Pot Farm Profile: Maggie’s Farm

maggies farm marijuana

Touring a pot farm is one of the most exciting opportunities among the benefits of legalized marijuana. One of the most popular farms in Colorado is Maggie’s Farm, one of the leading outdoor growers of both medical and recreational marijuana. Maggie’s Farm is Clean Green Certified, which is the equivalent of organic when it comes to marijuana farming. Hailed as the “most awarded cannabis company in Southern Colorado,” Maggie’s Farm is beloved for quality of product as well as the fun of simply visiting the farm.

Owner and grower Bill says, “All of our product is sun-grown in 100% truly organic, all natural soil. And for enhanced value, we use pure water from a local spring, cure slowly and hand-trim to perfection. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to share the results of a product grown under my native state’s sun with the Medical Marijuana community. Thank you, and enjoy Different Energy!”

Hours and Locations

Maggie’s Farm has a total of six locations that are all open seven days a week. There is a Manitou store as well as a store in both North Colorado Springs and South Colorado Springs. Pueblo West and Pueblo East both have stores, as does Canon City. At the Manitou store location, nonresidents of Colorado may purchase an ounce of flower product per person (of legal age). Stores are open from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Farm Features

Maggie’s Farm is known for its careful attention to detail and healthy business practices. Each bud is hand-trimmed to ensure the freshest, best product on the market. Products are slow cured without any pesticides or hormones to guarantee a safe, healthy product. All pot is sun grown from seed with spring water on custom site soil for the best flavor, aroma and potency possible. Each store features at least one ATM to help you finance your purchases.

The owner of Maggie’s Farm stresses that growing from a seed in real soil makes all the difference in their product. The company only uses 100% organic soil, which they say is completely different from all other methods. They say that it is not “grown in hydro, not rockwool, not in air, not in water,” but in custom blended soil as nature intended in natural spring water that has not been “chlorinated, fluoridated, and in some metro areas, even re-used.” This natural process does take longer than an artificial environment, but the company maintains that it makes all the difference in the quality of the final bud. By hand trimming the final product instead of using a trim machine to harvest each bud, Maggie’s also says that the process is completed “with the care and respect the very best medicine deserves. An exchange of human energy occurs, that a machine can’t ever reproduce.”

Menus and Pricing

Each store features its own menu and pricing listings complete with specials. Maggie’s conveniently reminds customers to factor in the cost of taxes, which are not included in the listing price of each product. A wide variety of menu items are available, including tinctures, flowers, edibles, concentrates and preroll items. There are also plenty of accessories available, as well as clothing, merchandise and products made from hemp, such as hemp patches. Wholesale buyers may also be interested in samples and displays that are available for purchase.

Award Winner

Maggie’s Farm has been voted both #1 and #2 in the Independent’s 2013 Best of Awards for the company’s quality, care and service. The farm has won Best of the Gazette 1st place winner in the past as well as First Place/Gold in the Independent’s Best Of Award for both North and South Colorado Springs in multiple years.