Legal Marijuana in Oregon: A quick Guide.

Legal Marijuana in Oregon. This quick guide will help you.

Legal Marijuana in Oregon: An Overview

Although recreational use of marijuana has only just recently been approved for all adults in Oregon via Measure 91, which was approved in 2014, the state has a long culture of marijuana use and history. Use of the drug was decriminalized in 1973. Since 1999, marijuana users in Oregon have outnumbered those in the rest of the country by up to 45%. Marijuana grows well in Oregon, which lends to the culture of recreational use in the state.

Not only was Oregon one of the first states to authorize marijuana for medical use, but it was the very first state to decriminalize marijuana for recreational use in small amounts. Even so, there are still laws in place that regulate the use, purchase and sale of cannabis in the state. Use the following information to legally buy marijuana in Oregon.

Buying and Using Marijuana in Oregon

Beneath Measure 91(PDF), adults may possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana at home, but only one ounce while away from home. You must be at least 21 years of age in order to buy marijuana or even have it on your person in the state of Oregon.

Unlike some other states that have legalized pot, Oregon allows citizens to actually grow the plant within the home. There is a current limit to four marijuana plants per household.

Marijuana use is prohibited while driving on a public road in Oregon. Use is also forbidden in public places in general.

Tax monies generated from the sale and regulation of marijuana is funneled into the state’s schools, drug treatment and police agencies.

Any marijuana seller in the state must be a licensed and regulated seller, so ask your source about his or her credentials before making a purchase to ensure your own protection. Smoking your pot in private at your own home is the best way to remain safe from any kind of prosecution, since use of marijuana in public is considered prohibited by law.

That said, some locations—including select speakeasies—do allow their patrons to smoke pot on the premises. This is a gray legal area of operation, so it is still considered a risk. Ask friends about these locations as they are not publicly listed in order to avoid trouble from law enforcement.

Oregon is one of the few places out-of-state visitors can legally obtain a medical marijuana card, so if your state criminalizes marijuana use but the drug could help your illness, Oregon is a good place to obtain it.

To obtain a medical marijuana card in Oregon, visit a marijuana clinic, fill out an application and see a physician. Your Oregon medical marijuana card will be accepted in multiple states, including Michigan, Maine, Montana, Rhode Island and Arizona.

Refuse to purchase marijuana near a school. It is considered a felony offense to sell the drug within 1,000 miles of a school in Oregon.

Unlike some states, Oregon only requires a valid government ID in order to buy marijuana.

Sending marijuana over the state line is prohibited due to various state laws regarding the drug, even if it is legal in the state in question, as is driving under the influence of marijuana or selling the drug without a license. Following these laws to the letter is the easiest way to avoid any legal ramifications associated with marijuana use.  

Although marijuana use is locally decriminalized, at the federal level it remains illegal. As long as you follow local laws, you are unlikely to face any criminal charges, but should you be charged with a federal crime it is possible to have marijuana use included on your charges.

Fast Facts

Oregon’s marijuana prices are some of the cheapest across the country. Because of the state’s tax system, prices typically range from $10 to $30 a gram.

There is no sales tax for marijuana in Oregon. Instead, producers are charged a one-time fee of $35 per ounce for flowers, $10 per ounce for leaves and $5 per immature marijuana plant, making the state one of the most cost-productive states in which to sell pot.

The sale of marijuana in Oregon is available in several forms. Transdermal products, edibles and concentrates are all available, as are seeds and clones of seedlings.

Topical products do not produce the high that inhaled and edibles provide. They are used to relieve specific areas of the body that are experiencing pain.

Studies indicate that women may be more sensitive to the painkilling properties of marijuana than men.

Each dispensary in Oregon must determine how much product they are willing to sell per customer, so this amount may vary by location.

Pot is the most commonly used recreational drug in the country.

It remains a crime to purchase, sell or possess pot if you are under the age of 21.

The oldest known reference to pot is thought to be in 2727 B.C. Chinese Emperor Shen Nung is thought to have used pot for medical purposes.

Prior to becoming illegal in most states in 1937, marijuana was a frequently used crop. Today fibers are still used in everything from rope to checkbook covers to clothing.

Some pet owners have used pot to treat their pets’ medical conditions, but large amounts of the drug can harm animals.

Use the Leafly website to find dispensaries near you. Some of the top-ranked dispensaries include The Green Plant, Nectar and Brothers Cannabis Club.You can still be fired for using marijuana on the job.       

Pot Tourism

Some travel companies specialize in creating excursions for individuals who wish to travel to states for recreational marijuana use. Pot-minded travelers can enjoy discounts at local pot shops, tours of pot gardens, marijuana classes and many other marijuana-themed activities during these trips. Nonsmokers also find these trips fun and educational, between their scientific and economic information and their influence on the local culture. Even curious citizens have had a good time during pot tourism excursions. Some of the most well-known weed tourism companies include Kush Tourism and Rent a Vape.

Medical Marijuana

Oregon is one of the easiest states in which to obtain medical marijuana. Not only is it legal, but out of state patients can also obtain medical marijuana cards as long as they visit a marijuana clinic, complete the necessary paperwork and see a physician. State laws still mandate that marijuana cannot pass over the state lines.

Selling Marijuana

Five different types of licenses are available to recreational marijuana sellers in Oregon. These include producer, wholesaler, retail, laboratory and Certificate for Research licenses. Each license has a different fee attached to it so do your research when you apply for your license. Fees range from $1,000 to over $5,000 and each also requires a $250 non-refundable application fee. It is possible to hold more than one license as long as you meet the requirements. Residency is not required in order to obtain a license. Advertising sales for pets is prohibited.