Tips for Growing Weed (where it is legal)

Marijuana needs water, light, time, and room to grow!

Growers are becoming more excited by the day as more states legalize not only the possession of pot but the growing of the plants as well. Although still illegal in most states, some states do allow a few plants per person or household. Growing weed may seem simple but, as with any crop, a few tips and tricks can help your crop flourish. Here are just a few things that seasoned pot growers recommend for any grower, whether you’re a newb or have plenty of years under your belt.

Assemble Everything You Need

Growing plants is akin to raising pets. You need to get all of your supplies and gear ready before you bring your actual pet home! Do all of your research and make sure you have the lighting, nutrients, and even your plans in place if something goes wrong, such as a bug infestation. Fertilizer is also important! Get something that is high in nitrogen until your plants begin to flower. After that, choose a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus. Preparation is a huge part of growing any crop and pot is no exception.

Start with Seeds

As tempting as it may be to begin your crop with clones, it can have some devastating effects. Your original clone may bring with it unwanted disease that will ruin your plants. It may also carry insects and other pests into your home, which is bad for both your yield and your home—not to mention your sanity. Getting rid of bugs can be a full-time job. Lastly, any genetic deficiencies that the mother plant carries will also unfortunately be carried by your subsequent plants—hence, seeds are recommended to start your plants.

Be Selective When It Comes to Genetics

Profiling by genetics is unethical in humans, but it’s crucial in plant growing. Pay extra for plants and seeds with tried and true genetics and read up about them as much as you can. Growers will tell you that genes are everything when it comes to a quality crop.

Give Your Plants Extra Sun

Pot plants need LOTS of sun—much more sunlight than they can usually get in a kitchen window. Buy some proper lamps to ensure that they receive more light when you grow indoors. This may be a costly investment at first but if you plan on growing marijuana (and other light hungry indoor crops, for that matter) on a long-term basis, this will be one of the best purchases that you ever make.

Ventilation, Ventilation, Ventilation

In addition to sufficient light, your marijuana plants also require a very good ventilation system. While many people grow their plants in an enclosed area for various reasons, they should still ensure that their plants receive plenty of space and good airflow to keep them healthy and happy.

Curing Time

When you have buds that you want to cure, keep in mind that the longer your flowers are cured, the mellower they’ll get during the process. You will discover your own preference in no time as you learn the ropes through trial and error.

While it may currently be ILLEGAL to grow your own weed, even in states where marijuana is recreation-ally legal, these tips can come in handy for all types of gardening. To grow weed, you need a lot of energy, water, and time to create the perfect plant - just like in any other gardening endeavor.