Store Review: TJ’s Organic Provisions (Eugene, Oregon)

store review tjs organic marijuana

By J.Toker

 “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if pot was legal, and we could just go to the corner weed store, and pick out the dankest buds to smoke.…?”

As a matter of fact, yes. It is pretty great.

To be honest, I thought weed would never be legalized in the U.S. Not during my lifetime, at least. But this fantasy has now become a reality. When I want to buy an eighth of green buds, or a pre-rolled joint, or even a little bubble hash, I can simply drive a mile down the road to the nearest dispensary. One of the closest dispensaries to my house is TJ’s Organic Provisions, in Eugene, Oregon.

The first thing I think of when I walk into the waiting room at TJ’s Organic Provisions is, “I could hang out here…” The chairs are comfortable, and there are books about cannabis placed about for reading or purchasing. There are small potted plants decorating most surfaces, and a counter with cups for water and free coffee. The front desk staff is friendly when they check your I.D. Finished wood seems to be the visual aesthetic.

Inside the room where product is purchased there are approximately 30 different strains of cannabis flowers in large jars up on shelves. The quality of their flower is excellent. Some is grown in house by TJ and Company. The rest is produced by quality Oregon cannabis farms like Skunk Trails and Sons of Agronomy.  There are three different shelves, with slight differences in quality and pricing between shelves. The budtenders are knowledgeable and personable, and they have a good selection of quality edibles in addition to flower.

I usually go for the mid-shelf stuff, because I like to stick to a budget, and the quality is still great. I walked out of there with some Gorilla Glue #4, as well as a couple grams of Ghost Train Haze, off of the middle shelf, at $10/gram. Both flowers were completely worth the price, and completely stony.

I will be returning to this fine establishment for more quality cannabis in the future.