Pass the Special Brownies: Cannabis for Dessert

weed for dessert

Although edible cannabis has been receiving some negative attention lately with a few irresponsible parents allowing their children to get a hold of their pot, using cannabis as a source of dessert or treat is a time honored tradition. Stoners fondly remember the first time they ate a “special brownie,” cookie, or other baked good laden with THC. Today there are entire cookbooks devoted only to dessert pot. Check off the types that you have tried and make plans to try something new soon. While just about any food can be infused with cannabis, these are some of the most popular, tried and true desserts as well as a few contemporary favorites.

Banana Bread

Cooks know that the best way to get rid of brown, too-sweet bananas that have softened is to make a batch of banana bread out of them. Give some softened bananas to a cannabis lover, however, and he or she may make you some pot banana bread! Use any recipe for banana bread that you prefer, but add in some cannabutter to infuse it with weed. It’s so addictive taste-wise that you may want to slice one serving and hide the rest away so you don’t eat too much too fast!

Frozen Marijuana Infused Trifle

Many people may not even be aware of what trifle is in the first place, but the dessert was a favorite of early settlers. What’s more American than enjoying some trifle infused with cannabis? Made with yogurt, cannabutter, blueberries, honey, angel food cake and strawberries, it combines a light and refreshing dessert with healthy ingredients to give you just enough sweetness to satisfy your sweet tooth. The high that accompanies the dessert isn’t bad, either. For this particular recipe, you really only need to blend the ingredients together and serve them over the angel food cake.


“Special brownies” are mentioned everywhere in pop culture, from music to movies, but they are one of the most popular ways to enjoy edible marijuana. Weed brownies usually contain finely ground buds, which infuse the entire batch of brownies with THC. Some people use a pre-made brownie mix but some cooks get elaborate with baker’s chocolate and other fresh ingredients to improve the taste.

Cannabis Gummies

Gummy bears are one of the most popular snacks sold, so it makes sense that people love to eat THC-laced gummy candy. The best thing about making your own cannabis gummies is that you can control the flavor, creating any kind of candy that you feel like. Love sour gummies? Try making sour watermelon cannabis gummies with gelatin.

Remember, to make your own pot dessert, you can use cannabutter, canna coconut oil and other similarly infused products in your cooking. It really can be that simple. That said, it is very important to pay attention to the measurements in your recipe, since edibles can contain very high levels of THC, resulting in a faster high that you aren’t ready for. Most edibles that are sold commercially even come with some kind of advisement about serving sizes to help customers take it slow. Most people recommend eating a single serving, waiting an hour to see how you feel, then eating another until you reach your desired effects.