Product Review: Peak Extracts Dark Chocolate bars

marijuana review peak extracts

By J.Toker

These dark chocolate medical marijuana bars from Peak Extracts are the best edibles I've had the opportunity to sample. Every person’s unique physiology seems to make cannabis affect them in different ways. My preferences lean toward the sativa-dominant strains of cannabis. Sativas tend to calm me down and improve my focus and productivity. I am always on the lookout for edibles that specify the strain of cannabis used, or whether it is a sativa, a hybrid, or an indica strain. Surprisingly, this is rare in cannabis edibles produced in Oregon, but I think that will change as the market continues to grow and develop. I decided to try one of the Peak bars with Jack the Ripper, and a different one with Sour Diesel, both sativa strains.

I tasted the Sour Diesel version first, for recreational purposes. The bittersweet flavor and creamy texture reminded me of some of the best gourmet dark chocolate I have eaten, with only a slight medicinal flavor. I had to restrain myself from eating more than just the two squares I had to begin with. Each square contains a little less than 10 mg. of cannabis, and there are eight squares in each chocolate bar. My tolerance is not low, by average standards. However, I know from experience that if I take too much, or eat edibles on an empty stomach, I will be feeling extremely uncomfortable for a few hours. Based on this acquired knowledge, I now plan accordingly and cautiously.

I decided to take a third square, and then went for a five mile hike. The effect was pleasurable, coming on within the first thirty minutes of the hike. The effect increased steadily for the next hour. I experienced a significant body high, as well as a cerebral effect that was energizing and inspiring. The Oregon trees were unusually beautiful that day.

One day recently, when I was suffering from back pain, I had the opportunity to experiment with the Jack the Ripper chocolate bar in a medicinal way. I took one square. The Ripper has about the same amount of THC as the Sour Diesel, but it has a little extra CBD (0.44 mg per square). So I figured it would be a good one for pain. I was right. It worked so well that a couple days later when I had a migraine headache, I decided to try it again. The pain from the migraine was so intense that I took four squares of Jack the Ripper and lay down in bed. After about 30 minutes, my migraine was gone. Within an hour, I had forgotten about it completely, and ended up having a great night lying in bed, laughing through the whole second season of Party Down.

Peak Extracts is a Portland based company that uses an environmentally-friendly carbon dioxide extraction process. This method is used to produce their chocolates, as well as their Rescue Rub pain-relieving topical lotion, using locally grown organic cannabis. They also offer single serving, single strain chocolates for the recreational consumer.

I give this product five thumbs up (let’s pretend for a moment that I am a Hindu god). I will definitely be using Peak Extracts dark chocolate bars again and again.