A Romantic, Weedy Valentine’s Dinner

weed for valentines romance dinner

You’ve got the gifts, the candles, the rose petals, the tunes. What about your Valentine’s Day meal? If part of your big V-Day plans includes getting stoned together, you’re in luck. The following recipes from The Cannabist will help you create a fun, romantic meal that you will both remember, and if you want to include canna butter or oil for some relaxing fun, be sure to do so if it’s legal where you live.

Stuffed Baked Potatoes

These potatoes are baked two ways (see what I did right there?). Start your meal off with this appetizer for something savory, delicious and easy to feed one another. These appetizers are not only cheap to make, but they’re also easy, and if you know how to make canna butter you’ve already won half the battle. Assemble some sour cream, scallions and cheddar, fry up some bacon and you can put these baked potatoes together in a snap before your lover comes home or visits for your big date.

Lemongrass Chicken Skewers

Let’s be honest: anything on a skewer is fun to eat, whether it’s a fondue dipper, Chinese food or these incredible lemongrass chicken skewers. If your sweetie has a thing for citrus, this is the recipe to go with. Given that you prepare them with stalks of lemongrass, they exude a fresh flavor that cannot be created with simple lemon juice. Greek yogurt gives your skewers tenderness while juicy peppers give it a crisp bite in between each layer of chicken for the perfect balance. For this recipe, you’ll use some basic canna oil to get the flavors you want.

Skirt Steak

Is your sweetie a true carnivore at heart? Skirt steak may just be the way to his or her heart this Valentine’s Day, then! This recipe for a marijuana-infused skirt steak salad balances the tender steak with the freshness of a chili-lime salad made with arugula, carrots, cherry tomatoes and Dijon mustard for a sexy meal that may lead to something more later. Canna oil and balsamic vinegar round this recipe out for a tangy, high-inducing finish. The chef recommends serving the dressing on the side so you can control how much you get, but you can also toss the salad just before serving if you prefer.

Frozen Trifle

Sure, it’s an early colonial dessert that sounds more at home in 1600 England than it does at your Valentine’s Day meal, but not only is dessert trifle delicious, but it’s also easy to infuse with cannabis. Make it frozen trifle and you take it to a whole new level! If you have canna butter on hand, all you need is some Greek yogurt, angel food cake, fresh berries and honey to make this sumptuous dessert that’s perfect for lovers.

Need something a bit simpler for a casual date? You can’t go wrong with a box of cannabis infused chocolates from your favorite pot shop. Find out what Valentine’s specials they have.