(WASHINGTON) Pot Shop Profile: Mari J’s Highway

MariJ's is a great place to get your legal weed stash on the cheap.

At Mary J’s Highway, “life’s too short for bad pot!” Ganja lovers are invited to come and experience the difference at Mari J’s, where they may “indulge in art, science and pleasure while hanging out with like-minded folks who love weed.” One of the most fun things about Mari J’s is the culture of the shop, including Halloween celebrations. Patrons can even look forward to Halloween specials on products, such as 2 for $35 on select waxes, $10 flower specials and $15 edible specials. They also go all out when it comes to costumes.

Mari J offers most of the types of products any ganja lover is after, whether it be buds, edibles, concentrates or glass. No products may be returned after opening. Taxes are included in all product listings. 


Mari J’s Highway is located at 9506 19th AVE SE Everett, WA, 98208. The shop can
be called at 425-379-8888, emailed at
marij@mjpotshop.com or contacted via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
Mari J’s is open all year with the following hours:

Open Daily 9AM – 10PM

9AM – 11PM Friday & Saturday

10AM – 10PM Sunday


If you are in the market for buds, Mari J’s has a great
variety from which to choose from. As with any pot shop, be sure to call first
if you are looking for a particular product to ensure that it’s in the store,
but here are some varieties that they are known to carry: Sour Diesel, Blue
Dream, Super Silver Haze, Dutch Treat, Cupcake, Mob Boss, River City Orange
Fire and Zombie Stomp. Prices start at $10 per gram.

In terms of concentrates, there is also a variety to choose
from. There are indica, sativa and hybrid cartridges, Topshelf concentrates
like Raw Clear, Watermelon Clear and Peach Clear, and Ionic cartridges like
Grand Daddy Purple and Green Crack. There is Cherry Pie wax, Moxie activated
dab oil, and many other excellent options.

As far as edibles go, patrons can expect some of the usual
fare. Ethos beverages, cookies, honey sticks and chocolates are all available
at Mari J’s. There are also some special edibles such as truffles in flavors
like pumpkin, apple crisp and cookies and cream. Mints and sour candies are
available, as are savory edibles like tomato soup mix. Several varieties of
teas can be found at the shop as can brownies, capsules ad even breath strips.
Glass products, lighters and other accessories are also available.


Many customers are big fans of Mari J’s. Debwolf says,
“WOW!!! This is the best place I’ve ever been to! Lots of things I haven’t seen
before. The décor is gorgeous and very cool. The staff is professional,
knowledgeable and helpful. Hats off to the owner who has really created a top
of the line shop.” RyJoh says, “I visited Mary J’s for the first time and had a
terrific experience! The staff was knowledgable, great selection of premium
bud, and overall great vibe. I look forward to coming back and seeing this
awesome place grow!”