Pot Shop Profile: Nectar (Oregon)

When you’re in the market for quality pot in Oregon, one fantastic option is Nectar, one of the largest dispensary chains in the state. At Nectar, the goal is “to consistently grow high-grade cannabis with only the most exceptional aroma, flavor and effects.” Priding themselves on customer service, low prices, and having knowledgeable budtenders that can answer all of your questions with expertise, Nectar is a company that offers fresh and pure products that will satisfy all of your cannabis needs. 

As one of the largest marijuana sellers in the state, Nectar has one of the largest varieties of stock, with a massive selection of strains for you to choose from. The menu is kept up-to-date to offer you the most accurate information about what is available at any time of the year. The company is also consistently rated #1 in the state, with many customers citing the comfortable and hip atmosphere of the store as one of the main reasons why they shop there.

Nectar is known for their ability to give customers the best deal as well. New medical customers are able to obtain a free preroll just for putting in their first order. Leafly reviewer Jentee says, “Make it affordable by shopping at Nectar. There's always a deal that will make you happy that you came in.” Reviewer Rosecity19 says, “Very helpful staff. Always friendly. The Og kush and girl scout is sooo good.”

Huge Selection
Nectar invites customers to check out their vast menu of offerings. “Nectar offers the best menu in Portland.  We carry only the finest flowers, concentrates, and other medical marijuana products.  Each of our locations has a different selection, so choose one below and see what we have to offer.” Prices range from $6 for strains like Sage N Sour sativa or Headband hybrid up to $40 for strains like Harle-Tsu hybrid or Wonder Skunk hybrid. The majority of varieties, however, are in the mid-range of around $12 to $14, giving customers a great selection of both flavors as well as prices to choose from.
In addition to buds, Nectar carries a wide variety of cartridges, topical, drinks, edibles and concentrates. Concentrates range from $10 to $60 and edible candies start at $5 for items like fruit gummies and caramel chews. Plenty of wearable swag is also sold in the shop. Customers can also sign up for cell alerts to get the best deals as soon as they are available. Deals may also be shown on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, so it’s a good idea to follow the company to find out what’s new and what events are going on.

Nectar has five locations to help you easily access your cannabis. The Barbur and Sandy shops are medical marijuana stores in Portland:

Nectar on Barbur
Hours: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
10931 SW 53rd Ave, Portland, OR 97219

Nectar on Sandy
Hours: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
3350 NE Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR 97232
The Mississippi Avenue shop is for recreational products.

Nectar on Mississippi
Hours: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
4125 N Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR 97217
The Eugene dispensary helps people who live south of Portland access marijuana for recreational purposes. 

Nectar in Eugene
Hours: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm
340 River Road, Eugene, OR 97404
Finally, the dispensary has a new location.

Nectar in Gresham
Hours: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
505 NW Burnside Rd, Gresham, OR 97030
Call ahead before seeking any specific strain. Although each store’s inventory is updated regularly, some items do sell out fast!