Pot Farmer Profile: Green Barn Farms

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When it comes to growing weed, some farmers set the bar so high that their products seem to get better every year. At Green Barn Farms Cannabis Farmers Cooperative, that is the name of the game. The cooperative enforces a unique “Way Beyond Organic, Sun Grown Cannabis” policy that highlights the use of sustainable growing as their main requirement, but also employs the use of cutting edge technology to remain on top of the latest tips and tricks while still growing with actual sunlight.

While Green Barn Farms sells products in Washington and Oregon, they do plan on expanding their business into states where recreational marijuana is legal. The company is highly active on both Twitter and Instagram, making it easy to keep up with their activities.

Way Beyond Organic

The cooperative’s high demands make up their strict Way Beyond Organic policy. To Green Barn Farms, Way Beyond Organic means 100% natural with 0% compromise, which means that everything from the fertilizers they use on crops to the pest controls they use to minimize damage is all natural. It also means that they keep their carbon footprint as low as possible with greenhouse growing all year, without utilizing artificial light and unnecessary energy, causing waste and environmental damage. All of their plants are field raised in natural soil to ensure the optimal flavor and quality of the cannabis grown

Beyond Organic means much more than growing practices to the cooperative, though. They also say that it means giving back to the community. A percentage of profits are donated to local schools and charities each year, and they support the community by using only local organic soils suppliers, green delivery vehicles that help curb carbon emissions in the community, and water conservation practices that ensure minimal waste and water runoff, protecting neighbors as well as the environment.

Slow growing is another component involved in their painstakingly precise process. Their “slow cannabis” includes a long curing period, hand trimming and other meticulous policies to ensure the best product possible.

Stringent Testing

Green Barn Farms are third party tested regularly to ensure that they go well and beyond the minimums set in the industry. They are Clean Green Certified, Sungrown Certified, and Certified Kind in addition to their own Way Beyond Organic requirements. They are continually working to create a better product not just for their customers but for the impact it has on the world as well, such as “worm castings, killer ladybugs, probiotic soil enhancements, cover crops, predatory mites, no-till farming, companion plants, etc... We keep exploring the limits beyond organic, so you get the cleanest, greenest, feel-good weed available.” They even create their own compost tea to help keep plants healthy and thriving.

Where to Buy

To sample some of the Green Barn Farms products, consumers can visit one of the many stores that vend their cannabis. Hwy 420, Hashtag, The Green Door, Ponder, Trees Pot Shop and many other stores carry the cooperative’s pot. Their gear, such as t-shirts, hoodies and tank tops, can also be purchased online.