Your Pot Bucket List

Check out these ideas to take advantage of your legal weed!

So weed is finally legal in your area. Congratulations! While you may be eager to sample some of the best pot products or apprehensive about where to begin, the good news is that your options may soon be endless. You may want to start making a list of all of the fun things to try when it comes to pot. 

Get out your pen and paper to create your Ultimate Stoner Bucket List! Not sure where to begin? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Sample a little bit of everything. Never had a shatter, edible or blunt? Never tried a bong? Venture out there and find out what you like best. It may surprise you.

Share a joint with someone you love. It’s an intimate experience that can connect you even more deeply. Try a smoke kiss, if you want. Just make sure to have his or her permission first!

Go to a legalize pot protest. Hey, it may not even be needed in your state anymore, but it’s got to be done, and who else is going to make it happen? Everybody should get to ride the ganja train and when other states refuse to jump on board, they don’t just act like fun sponges for the whole world—they also make it harder for us to travel with our own weed, so…

Grow your own weed. If it’s legal to do so in your state, you have to try this. Not only is it a cool way to have your own stash at home, but it’s also an eye-opening experience that helps you see all of the work that goes into making quality pot. It is much more than a skill. It is an art, and if you can master it, more power to you.

Cook an edible. You know about the “special brownies” stereotype associated with stoners, but did you know that actual cookbooks exist to help you produce them as well as other incredible canna butter treats? You can make just about any goodie you want with canna butter. Look up some recipes and try one out.

Get high in nature. Find a beautiful spot (that’s safe) and someone to enjoy it with, then see it from a whole new perspective.

Make something while you are high. Don’t make something with a power tool, but do get out your instruments or art supplies and see what your high mind comes up with. Will it be Beatles worthy? Who knows. Knowing them, it’s highly possible. Paint something, sketch something, strum something. Just do it to see if it’s any different from what you would normally create.

Try a vaporizer. Many pot lovers say this is a completely different experience that cannot be missed. Vape pens are also considered a safer way to smoke, given their filtration systems.

Try pot internationally. Traveling somewhere where weed is legal? You have to try it. It may be an entirely different experience than you are used to at home. You can even try to smoke weed in two places at once if you straddle the line between the Netherlands and Belgium…

Eat something crazy. Many potheads enjoy a treat or two during their high. Who doesn’t get the munchies? While you can eat something before smoking to help ward them off, you can also totally submit to them and do something crazy, like build a Scooby Doo worthy sandwich complete with stacks on stacks on stacks of your favorite bread, meats, cheeses and condiments. Even if it’s totally illogical it will be a memory that you’ll keep forever. Probably.