Pot Shop Profile: Uncle Ike’s

uncle ikes seattle marijuana

Where can you get low-level THC products for $5, access to an ATM on site AND bring your dog in for pet-friendly shopping? Uncle Ike’s pot shop in Seattle is the place to go. One of the most popular places to get your ganja on, it offers a wide variety of products and offers as well as a warm, inviting atmosphere. Voted the best pot shop in the city, Uncle Ike’s offers, free parking and multiple locations make it a favorite among cannabis fans all over Washington.

The budtenders at Uncle Ike’s are knowledgeable but also fun. Sam, who enjoys Sherbet from Royal Tree, says that while he is high, he enjoys “staying active and outdoors. That being said, one of my favorite things to do while high is grill! Steak and weed…. It’s a godly combination.”

Special Offers

One of the most beloved offers at Uncle Ike’s is the low, medium and high THC content signature deal. Low THC products can be purchased for as little as $5. Medium grade highs can be obtained for just $6, and high TCH-content starts at just $7. Various other special offers and deals are available throughout the year, so it’s always a good idea to check the website, which is updated on a daily basis.


Uncle Ike’s is all about being accessible to all people. There are multilingual budtenders to assist customers with their needs. The shop is ADA accessible to make it easier for people with all abilities to shop. The store is even pet-friendly, making it simple to shop with your dog.

Daily Menu

One of the things that makes Uncle Ike’s so popular is its daily menu updates. The menu changes frequently, which keeps customers returning for more, but they can also check to find out if the shop already has what they are after in stock every day. Costs are also clearly posted on the daily menu, which helps customers plan a budget before leaving for the shop. There are also great descriptions of each product to help explain its effects and flavors to interested customers who might wish to purchase the items. There are daily specials listed as well.

Products Sold

Daily listings are not limited to flowers. There are also listings for concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls and other items. Manager’s specials, which are usually some percentage off the regular price, are available, as are beauty care items like lotions, bath salts and even aftershave. Items with available sniff jars are also listed for your convenience. There are cartridges, kits, tankers and refills as well.


The shop does not limit itself to only pot and pot paraphernalia. There are all kinds of goodies to choose from, from apparel to books and gifts. You will find something for every pot lover in your life, even friends and family who come into town but can’t take actual pot home.

Get the App

Want even more specials and deals? Use the Uncle Ike’s app. It will help you stay alert about the latest sales and offers from Uncle Ike’s. You can use it to discover new strains you may wish to try sometime. When new items from the glass and goods departments arrive, you will receive a notification through the app, and there are even exclusive, secret sales that are only available to subscribers of the app.

Fan Club

No Smartphone? You can also sign up for the Uncle Ike’s Fan Club at the website. This will give you the most up-to-date notice regarding specials, sales, new products available and other Uncle Ike’s news.