards include climate control limits, Eco-friendly packaging, and superior customer service from a carefully selected team of experts. Interested persons can visit the website to find out more information about these practices as well as innovate features like their light deprivation greenhouse. The company also offers online shopping options.

Indoor Greenhouse Hybrid

One of the most interesting things about Life Gardens is the farm’s indoor greenhouse hybrid system. Life Gardens explains, “We also run cycles of 12 hours of light for flowering like a standard high-grade commercial indoor operation. In addition, we have forced air heating and evaporative cooling to keep our green houses the perfect temperature any time of the year.” The system utilizes hydroponic nutrients, indoor grow lights, indoor style pots and indoor hydroponic mediums to continually grow cannabis.


One of the most interesting products to come out of Life Gardens is their cannabis flower line known as SPARK. The brand name is associated with multiple product lines, from joint packs, jars and various bags, and it is available from the retail partners of Life Gardens.

Where to Buy

Many different legal sellers of recreational marijuana carry products grown by Life Gardens. Washington pot smokers can look for their strains sold at The Stash Box, Green Token Cannabis, Green Works, Green Leaf, Cannazone, Uncle Ike’s, Kushside and many other sellers. If your local seller does not carry Life Gardens products, feel free to ask and they may be able to help you out.

Strains Produced

Life Gardens produces a wide variety of marijuana strains. Among their invigorating and inspiring sativa strains, they carry Sour Diesel, Durban Poison and Super Sour Diesel. Some of their bestselling sativa dominant varieties include Permafrost, Headband and Super Sour OG. Blue Dream is their most popular hybrid, while some of their bestselling indica strains include God Bud, Mystery Machine, Cheese, Blueberry Essence, and Blueberry Haze. Northern Lights and Pre 98 Bubba are two of the farm’s most beloved indica strains.