The Hottest Pot Strains Available Today

The strongest legal weed strains available!

Whether you are looking for something new and interesting to try or you are just starting out on your pot adventure since your state has legalized it, it is always fun to check out what the latest popular strains are like. Every year more and more strains are developed, resulting in new, interesting flavors and effects. Now that weed is becoming legal in more states, more celebrities are even jumping onto the wagon, developing their own strains under their professional brands. Here are just a few strains from 2016 to make sure you try.

Margaret Cho’s Chem Cho-G

Available from the Natural Cannabis Company, this flower is very lemony with the taste of summer and citrus.  The sativa strain is considered to be highly potent and great for managing chronic stress. Chem Cho-G is rooted in San Francisco’s OG Kush but it also has hints of sour diesel and earthy pine. Reviewers rate the strain highly, saying that it is smooth when used with a vaporizer. “This is a great, heavy hitting strain. It smells sweet, sour, and wonderful. A really nice night time strain,” says one reviewer.

Pink Cookies

If you are a fan of Girl Scout Cookies (the pot, not the sweets, although you can absolutely love both), you have to give Pink Cookies a go. Developed in Washington, Pink Cookies have a THC content of 27.9%. The strain, an indica hybrid, is considered one of the strongest available for purchase, is actually a descendant from Girl Scout Cookie cannabis. Want Girl Scout Cookies mixed with Cherry Pie? Pink Cookies will do, but you can also ask for the Wedding Cake strain for the flavor. Leafly says that the strain is a “delectable treat” that “is rich with tangy sweet earth and pepper.”

Jock Horror

Its name is unfortunate. It sounds like something terrible that happens after you play football every day for a week. Luckily the flavor and effects of Jock Horror are anything but. While many pot smokers want to chill, others seek the vibrant boost of vivaciousness that some strains can provide and this is one of them. The popular flavor combines Haze, Skunk and Northern Light for a strong, energetic high. According to The Junky G, “The majority of users enjoy this variety's awkward, but ultimately fulfilling, flavor.”


Another case of a product with a deceptive name, Hemlock in this case does not refer to a witchy herb used for poison but a strain of pot from the Colorado and Arizona areas. A cross between Durban Poison and LA Confidential, it’s almost completely split between sativa and indica, giving smokers a joyous feeling of euphoria. The THC content, which is at 21%, probably has a lot to do with that. In addition to happiness, hemlock helps improve your focus, and medically it is used to treat stress and pain. The earthy, woody pot is also helpful in managing symptoms of depression for some medical users.