Pot Farmer Profile: Buddy Boy Farm

buddy boy marijuana

Although new farmers are coming up with cool, innovative ways to grow pot and make it accessible to the public, sometimes it’s nice to stick with what’s tried and true. When that tried and true source is also Clean Green certified and calls itself “The Finest Cannabis in the Universe!” you know you have to give it a try. Buddy Boy Farm has been growing for four decades with old, natural methods that make most hippies happy. Buddy Boy himself has implemented enough modern tricks into his routine that also make his farm just as relevant and innovative as any new green farm on the scene.

People who are seeking fresh buds grown without pesticide, fungicide or herbicide can safely buy their pot from Buddy Boy. They offer farm tours so customers can see how their marijuana is grown in Eastern Washington. Steve, the “big man” at the farm, has decades of growing experience with his vegetable, grain, fruit and hay crops. To purchase pot from Buddy Boy, you can search for locations that sell their products throughout the state. Over 30 locations sell their products so there is likely one within a short drive wherever you live in Washington.

Strains Available

As a farmer, Buddy Boy does not carry the wide variety of pot strains that you would expect from a dispensary. However, they are open to carrying more strains if you contact them through the budtender you use for requests. Some strains that you will encounter through Buddy Boy Farm include 3 Kings, Black Berry Kush, Blue Dragon, Chocolope and Romulan. Other flowers they produce include Amazing Grace, Black Cherry OG, Critical Plus, Sour Diesel and Super Girl. They also sell gold dust hash as well as pre-rolls like Montana Silvertip, White Widow and Blue Dragon.

Buddy Boy is also a source of vast knowledge regarding marijuana in general. Customers may call and inquire about any topic and get help as well as visit their website for tips. They advise customers on everything from quality pot growing to how to store cartridges, making them a knowledgeable source of pot topics of all kinds.

Rocket Vape Pens

Buddy Boy Farm produces fine oils to fill vape pens, providing pot smokers with a modern, healthier way to enjoy their cannabis. They sell dark oils that come from whole plant extractions, which maintain the THC content of the plant. They also utilize natural techniques without filling their oils with any additives or preservatives. They work hard to ensure that all flavors and aromas present in each oil are only the ones that you will find in the cannabis itself.

Their golden oils are a product that even more special. “Our golden oils are taken one step further… clarified by molecular distillation to golden honey color with specially designed and extensively researched terpenes to balance and enhance the genetic characteristics associated with each strain.” In addition to that, Buddy Boy sells Sativa Energy cartridges as well as Indica Relax cartridges so you get exactly what you are after without having to complete any guesswork. Cartridges are also produced with wickless technology in order to avoid wasting any oil on the wick at the bottom of the cartridge.


Buddy Boy is developing some prime edible products for sale. Some of these include lemonades, coffee drinks and candies, such as chocolates, caramels and peanut butter bon bons. Inquire with your local source of Buddy Boy products to find out if they will be carrying the company’s line of edibles anytime soon to find out more.